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Nagpur Best place for Real Estate Investment

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Nagpur Best place for Real Estate Investment

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    Woman seeks civic chief’s prosecution for ignoring ‘illegal’ house

    Ashish Roy| TNN | Jun 10, 2018, 03:36 IST

    Nagpur: An 82-year-old woman has approached secretary of urban development department (UDD) and sought prosecution of municipal commissioner and assistant commissioner of Dharampeth zone for turning a blind eye towards an unauthorized construction in Sadar.

    As per Rukhmani Gandhewar’s complaint, her neighbour Satish Gandhewar constructed a five-storeyed house despite having permission to construct only a three-storeyed structure. Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has not acted against the alleged unauthorized structure despite several complaints.

    Following Rukhmani’s complaint, NMC had issued a notice under Section 53 of Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning (MRTP) Act to Satish Gandhewar in March 2017. As per the notice, the basement was illegal. However, civic officials did not pursue the matter. Taking advantage of NMC’s inaction, Satish accelerated the construction of fourth and fifth floor. The civic officials did not bother to revisit the house in spite of repeated complaints.

    Now, not only the basement but the top two floors are unauthorized. It means that the house owner has consumed extra floor to space index (FSI).

    The letter states that as per Section 260 (1A) of MRTP Act, if the municipal commissioner finds any construction contrary to the provisions of the rules and by-laws, then he can demolish the illegal construction after following the due process.

    After NMC issued a notice to Satish Gandhewar, Rukhmani went to the Dharampeth zone office and also met the municipal commissioner but she got only hollow assurances.

    “Conduct of these authorities make it evident that they have miserably failed to discharge their duties and implement the provisions of Maharashtra Municipal Corporation Act, which they obliged to do. Deliberately not acting in consonance with the provisions of the Act makes them liable for criminal prosecution as envisaged in the Act,” the complaint states.

    Repeated attempts to contact Dharampeth assistant commissioner Mahesh Morone were unsuccessful.

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    • Re : Nagpur Best place for Real Estate Investment

      A village digs a canal and reaps water benefit

      Barkha Mathur| TNN | Jun 10, 2018, 03:39 IST Alarmed at the depleting water table near his farm land in Hinganghat (Wardha district) two years back, software engineer and environmentalist Ashish Kaswa rectified the situation through rainwater harvesting.

      In what could be a first-of-its-kind individual initiative, he dug a one kilometer-long canal with soak pits at 50 meter intervals to harvest rainwater. The results of the effort were encouraging as, even in February, the canal remains filled with water and the well in the village, which had run dry in 2016, is now replete with water.

      When the 100-year-old well in Borkani village in Hinganghat district, which is used by the entire village, ran dry, Kaswa realized that the situation would get worst. “It was an indication of things to come and I decided that rainwater harvesting is the only way to go,” he says.

      “I took this plan to the village sarpanch who agreed. The total cost of construction worked out to Rs28 lakh for which a common pool was created and farmers who would get the benefit were asked to contribute 10% of this cost in return of personal connections. It was essential to make them a stakeholder as I needed their NOCs to dig this canal,” says Kaswa.

      It took six months to dig the one kilometre-long and 40-meter-wide canal and make soak pits along the length to give more time for water percolation. “We identified the water channel and deepened its flow direction to increase the amount of water that can be collected. Six-meter-wide soak pits along the length were dug as they help more water to percolate into the ground by checking the speed and flow and prevent soil erosion,” Kaswa informs.

      Farmers in this region grow cotton and now have sufficient water for irrigation. The well is sufficiently recharged and the canal remains filled with water even in dry winter months, says Kaswa, and adds, “Some farmers have dug wells near the canal where it passes through their farms and have found water at 30ft when otherwise one has to dig at least 50ft.”

      Necessary precautions have been taken to prevent overflooding during heavy downpours. “The soil dug out while constructing the canal has been utilized to create 10ft high bund along the length and this gives the canal a height of 30ft which is sufficient to prevent flooding,” says Kaswa.

