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Nagpur Best place for Real Estate Investment

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Nagpur Best place for Real Estate Investment

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    Adani dumps ash on forest land allotted for expansion

    Vijay Pinjarkar| TNN | Feb 16, 2018, 03:12 IST

    Nagpur: At a time when Maharashtra has lost 17 sqkm of forest cover, misuse of forest and revenue land by the country’s third-biggest power plant, owned by Adani Group in Tiroda in Gondia district, has come to fore.

    In 2014, the Adani Power Maharashtra Limited (APML) was allotted 164 hectare prime forest land, by the state government after following all procedures, for the expansion of the power plant. Wildlife experts had opposed this move as the APML was less than 10 kms from the boundary of Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary.

    Out of the 164 hectare, 15 hectare was allotted for a railway siding, which was in contravention of rules. The remaining 149 hectare forest land, meant for plant expansion, was given in 2016 a year after APML had completed expansion work. A hi-tech ash dyke is now being built on the allotted forest land without the mandatory environment clearance.

    The APML is also dumping ash on the 110 hectare land procured from MIDC for constructing a 6 metric tonnes per annum (MTPA) cement plant. The APML plant and the MIDC land are 1.5 kms from each other. While procuring this land, the directorate of industries in its order on November 4, 2010, had strictly said that the land sought for the cement plant should not be used for any other purpose.

    However, even after 7 years the cement plant is not in place and every day over 20,000 tonnes of poisonous ash is being dumped at both the spots — at the ash dyke on forest land just outside the APML plant as well as the MIDC plot. Experts say this is a huge health and environment hazard for nearby villages.

    Interestingly, on April 22, 2010, the MoEFCC while granting expansion of the plant from 1320MW to 3300MW had directed that all the fly ash be used in the cement plant from the fourth year of its operation. But the cement plant is only on paper.

    MPCB regional officer Rahul Wankhede admits that not constructing cement plant is violation of conditions. Its Gondia sub-divisional officer AN Katole says Adani has violated environmental norms too. “We have issued notices to APML and recently issued a warning to it,” said Katole.

    On January 18, TOI emailed queries to Adani’s associate vice-president (corporate communications) Roy Paul. Around 10 days ago, he called to say that the Adani Power CEO had not given him any replies.

    In February 2017, Adani was allotted another chunk of 142 hectare forest land by the MoEFCC at two villages adjoining the plant for an ash park. A site inspection report by the then deputy conservator of forests (DyCF) Jitendra Ramgaonkar recommended the proposal saying the proposed land was outside the buffer zone of NNTR and “it was difficult to manage”. The land has not been handed over to Adani yet.

    Environmentalist Pushp Jain says developing an ash park is a non-site specific activity. “The thumb rule is that forest land should not be diverted for non-site specific activity,” he said.

    The forest land was cleared by FAC even though 400 acres of private land was available in Mendhipur village. The farmers, fed up with the dust and pollution, were even ready to sell it.

    Gondia DyCF Yuvraj S said if he will verify if land allotted for expansion is being used for some other purpose. MIDC regional officer Jagdish Sangitrao was not aware whether the 110 land was being misused.

    Former National Board for Wildlife (NBWL) member Kishor Rithe said, “This is simply illegal and unethical. Action should be taken against APML.”

    “On one hand, the government is planting 50 crore trees to increase green cover and, on the other, Adani is blatantly misusing forest land,” said conservationist Prafulla Bhamburkar.

    According to the greens, what Adani has done is “land grab”.

    Chandrapur honorary warden Bandu Dhotre said when tigers in Vidarbha are already crying for space, industries should use “private land instead of forest areas”.

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      City’s swachhata litmus test from February 26

      Proshun Chakraborty| TNN | Updated: Feb 17, 2018, 12:39 IST
      Representative image

      NAGPUR: A three-member Central team is set to arrive in the city for the Swachh Bharat Survekshan on February 26.

