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Nagpur Best place for Real Estate Investment

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Nagpur Best place for Real Estate Investment

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    Desilting of Sonegaon Lake bears fruit as water surfaces

    Anjaya Anparthi| TNN | May 23, 2018, 04:05 IST
    Like last year’s drive, silt and sand is being removed up to a depth of 5.5 feet and works will be carried out... Read More

    Nagpur: Two BJP corporators — Sandip Joshi and Prakash Bhoyar — have continued the project to deepen Sonegaon Lake for the second consecutive year and already it has started to bear fruits for the water body. Amid the scorching summer, water can be seen in the part of the lake where the works started this year.

    Joshi and Bhoyar re-launched the project on May 15. A poclane with some trucks have been engaged at the southern side of the lake towards Sonegaon village. On the lines of last year’s drive, silt and sand is being removed up to a depth of 5.5 feet. Water can be seen in the part that has been deepened in these seven days.

    Joshi, the ruling party leader, and Bhoyar, chairman of Laxmi Nagar zone in the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC), have organized the project’s formal inauguration project on May 27 to mark the birthday of Union minister Nitin Gadkari.

    Bhoyar told TOI the works will be carried out in the lake till monsoon reaches its peak. “We are planning to bring in more machinery in the coming days. The entire lake cannot be covered this year. We will continue the works next year too,” he said.

    The Sonegaon lake, which is spread over 16.42 hectares, used to dry up completely in March or April. The state government had sanctioned Rs3.24 crore for rejuvenation of the lake in 2010. The NMC had executed the works in 2013 and 2014.

    The NMC had claimed to remove the silt from the lake under the project yet the lake continued to dry up before the start of summer.

    Last year, Joshi and Bhoyar deepened the lake by 5.5 feet in the eastern side towards the Hanuman and Ganesh temples. A huge quantity of silt and sand was excavated from the southern bank to northern side. The desilted area was 150 meter long and 40 meter wide. The efforts bore fruits as water can be seen in this stretch even today.

    The NMC had proposed a beautification project of Rs18.25 crore and sought the funds from the state government last year. The two BJP corporators realized beautification works without any water in the lake will not help. The government has approved the funds and work is likely to commence at the end of the year.

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      GSI charting railroad atop the Himalayas

      Snehlata Shrivastav| tnn | May 23, 2018, 03:50 IST

      Nagpur: Even as the Centre plans to bolster border infrastructure, particularly along the Indo-China border, Geological Survey of India (GSI) has geared up to provide all technical backing for the construction of a very high altitude railroad, expected to be a game-changer for the Indian Army.

      Northern Railway has already started work on the second phase detailed project report (DPR) for the 465.13km-long Beri-Bilaspur-Manali-Leh broad gauge rail project, estimated to cost Rs 1 lakh crore, passing through two Himalayan states of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir.

      “Nowhere in the world there is a railway track at such an altitude with difficult terrain, slopes and passes. Hence, this project is both difficult and prestigious for the GSI,” said N Kutumba Rao, GSI director general. He was in the city for a daylong workshop on landslides assessment at the central region GSI office.

      Sanjeev Kumar, director, engineering geology division, GSI Chandigarh, who too was in the city for the workshop, told TOI that the GSI would be using all possible innovations and techniques to make this railroad technically best track. The GSI has signed a memorandum of understanding with Northern Railway in October 2016 for providing geo-technical consultancy for the project to RITES, the implementing agency for the project.

      The project DPR costing Rs 157.86 crore is being prepared in three phases. It is expected to be completed by March 2020. The project, after its launch, may take nothing less than 10 years or so. Kumar says the GSI will prepare traverse maps for accessible areas and will extrapolate the data where it is not possible to reach geo-technically.

      “There are permafrost areas (where ground remains permanently frozen for at least two years). There are also flash flood prone areas. This is unique area as it is the youngest mountain range in the world. It needs to be thoroughly studied and understood before deciding on setting up any structure here,” said Kumar.

      The altitude in the total stretch to be tracked ranges from 500 meters to 5,360 meters at different places. There are five passes on the stretch and 50% of the stretch would require tunnelling work.

      Kumar tells that a 27km patch on the stretch has severe variations in strata and has various weak zones in between. All this needs to be part of the geo-technical study, he said

      In the first phase, the GSI had suggested major alignment changes during the team’s visit in June and September last year. These changes were incorporated in the first phase of DPR.

      Now, based on other detailed studies of the terrain and strata, more suggestions will be made in the second phase.