      Constructed in 2016, no maintenance has been required so far. “After four to five years, excavation of sand and soil from the canal will be required but cost of doing this is very nominal,” Kaswa adds.

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        3 booked for duping man, bank of Rs37.58 lakh in property deal

        TNN | Jun 10, 2018, 04:52 IST

        Nagpur: The Hudkeshwar policehave booked three people, including a brother-sister duo, have been booked for duping a man and a bank to the tune of Rs37.58 lakh in a property deal between October 10, 2011, and December 29, 2017.

        The accused have been identified as Sunil Ambekar, his sister Neha and brother-in-law Keshav Sonekar.

        Vijay Menon, 49, had bought a flat from Ambekar in Besa locality in 2011. A sale deed was also done. Menon, a resident of Shivaji Nagar, took a loan from a cooperative bank to buy the flat. He deposited a demand draft worth Rs12.58 lakh in Ambekar’s account. Menon was supposed to get possession of the flat within 60 days.

        Meanwhile, the accused filed a false complaint at Sakkardara police station that they have lost documents of the flat. The accused then prepared new documents and sold the flat to Sonekar who also took possession of the property.

        The accused also procured loan of Rs25 lakh from a bank by mortgaging the flat. Cops said the accused also did not pay the bank instalments, following which the flat was sealed.

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          NMC to install waste bins to keep Futala lake clean

          TNN | Jun 10, 2018, 22:09 IST Municipal commissioner Virendra Singh along with additional municipal commissioner Ravindra Kumbhare inspected... Read More

          NAGPUR: Taking a step further in its ongoing Futala Lake cleanliness drive, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) will place garbage bins at every 100 metres along its periphery. The decision was taken on Saturday when municipal commissioner Virendra Singh along with additional municipal commissioner Ravindra Kumbhare visited the lake to inspect the ongoing work.

          NMC has also demolished unauthorized shops or their extensions near the lakes. “NMC will also install dustbins at every hundred metres surrounding the lake. A plan has also been passed by commissioner Singh in which parking will be allotted only for three hours near the lake,” said health officer (sanitation) Dr Pradip Dasarwar.

          The commissioner issued directives to prohibit domestic animals in the area and has also ordered work for extension of Futala temple.

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            Two days of rain convert city roads into death traps

            Ashish Roy| TNN | Jun 11, 2018, 03:36 IST

            Nagpur: Even though the monsoon has just hit the city, dangerous spots have cropped up on many city roads, with accidents waiting to happen. The city experiences similar problems each year in the rainy season, but this year the problems have been compounded by the widespread infrastructure works, and shoddy repairs by various agencies.

            Nagpur received over 66 millimetre rain on Saturday and Sunday evenings. This led to waterlogging in a large number of potholes created due to Nagpur Metro, flyover, and cement road works, making them invisible to motorists. The trench filling works done by agencies that had dug up many roads were of shoddy quality in many places. The filling material came unstuck in the first rains, creating water filled potholes, causing traffic congestion.

            A huge pothole was created on Wardha Road, where construction of Nagpur Metro viaduct caused a part of the road to cave in. MahaMetro traffic marshals isolated the pothole with barricades but this created traffic jams.

            MahaMetro is constructing a road underpass at Karve Nagar and Ujjwal Nagar. It has dug a huge trench for this. Due to heavy rainfall, the earth from the edges of the trench flowed into the trench, widening it. At Ujjwal Nagar, an electricity pole with a distribution point (DP) box on it collapsed into the trench. “Two feet of earth was washed away and caused the pole to fall down. It took some time to locate the spot, and consumers had to go without power from one to seven hours,” said a source in MSEDCL.

            Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s (NMC) cement road works too created accident-prone spots. On many roads, the tiles installed on the sides are intermittent. Before rains, it was possible to see where they had been installed. However, with rainwater submerging the tiles, it is not possible to see where there is a gap between the shoulder of the road and the earth below it. Motorists can easily drive over the sharp drop and damage their vehicles, or suffer injuries.

            The power infrastructure of the city also broke down due to rains. Power franchisee SNDL received around 2,600 complaints of power going out on Saturday evening. Some of them had not been attended till Sunday evening. Many areas had breakdowns on Sunday afternoon too. A SNDL spokesperson said there were no major outages. MSEDCL spokesperson also said the same thing.

            The NMC fire service said that five trees were uprooted in the rains on Saturday and Sunday.

            Narendra Nagar railway underbridge (RuB) too continued to be a problem spot during rains. A city bus and a private travels bus broke down in the water filled RuB. The passengers had to wade out in waist high water, and move to higher ground.


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              NMC Budget today: Citizens expect no hike in taxes, clean & safe city

              Anjaya Anparthi| TNN | Jun 11, 2018, 03:01 IST

              Nagpur: The standing committee chairman, Virendra Kukreja, will present the Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s (NMC) budget for 2018-19 at 11am on Monday at the Town Hall in Mahal. Citizens are expecting no hike in taxes apart from clean, safe and smart city from the budget.

              President of Vidarbha chapter of Akhil Bharatiya Grahak Panchayat, Gajanan Pande, said property tax has been hiked by 2-3 times and it should be reduced. “Taxes should be increased to some extent after a gap of two years. No new taxes should be levied as the common man is already burdened by rising prices. NMC should abolish cess levied on petrol and diesel. Unequal water distribution should be scrapped forthwith. Some areas are getting water for over five hours daily while some on alternate days. Issues of contaminated water supply should be resolved. A proper action plan should be chalked out to ensure safe roads by regular repairs, completing cement roads and infrastructure projects on time,” he said.

              President of CREDAI’s local chapter, Anil Nair, said online building plan approval system with no human interference should be launched. “NMC should follow MahaRERA’s portal in which one can track his/her application,” he said.

              Coach Dhiraj Kadao said a policy be implemented in which NMC should provide infrastructure like new courts, playgrounds, stadiums, rooms for storing sports material, electrical systems etc to sports associations running clubs for various sports. “Also, provisions should be made for long-term lease of grounds to sports associations,” he said.

              Activist Leena Budhe said budget should be realistic so that provisions of funds made for works are available for execution. “NMC’s budget is of around Rs 2,200 crore every year. Still, NMC has no funds for major works. Many of the projects have been carried forward for the last seven years. Provisions of Rs50 crore made for survey of slum areas two years ago is a glaring example. No such survey happened and funds spent. Also, the provision was never carried forward. New sources should be explored. A project to develop slum areas in a systematic manner should be prepared as it will give the city a facelift. Public toilets should be constructed in all parts of the city followed by special emphasis on garbage segregation at households and reuse at source level itself,” she said.

              RTI activist TH Naidu said NMC should do audit of its properties and use it for the public instead of allowing encroachments and cropping up of slums. “NMC is also not taking possession of open spaces despite providing services in layouts. Many areas are without gardens and playgrounds. Proper audit can help in identifying such properties followed by development,” he said.

              With the theme of Clean and Green Nagpur, Kukreja is likely to give more attention to North Nagpur from where he comes and also to improve BJP’s standing in this part of the city in the wake of next year’s Lok Sabha elections.


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              • Re : Nagpur Best place for Real Estate Investment

                NIT’s renovated pool loses sheen in 2 mnths

                Nagpur: Although Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) spent Rs8 crore on renovation of its Ambazari swimming pool, users are already complaining about the poor state of the facility. The pool was re-opened in April after remaining closed for 14 months since February 2017.
                The contractor had installed several rods on the edges to allow swimmers to warm up. Now, all but one of the rods remain. Moreover, earlier the pool had footrest rods. This time, the NIT did not bother to install them.