      The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has been preparing hard to undergo the litmus test once again with a view to improve its ranking after its dismal performance in the previous survey in 2017, where it got 137th rank in the country.

      This time, the civic body has left no stone unturned. NMC has already entrusted All India Institute of Local Self Government for documentation. The team will visit various parts of the city on February 26, 27 and 28.

      A NMC senior official (sanitation) told TOI that the team will assess the city on various parameters. These include waste collection, sweeping and transportation of solid waste, processing and disposal of municipal solid waste, education and behavioural changes among city residents and capacity building procedures.

      According to NMC officials, the team on the first two days will carry out collection and verification of documents related to measures taken up on cleanliness drive in the city.

      The team will also gather information related to door-to-door collection of waste by Kanak Resources, GPS used to monitor vehicles carrying waste and other innovative measures and practices adopted by the civic body.

      “Markings of NMC may not improve due to irregular collection of door-to-door garbage by the private firm in many areas like Zingabai Takli, Nara, Nari etc. This forced the citizens to dump garbage in open spaces,” said Congress corporator Manoj Sangole.

      The team will also inspect documents related to cleanliness in residential and commercial areas, segregation of waste and garbage at source, daily cleaning, sanitation and hygiene facilities on day one.

      Similarly, the team will check whether public toilets are gender-friendly, do they get power supply and are they connected with onsite safe disposal system, does it carry IEC (Information, Education and Communication) messages and others.

      During their direct observation, the team will also check whether the commercial places are clean, besides cleanliness in vegetable and meat markets, at Nagpur Railway Station, MSRTC bus stops at Ganeshpeth and other important centres.

      “Among all the parameters, citizen participation will again play the most important role as 35% marks from the 4,000-mark survey will be based on the citizen feedback,” the officer said.

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      • Re : Nagpur Best place for Real Estate Investment

        Nagpur Municipal Corporation to use ‘well water’ to flush choked drains

        Proshun Chakraborty| TNN | Updated: Feb 17, 2018, 12:42 IST
        Representative image

        NAGPUR: Apart from using potable water to douse fire, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation(NMC) also uses drinking water in suction jetting machines to flush city’s choked drains and sewerage lines.

        On an average, every day the NMC’s sanitation department attends to at least 8-10 complaints pertaining to choked drains and sewer line with 10 suction jetting machines (one each with 10 zones) with a capacity of 3,000 litres each. This means, it uses over 74.88 lakh litres water per annum.

        However, now onwards, the NMC will use ‘contaminated’ well water to flush choked drains and sewerage lines, said health officer (sanitation) Dr Pradip Dasarwar.

        According to Dr Dasarwar, the decision was taken by additional municipal commissioner Ravindra Kumbhare and it will be implemented from tomorrow.

        Currently, the department fills water from either elevated storage reservoir or from hydrants of the fire department.

        On the contrary, the fire department attends to at least 10 dewatering of wells in the city every day and they drain the water in drains. This contaminated water will be used by the health department by using pumps and will be used for flushing of blockages in sewerage lines, said Dr Dasarwar.

        One ESR has a capacity to store 22 lakh litres of water and can caters to 15,000 consumers, which means 2.4 lakh people can get water supply in a single day. “This way, we will save potable water to a great extent,” he said.

        A spokesperson from Orange City Water, the private firm entrusted with supplying water in city limits, said, “Such tankers were filling potable water from NMC-OCW hydrant. After this came to light, we now don’t allow such tankers to fill water from our hydrant in any case. We have strictly instructed tanker supervisor and security personnel to stop such tankers to take potable water.”

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          Despite complaints, Sadar rooftop restro still open

          Anjaya Anparthi| TNN | Feb 19, 2018, 02:03 IST
          Nagpur: In what can be termed as a nexus between the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) officials and restaurants owners, a rooftop restaurant has been opened in a 40-year-old building at Sadar despite complaints. Similar inaction had led to death of 15 persons in a fire at a rooftop restaurant in Mumbai in December last year.

