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Nagpur Best place for Real Estate Investment

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Nagpur Best place for Real Estate Investment

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    Remove encroachments from nullahs, river beds: Bawankule

    Ashish Roy | TNN | Jul 9, 2018, 04:02 IST

    Nagpur: Guardian minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule inspected the flood-hit areas and told the officials that encroachments on bed of rivers and nullahs had caused flooding. He asked the district collector to take over all the nullahs on revenue land and remove the encroachment within 15 days.

    Bawankule told the media that Ghogli, Besa, Beltarodi and Hudkeshwar areas had suffered maximum flooding. “Water flowed over the bridge at Ghogli and entered houses. A company Vaidya Plywood had diverted the course of the nullah and done construction on the original river bed. The administration had tried to remove the encroachments but the company got a stay from the court. We will now present the real picture before the court,” said the minister.

    “Many builders had encroached on nullah beds and done construction. This has reduced the width of nullahs and hence their water carrying capacity. This was reason of water entering the houses,” he said.

    In Gonhi Sim many citizens have constructed houses on the nullah. The builder of Take Off City township has taken a part of the nullah into his possession and built a compound wall.

    Some 1,200 students of Adarsh Sanskar Vidya Mandir had got stuck up on Friday due to heavy rains. While about 700 could leave for their homes after some time, the remaining 500 had to stay back. This school also encroached a part of the nullah. “The school management did not make any arrangements for students despite the weather warning. I have instructed the metropolitan commissioner to cancel the license of the school,” said Bawankule.

    In Hudkeshwar, St Paul School has also encroached on the nullah. Bawankule instructed the administration to issue notice to the school. Several encroachments were found on Dhorya Pohra nullah.

    In Shivni village of Kamptee taluka, water had entered large number of houses. The minister asked the authorities to immediately widen the nullah.

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      Unauthorized layouts on open land in Nagpur close to being regularized

      Nagpur Metropolitan Region Development Authority (NMRDA), the erstwhile Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT), through UK-based Halcrow Consulting India Pvt Ltd took six years to finalize reservationsAnjaya Anparthi | TNN | July 09, 2018, 13:00 IST

      NAGPUR: Even before beginning to develop Metropolitan Region, the state government is considering deletion of over 130 reservations to allow regularization of unauthorized layouts, some with no construction on them. Another 155 types of modifications are also likely in the Metropolitan Region’s development plan (DP) approved by the government just six months ago.

      Nagpur Metropolitan Region Development Authority (NMRDA), the erstwhile Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT), through UK-based Halcrow Consulting India Pvt Ltd took six years to finalize reservations and prepare the draft of DP. Still, NMRDA itself has proposed 1,160 modifications in the draft DP, of which 939 were approved. The state’s urban development department (UDD) had on January 5 approved the DP.

      The UDD, coming under chief minister Devendra Fadnavis, also issued a notification inviting suggestions and objections on proposed 285 modifications on January 5. TOI has copy of the notification. UDD has appointed deputy director of town planning NC Adhari to collect suggestions and objections, and submit the final report. Adhari is likely to submit the report this week.

      The notification says over 130 types of reservations are likely to be deleted and replaced with residential and commercial usage. Best example is Bhilgaon village situated on city’s outskirts on Kamptee Road. Some 13 reservations — recreational, public-semi-public (PSP), transportation zone, industrial zone etc — are being deleted and converted into residential and commercial.

      Shockingly, most of the unauthorized layouts at Bhilgaon, which is in guardian minister Chandrashekar Bawankule’s constituency, do not have any houses but still reservations are being deleted. Most shocking is that developers are very confident of getting approval to the modifications by the UDD, so they have started selling plots on these unauthorized layouts.

      A fine example is Mahajan Nagari, a layout in 2.5 acre land of Ma Vaishanavi Group and Land Developers. The land on which the layout is located is reserved for recreational open space. The developer has started selling the plots since last four months. TOI has advertisement pamphlets of the layout where the developer even mentions that the layout is sanctioned by ‘NIT Metro’.

      Rahul Meshram from Ma Vaishanavi Group told TOI they stopped selling plots after a warning from MahaRERA office. “MahaRERA officials have directed us to get the layout sanctioned before selling plots. We will sell the plots after getting sanction. As of now we are only talking with customers and no sale has been made,” he said.

      Fadnavis and Bawankule did not respond to TOI’s calls and messages.

      Adhari refused to comment on anything related to 285 modifications till next week.

      NMRDA officials also refused to comment, saying it was related to the government, and nothing to do with them.

      Joint commissioner of MahaRERA Girish Joshi said it was a violation of law in case developers started selling plots and also advertising without any sanction or registration with MahaRERA. “We have initiated action against 39 unauthorized layouts. We will find more such unauthorized layouts and take action,” he said.

      Prashant Pawar of Jai Jawan Jai Kisan threatened a severe agitation in case these modifications are done in the DP. “NMRDA paid Rs12 crore to Halcrow to prepare the DP. Then 939 modifications were done. Most of the proposed 285 modifications were earlier rejected by NMRDA. Also, residential zone is fixed up to a limit of gaothan. Then why is the government considering residential and commercial usages outside the residential zone. Now, there is no meaning left in approved DP, so entire Metro Region plan should be dropped. We will find out who is exactly behind all the modifications and expose them in public soon,” he said.

      Pawar alleged it was the modus operandi to propose reservations and then delete them in DPs. “The same was done in the city due to which the outskirts areas came up without any planning and basic amenities. DP of Metropolitan region will only benefit the government and NMRDA, and not the citizens,” he said.