                The bathing area was renovated in 2016 at a huge cost. Several showers throw out water with less than desired force and some have even stopped functioning. One of the three taps in the urinal is not working.

                Manmohan Bajpai, president of Ambazari Pool Users’ Association, alleged that the renovation work was of poor quality. “The work was not done as per specifications. The NIT is yet to install the ozone filter. It is not clear why it is stuck up. A huge crack has developed on the floor in the shower area. The cementing material of tiles in the deck area is already coming unstuck,” he said.

                Bajpai said that a delegation of pool users would meet NIT chairman Ashwin Mudgal and ask him to conduct an enquiry into the shoddy renovation work. “Action must be taken against guilty officials and contractors,” he added.

                Activist Anil Wadpalliwar said that he had visited the pool following complaints from users and found it in a sorry state. “The contractor has done sub-standard work and the officials have not taken any action against him. Rs8 crore public money was spent but the pool users have not benefited. It is a huge scam. Some pool tiles already have stains. I will seek information under Right to Information (RTI) Act and then lodge a complaint with the higher authorities. If they don’t take any action, I will approach the high court,” said the activist.

                NIT assistant Pankaj Ambhorkar denied that the renovation work was of poor quality. “If the showers are not working we will replace them soon. The diving pool was closed because of water shortage during summer. Swimmers should use the pool with care,” he said.

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                  NIT board to abolish ground rent for slums

                  Anjaya Anparthi| TNN | Updated: Jun 12, 2018, 14:41 IST

                  Representative image

                  NAGPUR: BJP MLA from East Nagpur Krishna Khopde has said the Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) will abolish ground rent of 2% levied on shanties in slums. The decision will be taken at a meeting of board of trustees organized on June 13.

                  Khopde, along with BJP activists and slum-dwellers, met NIT chairman and collector Ashwin Mudgal on Monday. Khopde said slum-dwellers can never afford ground rent of Rs5-10 lakh levied on them. “The state government had taken a good decision to distribute ownership rights to slum-dwellers. But the ground rent issue cropped up as a major worry for the slum-dwellers,” he said.

                  The NIT will have to seek the state government’s permission for implementation of its decision.

                  Khopde also demanded to expedite survey of remaining slums and distribution of ownership rights to remaining slum-dwellers.

                  Corporator Pradip Pohane, Manoj Chafle, Dharmapal Meshram, Sarita Kavre and other BJP leaders were also present.


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                    Only 3 hours parking at Futala lake road

                    Anjaya Anparthi| tnn | Updated: Jun 11, 2018, 18:10 IST

                    Nagpur: Municipal commissioner Virendra Singh has directed the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) officials to permit parking of vehicles on the road in front of Futala lake only for three hours in a day.

                    NMC has started cleaning and desilting of the lake from April wherein on every Sunday, officials including Singh, additional municipal commissioner Ravindra Kumbhare, deputy municipal commissioner Jayant Dandegaonkar and others participate in the drive. The drivewas carried out on Saturday this week.

                    During the recent drive, Singh also directed the NMC officials to remove encroachments near the lake. “Install dustbins every 100 metres at the lake so that people have access to them and do not litter waste in the water body. Pets should not be allowed near the lake and also restrict cattle movement around the lake. Accordingly, boards should be displayed in the vicinity. Initiate action against the restaurants in case of any violations like erection of sheds etc,” he added.

                    Singh also directed the officials to store silt and garbage in one corner of the lake and dispose it off properly later.

                    The officials were asked to get a sanctioned plan of the Hanuman temple situated adjacent to the lake from the Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT). “Verify whether the structure and its usage are as per the sanctioned plan or not. Accordingly, the concerned engineers should submit a report with me,” he said.

                    Health officer (sanitation) Dr Pradeep Dasarwar, chief fire officer Rajendra Uchake, executive engineer Aniruddha Chauganjkar, veterinary officer Dr Gajendra Mahalle, assistant commissioners Vijay Humne, Ashok Patil, Rajesh Karade, Harish Raut, Prakash Warhade and others participated in the drive.