          RTI activist TH Naidu told TOI that the rooftop restaurant is on a G+1 floor commercial building owned by Vikram Vinayak Buty on Mount Road Extension adjacent to Smruti Cinema Theatre. “There is another restaurant on the first floor of the same building. Documents obtained by me under RTI Act from the NMC and Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) show that the two restaurants were opened without permissions. There is no NOC from fire and emergency services department and the occupancy certificates too have not been obtained,” he said.

          Naidu added that no fire prevention and safety equipment have been installed. “The first floor restaurant is totally packed. Permanent construction has been done for the rooftop restaurant which is not permissible. The only access to both the restaurants is very narrow,” he said.

          Naidu also said NMC fire and emergency services department and Dharampeth Zone did not take any action on his complaints lodged in January 2017 when the construction of the rooftop restaurant was going on. “The officials didn’t even bother to do inspection. Restaurant on the first floor is older than the rooftop one. I approached the NMC officials again after Kamala Mills fire incident but to no avail,” he said.

          Fire department officials said action would be taken against the two restaurants. “Action was delayed as there is only one officer for inspecting and taking action against unauthorized restaurants or buildings. Three rooftops restaurants were closed down after our warning,” an official said.

          Over 50 restaurants are functioning on rooftop and in residential buildings without permissions and fire safety equipment. On February 11, TOI had reported about three rooftop restaurants at Dharampeth and Abhyankar Nagar. One restaurant at Abhyankar Nagar has been shut but the other two are still open.

          Following TOI’s report, NMC Dharampeth Zone had served notice under the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning (MRTP) Act to a rooftop restaurant on Gokul Roshan building at Zenda Chowk, Dharampeth, a couple of days ago.

          Naidu said NMC officials and fire department issue only notices but don’t act. “All officials are hand in gloves with restaurant owners,” he said.

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            Metro riders more healthy than those using cars

            Ashish Roy| TNN | Updated: Feb 18, 2018, 13:32 IST
            Representative Image

            NAGPUR: Using the Metro not only reduces pollution and traffic congestion but is also good for your health. According to cardiologist Dr Prashant Jagtap a study has found that that people using Metro vis-a-vis cars in London have 44% less chance of developing obesity, 34% less chance of diabetes and 27% less chance of hypertension.

            Participating in a panel discussion held by Mahametro, Dr Jagtap said, “If you travel by Metro, you have to walk down to the station and then walk down to the destination. You are in a relaxed mood while travelling by Metro whereas you are tense while driving your car,” Dr Jagtap concluded by saying, “A Metro ride a day keeps the doctor away,”

            Dr Satish Wate, former director of National Environmental Engineering Research Insitute (Neeri), said that travelling by Metro improves your health. “You do not inhale the vehicle exhaust on roads. Some chemicals in the exhaust like Benzene are carcinogenic,” he added. The environmentalist praised Mahametro for going in for massive scale plantations.

            Atul Pande, president of Vidarbha Industries Association (VIA), said that two to three years ago local industrialists were ashamed of taking foreign delegates around the city because of its poor infrastructure. “Now it is no longer so. A lot of infrastructure work is going on the most prominent being Metro,” he added.

            Lauding Mahametro for its speed of work, Pande said that it would improve the quality of life of workers. “People live in Kamptee and working in Butibori take two hours to reach their workplaces. Now they will be able to do it in an hour,” he further said.

            Architect Avantika Chitnavis said that Metro should be integrated into the city for maximum people to use it. “It should connect people and out of box thinking is needed for this,” she added. Another panelist said that congestion tax needs to be introduced to make people use Metro. Mayor Nanda Jichkar, who moderated the panel discussion, said that Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s (NMC’s) city bus service would be integrated with the Metro.

            Earlier, Mahametro director (finance) S Sivamathan said that 55% of physical progress had been achieved by January end. The figure for financial progress was 30%.