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        Nagpur superhighway work to begin after rains

        Chittaranjan Tembhekar| TNN | May 24, 2018, 04:22 IST
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          MahaMetro, NIT clash over Krazy Castle dues

          Ashish Roy| TNN | May 24, 2018, 02:58 IST

          Nagpur: MahaMetro and Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) are at loggerheads over the latter’s existing liabilities towards Krazy Castle amusement park concessionaire Haldiram Foods. MahaMetro wants NIT to settle the existing liabilities while the civic agency is not ready for this.

          A MahaMetro letter to NIT chairman, dated April 7, 2018, states that the existing liabilities in regards to the concessionaire up to the date of handing over of the 6.47 acre land to MahaMetro will be on account of NIT.

          Commenting on this demand, a senior NIT official said, “We are not handing over the park on our own but for the sake of development of the city. The existing liabilities of the park must be taken over by the new owner.”

          According to the official, NIT has to refund extra premium of around Rs72 lakh to Haldiram. “The concessionaire had started using the parking for commercial purposes. We therefore increased the premium by 10%. However, an activist filed a public interest litigation (PIL) in Nagpur bench of Bombay high court claiming that the hike was too less. The NIT board then decided to increased the premium by 13% instead of 10%,” he said.

          “Haldiram objected to further increase in premium and approached the HC. However, it paid the 13% hiked premium under protest. The court appointed a retired HC judge as arbitrator, who ruled that 13% increase was not justified and it should be only 10%. The extra 3% increase was to be refunded. Haldiram’s lease was to expire in 2021. However, the arbitrator directed NIT to increase it to 2025,” the official further said.

          The official feels that the wording of the letter is ominous. “The existing liabilities could mean the Rs162 crore compensation demanded by Haldiram. Therefore this demand is in no way acceptable to us,” he said.

          Initially MahaMetro wanted only 6,360 square metre out of the total 26,178 sq m (6.47 acre) land as it was included in the detailed project report (DPR). Haldiram, however, was not ready for a truncated park and stressed that the entire park should be taken over and it should be paid compensation. Union transport minister Nitin Gadkari decided to transfer the entire land to MahaMetro in February end.

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            Remote sensing used to prepare city’s env status report

            Manka Behl| TNN | May 24, 2018, 03:55 IST Nagpur: The city’s environment status report (ESR), which has been mired in controversies since the last few years, seems to be in its final stage. Making use of technology, this year’s report will be focusing on additional key areas. Environmentalists hope that the report is “accurate” and “made public”.

            In October 2016, TOI had reported that as per an agreement between the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) and the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (Neeri), the ESR will be prepared by the institute. On Monday, Neeri made a preliminary presentation of the report at the NMC office.

            According to Neeri director Rakesh Kumar, the final report will be ready by the end of June. “This was a consultation exercise in which we invited environment NGOs, citizen groups and NMC officials. Apart from presenting how the report is shaping up, we also took their suggestions,” he added.

            On use of technology, Kumar said that this time remote sensing has been used while preparing the report.

            Though the details of the report are not revealed yet, sources from the civic body said that it has many additions. “Environmental modelling, in which Neeri is an expert, is being used for prediction of impact. The report incorporates a lot of comparisons. For instance, it compares air quality of previous years and also predicts the situation in 2025,” said sources.

            Apart from air, noise and water pollution, solid waste management and other areas, the report will also focus on the present condition of city lakes. “Around 11 lakes and three rivers are being analysed,” said sources.

            They added that for the first time, the report is also attempting to establish a link between environmental problems to stress and happiness among citizens. It will take into account the impact of environmental degradation on the economy. “The trend in climate change and city’s biodiversity will also find a place in the report,” sources said.

            In the last few years, the city’s ESR has been censured by experts. In August 2016, TOI had reported that the majority of the content in the 2015-16 report was a copy-paste of the earlier reports. Even the 2013-14 report was the copy of 2011-12 report.

            In March 2016, Bharatiya Janata Party's senior corporator Prakash Totwani had raised doubts over the report’s findings. According to his allegations, ESR 2014-15's findings were much in contrast with position on the ground.

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              Yavatmal water crisis hits dialysis of kidney patients

              Shishir Arya| TNN | May 24, 2018, 03:59 IST

              Nagpur: The unprecedented water shortage in Yavatmal district is hitting kidney patientsthe hardest. There are five dialysis units here, in different hospitals of the town. However, the procedures at three of the units have been hit due to lack of clean water, which is essential for the process.

              Large quantity of water is needed for dialysis. Impurities of the blood are flushed out through water, which is passed through the machine. The water has to be of ultra pure grade, and it is purified in a reverse osmosis (RO) plant before dialysis.