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                      NMC budgets for 1k cr more revenue sans new taxes

                      Anjaya Anparthi and Proshun Chakraborty| TNN | Jun 12, 2018, 03:09 IST

                      Nagpur: Standing committee chairman Virendra Kukreja presented Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s (NMC) surplus budget of Rs2,946 crore for 2018-19 fiscal, with the stated aim of developing a clean and green city. However, continuing the tradition, he estimated the revenue at a very high Rs2,801.01 crore, even though it was Rs1,747.55 crore in the last fiscal.

                      In perspective, NMC has taken last nine years to grow its revenue by Rs1,000 crore, while the budget envisages doing this in one year. Also, Kukreja has not imposed any new tax, or hiked property tax, water tariff, building plan sanction or other charges to get more revenue.

                      Even though the cash-strapped NMC has not cleared contractors’ bills of last fiscal, Kukreja managed to show surplus of Rs145 crore from last fiscal. This figure was a notional Rs10.64 lakh in the civic chief’s Rs2,048.53 crore budget presented two months ago.

                      Kukreja said he was very confident on his revenue estimation. “I did not propose any new revenue source but will achieve the target with the help of grants from the state government and increase in revenue from property tax and town planning department. The government is all set to make amendments in the Metro Rail transit oriented development (TOD) zones, and hefty revenue is also expected from regularization of unauthorized structures and plots,” he said.

                      Despite revenue from property tax being Rs196.67 crore last year, Kukreja has estimated it will now be Rs509.51 crore. He made it clear that the civic body was not in a mood to reduce last year’s steep hike in property tax.

                      Similarly, Kukreja estimated revenue from town planning department at Rs252.50 crore, up from Rs48.64 crore last year.

                      Kukreja has also accounted for Rs249.91 crore revenue that is to go to the state government directly, and also loan of Rs284 crore. Only Rs1,031.11 crore will come from NMC’s own sources, with the rest from the government as grants, indicating a rise in dependency on the government.

                      Sticking to his theme — clean and green — Kukreja made provision of Rs2 lakh each for 156 corporators for plantations, landscaping, rainwater harvesting or solar panels on NMC establishments. “I will ensure approval of Nag, Pili and Pora river rejuvenation projects from the government, along with lakes’ conservation plans,” he said.

                      Amid applause from corporators, he also announced Rs21 lakh each for 156 corporators as ward fund, in which women corporators will get Rs2 lakh more than men. He increased zonal budget to Rs75 crore, where emergency and small works can be executed in 38 wards.

                      Announcing some new projects, Kukreja said works on Rs5,700 crore Orange or London Street Project will begin from Diwali, bringing in cash for the civic body. “Three layout plans have been sanctioned. I will ensure completion of ongoing and proposed projects of the last budget. Special concentration will be on BoT projects. I will also take follow up all projects sanctioned by union minister Nitin Gadkari and CM Devendra Fadnavis to make the city smart and safe,” he said.

                      The budget also reduces NMC’s high administrative and establishment expenses of around 55% to below 40%.

                      Already facing huge financial liability, NMC has much to worry as Kukreja has proposed grants of Rs120 crore for water supply and Rs108 crore for city bus services, despite two special purpose vehicles formed around six years ago to take care of these two services.

                      Though a builder by profession, Kukreja did not announce introduction of online building plan sanction management system, which CREDAI was awaiting anxiously.

                      Appreciating the budget, mayor Nanda Jichkar said Kukreja succeeded in giving new vision to NMC. “Women have much to cheer from the budget as female corporators got Rs2 lakh higher ward fund for women self-employment,” she said.

                      Ruling party leader Sandip Joshi and leader of opposition Tanaji Wanve decided to hold discussions on the budget on Thursday, which will be followed by approval and its implementation.

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