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              Metro to conduct noise pollution study

              Ashish Roy| TNN | Updated: Feb 18, 2018, 13:31 IST
              Representative Image

              NAGPUR: Mahametro has appointed Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) to conduct a study on noise pollution due to Nagpur Metro Rail. CRRI experts will identify the stretches where pollution mitigation measures need to be undertaken.

              Interacting with media persons after the third foundation day programme, Mahametro managing director Brijesh Dixit said, “We will install noise barriers on stretches that pass through residential areas. The barriers redirect noise into the viaduct. Rubber pads will be installed on tracks to reduce noise. Mass spring systems will also be installed.”

              CRRI will begin the study in about ten days and complete in two months. “We will identify the shops and residences that will face maximum noise pollution. Preventive measures will be taken before the actual operation starts. Noise will not increase beyond stipulated limit,” Dixit said.

              The MD said that pocket tracks will be laid at three stations — Rahate Colony, Agrasen Square and Subhash Nagar. “A third track will be laid so that if there is a snag in a train it can be stopped midway and repaired. Also, trains will be parked on the pocket track at night. They will leave early in the morning for their destinations. All trains need no go to the depots at night,” he added.

              Airports Authority of India (AAI) had taken objection to Metro viaducts on two places — near Jaiprakash Nagar station and between Rachna T-point and Bansi Nagar stations. “We have got the clearance by reducing the height of the viaduct by 80cm at these places,” he said.

              Commenting on relocation of Pan Bazar (also known as Khowa Bazar) near Ramjhula, Dixit said that Mahametro had constructed sheds for the vendors and they happily shifted into them. “We have provided them concrete platforms, a shed, electric and water connections,” he added. On khowa merchants, Dixit said, “The lease was in the name of pan vendors. Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has to be take a decision on khowa vendors.”

              Huge parking will be provided at Airport South, Pardi and Dattawadi stations so that people coming from outside can park their vehicles there and travel in the city using Metro. “Talks with Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) are going on for acquiring land,” Dixit said.


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                15 days on, sewage continues to flow into Ujjwal Nagar wells, houses

                Anjaya Anparthi| TNN | Updated: Feb 22, 2018, 11:12 IST Ujjwal Nagar at Somalwada have been facing a problem of sewage water entering wells and houses

                NAGPUR: The residents of Ujjwal Nagar at Somalwada have been facing a problem of sewage water entering wells and houses for the last 15 days. This happened after sewage trunk line was ruptured during works by Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (Mahametro). Despite the serious situation, Mahametro has reportedly continued construction of Metro Rail station, but not repaired the sewage line.

                TOI had, on February 11, highlighted the problems being faced by Ujjwal Nagar residents and lack of action against Mahametro by Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC). Only after TOI’s report had the NMC Laxmi Nagar Zone slapped a notice and penalty of Rs50,000 on Mahametro for damaging the sewage water trunk line. Since then, NMC has been waiting for Mahametro to repair the line.

                A resident, Vijay Jamgad, told TOI NMC and Mahametro have started to pass the buck to each other and left residents to suffer. “Sewage water is regularly gushing into our houses since February 6. Only after complaints, staffers of Mahametro come and pump out sewage water from the houses. But nothing is being done to repair the line and stop flow of sewage into houses. Sewage water has entered all wells in the locality. No one from the two agencies is looking to solve this problem,” he said.

                Another resident, Sanjay Sakharkar, said sewage water is flowing everywhere in the residential area and accumulating in the pits dug for Metro Rail station, resulting in it becoming a health hazard. “Entire area is filled with foul smell. Mosquito menace is adding to the problems. Sewage water is even entering the sumps made for drinking water,” he said.

                Jamgade and Sakharkar said proper coordination between NMC and Mahametro officials can resolve the issue. “Mahametro also damaged drinking water pipeline. Quantum of water gushing into houses and wells increases when private operator Orange City Water Private Limited (OCW) starts water supply. Health department of NMC is also passing the buck to public works department. OCW is neglecting the issue right from the first day. All these departments should come together and repair the service lines,” they said.