              As the regular sources have dried up this summer, water is being supplied through tankers. Even the dead storage of Bembla dam here is being tapped. Such water is coming with high level of impurities, making it difficult to carry out dialysis procedures.

              The Government Medical College (GMC) at Yavatmal does not have a dialysis unit, so patients have to depend on private sources.

              Those covered under the Jyotiba Phule Jeevandayee Yojana, which is the state government’s health insurance scheme, go to the Hirachand Munot Criticare Hospital, a private set up in the town. However, the dialysis machine here is not working these days.

              The RO plant at the hospital has been damaged to the excessive impurities in the water available these days. Dr Deepak Deshmukh said the membranes of the RO plant have been damaged due to high impurities, and dialysis cannot be done without pure water. “Earlier, the water was available through regular sources of the water supplies department. Now, we are depending on water from tankers and other random sources, which cannot be cleaned up even in a RO plant,” he said.

              This left 21 patients who needed dialysis stranded. They rushed to district collector Rajesh Deshmukh, seeking help. “The district administration has promptly acted and made arrangements for dialysis at Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences in neighbouring Wardha district, and at another hospital in Amravati. The transportation will be provided by GMC,” said Deshmukh.

              The officer admitted that the water crisis is grim but efforts are being undertaken to tide over the situation. Different sources are being tapped, including dead storage of dams like the Bembla project, he said.

              At another hospital, run by Dr Mahesh Shah, the two dialysis units are being sparingly used. “This is because of lack of pure water. The number of procedures conducted have come down to 20% of the normal level. We are only catering to serious patients, or those admitted at the hospital, and turning down others,” said Shah.

              The Sahjeevan Hospital also has a couple of dialysis machines. Dr Sunil Agrawal, the in-charge here, said that they are able to manage the show for now. Water is being drawn from the hospital’s own sources, he said.

              Dr Avinash Chaudhary of Amravati, at whose clinic some patients have been shifted from Yavatmal, said that never before has such a crisis arisen. “Five of the patients have been diverted to our hospital but they have not turned up yet,” he said.


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                German city Karlsruhe to help in Ngp’s development

                Ashish Roy| tnn | May 24, 2018, 05:50 IST

                Nagpur: German city Karlsruhe will become Nagpur’s partner in sustainable development. An agreement was signed between Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) and International Urban Cooperation (IUC) programme of European Union in this regard on Wednesday.

                The partnership agreement has been signed broadly to identify and extend areas for cooperation between the two cities. It is in line with EU–India global partnership, which identifies and intends to address various issues relevant to sustainable urban development.

                Under this programme, Nagpur and Karlsruhe will prepare a joint local action plan specifically addressing the needs of sustainable urban development and smart cities mission of Government of India. Mayor Nanda Jichkar and municipal commissioner Virendra Singh signed the agreement on behalf of NMC while Pier Roberto Remitti, Director of IUC-India, represented IUC.

                Before signing the agreement, a brief introduction about the project was given by Ashish Verma, sustainable development expert from IUC, India. He broadly presented the objective, implementation process and the support available to cities under the programme.

                Ramnath Sonawane, chief executive officer of Nagpur Smart and Sustainable City Development Corporation Limited (NSSCDCL), gave a brief overview about Nagpur, opportunities and challenges that the city faced and how the IUC programme could support Nagpur in terms of knowledge exchange and implementation of smart city plans.

                He highlighted the smart cities plans (a) priority to integrate urban development and municipal services (b) low carbon development and urban innovation, and (c) sustainable mobility. Singh said that it was a very good opportunity for Nagpur to learn and work with a European city on issues related to sustainable urban development.

                Nagpur and Karlsruhe will be working together on specific topics including urban mobility, low carbon development and urban innovation as well as integration of urban development and municipal services. Karlsruhe has been a leader in using smart technologies and its mobility models are very encouraging.

                Jichkar said the adverse impact of climate change was no longer a global problem and it had started affecting the lives of people now.


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                  Around 18 companies bid for Mumbai-Nagpur Expressway project

                  The Maharashtra State Road Development Corp (MSRDC), the nodal agency for the project, opened the financial bids submitted by qualified contractors to construct 13 out of 16 packages of the 700-km long NMSCEIANS | May 24, 2018, 13:00 IST

                  As many as 18 construction majors including Reliance Infrastructure and L&T are in the race for the proposed Rs 46,000-crore Nagpur-Mumbai Super Communication Expressway project, official sources said on Wednesday.

                  The Maharashtra State Road Development Corp (MSRDC), the nodal agency for the project, opened the financial bids submitted by qualified contractors to construct 13 out of 16 packages of the 700-km long NMSCE.