                Mahametro officials said repair works will commence from Thursday. “Plan has been chalked out with OCW. First drinking water pipeline will be repaired from Thursday. Then the work on sewage line will be taken up. All necessary items for repair works have been taken to the site. Mahametro is taking all efforts to solve the problems,” he said.

                Sonegaon police are also refusing to take action against Mahametro despite a complaint lodged by residents on February 9.

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                  Home department gives Rs 101 crore for Safe & Smart City project

                  Anjaya Anparthi| TNN | Updated: Feb 22, 2018, 10:51 IST

                  Representative image

                  NAGPUR: In a big boost to Rs 520 crore Nagpur Safe and Smart City project, the home department has released Rs101.05 crore to the directorate of information technology (DIT). Thus, home department has released funds of Rs111.05 crore from its share of Rs173.89 crore as of now.

                  The home department issued a notification on Wednesday to release funds to DIT under the project. Of total Rs520 crore project, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s special purpose vehicle Smart Nagpur Smart and Sustainable City Development Corporation Limited (NSSCDCL) was supposed to contribute Rs103 crore and already released to DIT. The home department on behalf of city police was supposed to release funds of Rs173.89 crore in instalments in five years between 2016-17 and 2022-23. But the home department released Rs110.05 crore till date after an addition of latest funds on the request of DIT.

                  The DIT is executing the project through L&T Limited. The project is related to Smart City solutions and to benefit NMC and city police. Therefore, the NMC and city police had to contribute. Remaining amount will come from DIT that will be given by the state government.

                  Under the project, the DIT is installing 3,841 CCTVs at 700 locations, optical fibre cable of 1,200km, 10 mobile surveillance vehicles (MVS), 10 drones, 100 Smart Kiosks with 327 services, smart solutions in 239 city buses, public announcement systems at 50 locations, WiFi access points at 790 locations, Smart Strip on WHC road between Khamla square and Japanese garden square etc. Around 80% works stand completed as on date.


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                    Despite protests, NMC GB converts playground into residential area

                    Anjaya Anparthi| TNN | Updated: Feb 21, 2018, 14:07 IST
                    Representative image

                    NAGPUR: The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) general body on Tuesday approved the town planning department’s proposal to convert reservation of playground measuring 13,874.80 sq ft to residential at Friends Colony, Borgaon. The proposal was approved despite some corporators opposing it, citing prohibition on conversion of playground to other purposes by the high court.

                    Now, NMC will send the general body’s decision to the state government, which will take the final decision.

                    After mayor Nanda Jichkar put up the proposal for discussion in the general body, Congress corporators Tanaji Wanve, also leader of opposition, and Praful Gudadhe registered their objection to the proposal. “Playground reservation cannot be converted into residential at any cost. Even HC had prohibited conversion of reservation on playground lands,” they said.

                    Another Congress corporator Manoj Sangole demanded shifting of reservation of park from one area to another in mouza Nari, to allow construction of a hospital. “Proposal is to develop a hospital but project is falling short of land. There is an open space reserved for park adjacent to the proposed site. There is another open space situated in other area. Reservation should be shifted from this particular land to other,” he demanded.

                    BJP corporator Jagdish Gwalbanshi demanded that the house should approve the Friends Colony playground proposal. “Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) had wrongly imposed reservation of playground on the land.”

                    NMC assistant commissioner PB Gawande also said the playground reservation was imposed on the land by mistake in the revised city development plan of 2001.

                    Gudadhe said he would withdraw his objection in case reservation was imposed on the land by technical mistake.

                    Jichkar announced approval to the proposal. Ruling party leader Sandip Joshi said proposal was approved as officials cited reservation was imposed on the land by mistake.

                    However, documents in TOI’s possession raise questions on the claim that reservation was not imposed by mistake. TOI had, on March 3, highlighted NMC town planning department had sanctioned building plan, that too for commercial purpose, on the land despite the reservation being playground on March 31, 1984. On April 24, 2015, minister of state for urban development Ranjit Patil had directed an inquiry into the sanction given to commercial building on land reserved for playground.

                    Friends Sahakari Gruh Nirman Sanstha had got sanctioned the layout in 1,21,856.60 sq m area. Residential use was approved in 70,000 sq m, roads on 30,585 sq m, and open space on 21,280.60 sq m, on December 7, 1981. Open spaces were marked at six different locations in the layout. One of the open spaces with reservation of playground was this particular land.

                    The society had objected to this, saying the land reserved for open spaces was more than the provisions of the Act. However, no decision has ever been taken on the society’s demand. Then, the society went on to get sanction for a building plan for commercial purpose, and sold the land to Tekchand Waswani on December 2, 1989, who constructed commercial structures there.


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                      ‘Coaching classes to be sealed if parking not provided’

                      Vaibhav Ganjapure and Mohnish Nelarwar| TNN | Updated: Feb 22, 2018, 10:59 IST
                      Representative image

                      NAGPUR: In a warning to several coaching classesoperating without proper parking areas, the district administration has suggested to seal their premises, if they failed to make amendments within a month. It also suggested to repair all defunct traffic signals and designate parking/no-parking boards at all city areas. Furthermore, it called on for suspending licenses of 3,874 drivers for driving under inebriated conditions.

                      All these decisions were taken during a meeting conducted under divisional commissioner Anoop Kumar on February 12 for decongesting the city roads and resolve parking problems. It was convened as per the directives from the Nagpur bench of Bombay High Court while hearing a suo motu PIL (No. 5/2016) where it had taken cognisance of a fatal accident involving a 15 year-old boy, who dashed off against a middle-aged woman and suffered serious head injuries.

                      A division bench comprising justices Bhushan Dharmadhikari and Swapna Joshi then directed the authorities to implement all suggestions as far as possible to improve the situation.

                      The government submitted minutes of the meeting in the HC on Wednesday where it was informed that 12 out of a 66 coaching classes, have arranged for parking spaces, while the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) issued notices to the remaining 61.

                      The traffic department stated that about 27,783 cases of drunken driving were recorded, while 52 of them booked as repeat offenders. Of these, licenses of 3,874 offenders would be suspended.

                      In order to curb the stray animal menace, the NMC proposed 44.06 acres of land for an animal shelter in Wathoda as part of the Nandgram Project. The report prepared for the project indicates that the shelter will be able to house 4,680 animals.

                      DCP (traffic) Chaitanya S suggested that a secondary bus depot in the outskirts of the city is not necessary as the land allotted for the Morbhavan bus stand can be utilized better. He added that Morbhavan can be used for MSRTC buses plying from the city to Chandrapur, Wardha, Yavatmal, Nanded, Amravati, Akola, Morshi and Warud i.e. to west and north. While the secondary bust stop will serve buses to Bhandara, Gondia, Gadchiroli, Bramhapuri, Vadsa.

                      The NMC and MSRTC operate 600 and 800 buses respectively many of which have to be parked along the road near Sitabuldi and Ganeshpeth. In order to alleviate congestion on public roads, the NMC has suggested to acquire 27,000 square meters of land from Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth (PDKV) near Morbhavan to utilize it to park NMC buses.

                      It was also advised that the private buses coming via Chhindwara Road will stop at the transport plaza near Pili Nadi. An appeal will also be made to acquire land on Amravati and Wardha highways to build transport plazas for private buses. A fee will be charged by the NMC to private transport companies for use of these plazas.

                      A special squad comprising of two police officials and a local corporator will continue to make rounds in schools, colleges and coaching classes to check for erring students.

                      The commissioner instructed authorities to strictly follow HC’s guidelines of ensuring students commuting to colleges, schools and coaching classes follow traffic rules.


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