                  Bids process for the remaining three packages is still under progress and will be announced later, the sources said.

                  A pet project of Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, the NMSCE, or Maharashtra Samruddhi Mahamarg project, will connect the state capital directly with a high-speed corridor to the second capital in eastern Maharashtra.

                  The 18 eligible bidders are: Reliance Infrastructure, Megha Eng & Infra Ltd, NCC Ltd, TPL CENGIZ JV, L&T Ltd, Sadbhav Eng Ltd, PNC Infratech Ltd, Afcon Infrastructure Ltd, BSCPL GVPR Jv, Navayuga Eng Co Ltd, APCO Infratech Pvt Ltd, IL&FS Transportation Networks Ltd, KNR Constructions Ltd, Dilip Buildcon Ltd, Montecarlo Ltd, Ashoka Buildcon Ltd, Gayatri Projects Ltd and Oriental Structural Eng Pvt Ltd.

                  "With the opening of the financial bids, we have achieved a milestone in the implementation of the project. We are now ver close to the historic moment of inauguration," said MSRDC Vice Chairman and Managing Director Radheshyam Mopalwar.

                  Mopalwar added that the MSRDC will soon undertake an evaluation of the eligible bids before issuing the work orders and it is expected that the construction work for the NMSCE will begin within the next couple of weeks.

                  Till date, the state government has acquired 80.25 per cent private and government lands against a total compensation of Rs 4,788-crore for this mega-project.

                  The NMSCE, a Greenfield Project, will zip through 10 districts, 26 sub-districts and 392 villages en route, reducing the travel time between Mumbai and Nagpur from the existing 18 to just eight hours.

                  It will help the state prosper through a holistic process that integrates road connectivity with sustainable rural development through agri-business ecosystem and multi-dimensional sub-projects.

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                    Civic chief suspends five NMC staffers for being late

                    NAGPUR: Municipal commissioner Virendra Singh has suspended five Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) staffers for not reaching their workplace on time. They include Manoj Singh (deputy engineer, Dhantoli zone), MG Bhoyar (water works employee, Dharampeth zone), AS Sheikh (working in lighting department, Dharampeth zone), Nitin Zade (employee of public works department, Dharampeth zone) and Anil Nimborkar (mason of public works department, Dharampeth zone).

                    Singh and additional municipal commissioner Ravindra Kumbhare paid a surprise visit to Dhantoli and Dharampeth zones on Wednesday morning. The zone offices open at 10am and all employees are expected to be on their desk at 10am sharp. However, many employees habitually reach office quite late.

                    “Singh reached Dhantoli zone office at 10am. As employees had no idea of his visit they were in a state of panic. On entering the office, Singh ordered the main door closed. He then interacted with the staffers and asked them about the problems faced by them and citizens in their working. As Manoj Singh was not on his desk, the commissioner was furious and ordered the assistant commissioner of Dhantoli to suspended him. The civic chief also directed that a list of employees not inside the office be prepared and a proposal be sent to the head office for deduction of their salaries,” a NMC official said.

                    Singh also directed the NMC administration to install biometric attendance system in all civic offices. He made it clear that employees reaching late would be suspended in future.

                    After this, Singh proceeded to Dharampeth zone at 10.15am and ordered the suspension of four employees for not remaining present at their desks on time.


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                      Transport minister hints at ST bus fare hike

                      NAGPUR: State transport minister and Shiv Sena leader Diwakar Raote on Wednesday indicated that the fares of ST buses may have to be hiked soon to meet the ever escalating fuel prices.

                      Raote was on a day-long visit to the city to review his party’s units in all eleven district of Vidarbha.

                      The transport minister said Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) was incurring an additional financial burden of around Rs 460 crore because of the sky-rocketing prices of diesel. He said fuel cost was going up daily and hence, a steep hike in bus fares could not be ruled out. The wage revision of one lakh MSRTC employees was also due and he was awaiting firm proposal from the government on providing finances for it.

                      “The managing director of MSRTC is on a foreign tour. As soon as he returns, I expect to receive the financial statement for the proposed staff wage hike,” he said. The staff had resorted to strike a couple of months ago and have again served a notice to strike work.

                      Raote spent the day meeting with district units’ office-bearers and discussing poll preparedness. Party chief Uddhav Thackeray was here on May 11 to take stock of the situation and now Raote followed up making it clear that the Sena was going ahead seriously with plans to contest all next elections on its own.

                      Raote slammed BJP for ‘importing’ from other parties and said it showed BJP did not have strength of its own.

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