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        Sena joins Cong-NCP to stop bullet train

        Vaibhav Ganjapure and Sujit Mahamulkar | TNN | Jul 10, 2018, 04:57 IST

        Nagpur: After opposing proposed Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train in their respective press briefings, the opposition and Shiv Sena have come together to censure the government over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream project. This time, the project was opposed in the state assembly during discussions on the supplementary demands on Monday.

        The government has made Rs250 crore provision as capital investment in special purpose vehicle (SPL) for the project, which was added into supplementary demands.

        The first salvo came from senior NCP leader Ajit Pawar who flayed the government for allotting Rs250 crore in supplementary demands for the mega project. The government should spend that much amount in improving existing railway lines, bridges, lighting system and modernization of its work force,” he said

        Pawar further said when 155/289 MLAs are opposing it, why is the government still insisting on the project. “When leaders from majority of parties like Congress, NCP, Shetkari Sanghatna and even Sena are against the project, it’s not proper on the government’s part to go ahead with the allocation just for making their leaders in Delhi happier. Ultimately, it would be the state’s loss,” he said.

        He even charged Sena with opposing the project only outside but not keeping their word inside the House. “We will see what stand Sena takes on the project. We are going to oppose it vehemently. The Sena shouldn’t fool the 12 crore population of the state,” said Pawar.

        While reiterating his party’s stand on the issue, Sena leader Sunil Prabhu said they were strongly against the project since beginning, as many farmers in Palghar district may lose their fertile land. “The common man will neither benefit nor can afford this project. Instead of spending crores on bullet train, the government should spend the amount in improving the existing local train services and infrastructure in Mumbai,” he said.

        Last month, BJP’s partner in alliance had joined the dais with Congress, NCP and CPM to oppose the project in Palghar. Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) had already voiced its opposition to the mega project and its chief Raj Thackrey had even slammed Modi.

        With an expected time of four years to complete, the bullet train would reduce the journey time between Mumbai and Ahmedabad to less than three hours from six hours in normal trains. Out of total over 500km route and 12 stations, 120km and four stations would be in Maharashtra, for which Japan has extended a soft loan.

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          ‘Metro Region’s DP modification process illegal’

          tnn | Jul 10, 2018, 05:58 IST

          Nagpur: Farmers’ organization Jai Jawan Jai Kisan has alleged that the state government’s process to make 285 types of modifications in the development plan (DP) of Metropolitan Region was against norms and need to be set aside.

          Organization’s president Prashant Pawar along with Vijay Kumar Shinde and other activists met deputy director of town planning NC Adhari and submitted objections over the modification process on Monday.

          In the memorandum, Pawar and Shinde said, “NMRDA paid Rs12 crore to UK-based private company for preparing the DP. Also, NMRDA roped in its entire machinery for preparing the DP. Then why the government felt the need for making modifications on such a large scale?” they said.

          They said change in residential zoning pattern will incur a huge revenue loss. “NMRDA was supposed to earn Rs25,223 crore that is 70% of development cost of Metropolitan Region from zoning pattern. But the government denied NMRDA’s proposal and replaced it with another pattern. Also, North-B urban growth centre was demolished,” they said.

          Pawar and Shinde said it was a matter of investigation as to who will benefit from the modifications. The government is all set to make 285 modifications including deletions of over 130 reservations in the DP approved six months ago.

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          • Re : Nagpur Best place for Real Estate Investment

            Will scrap bullet train project if Congress comes to power: CM Prithviraj Chavan

            Ramu Bhagwat | TNN | Updated: Jul 11, 2018, 06:29 IST

            CM Prithviraj Chavan

            NAGPUR: Senior Congress leader and former chief minister Prithviraj Chavan has said that if his party comes to power next year, it would waste no time in scrapping the bullet train project as envisaged by the Narendra Modi government.

            Chavan who had a long stint in PMO during earlier Prime Minister Manmohan Singh-headed UPA regime, while talking to TOI on the sidelines of the monsoon session of the state legislature here, said one of the flaws that could derail the project was that the Modi government has hurriedly gone ahead signing the deal with Japan without bothering to bring about a legislation on it in Parliament.

            “A legislative support is required as a commitment to fulfil international obligations when such project is taken up with external aid,” said Chavan. The absence of such a legislation would hamper the execution of the project, he stressed.

            The Modi government has plans to introduce the high-speed bullet train in the country and has already chosen the Mumbai-Ahmedbad route for the first such venture which is to be executed with Japanese aid and expertise. Supporting the project, the BJP-led government in the state has already sought to provide Rs250 crore in the state’s supplementary budgetary demands tabled in the state legislature currently in session here. It is learnt that land acquisition work for the project has also been kicked off.

            In a fiery debate on the supplementary budget, not only Congress and NCP but also the ruling partner Shiv Sena has raised serious objections and vowed not to allow execution of the project saying the state and Centre should first strengthen existing railway infrastructure and facilities in Mumbai serving the common, toiling commuters than rather catering to the fancy needs of ultra rich who could afford the high cost journey on the proposed high-tech train.

            Chavan admitted that the bullet train project was conceived and cleared by Manmohan Singh-led UPA-II. “But we were aghast that the project cost had substantially escalated by Rs13,000 crores, than what we had approved, by the Modi government. The Japanese premier came on an unscheduled visit to sign a pact raising suspicion that the Japanese company facing closure was being bailed out though the project.

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              Metro Rail paying Rs 45 cr to L&T for joyrides

              Anjaya Anparthi | TNN | Updated: Jul 11, 2018, 05:47 IST

              NAGPUR: Nana Patole, former BJP MP and current vice-president of the Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC), has alleged that the MahaMetro’s joyrides are benefiting only L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad Limited (LTMRHL). He added that MahaMetro is paying Rs45 crore as hiring charges for six coaches to LTMRHL for three years. With that same amount, it could have procured seven coaches, he claimed.

              Stating that Friday’s floods and waterlogging problems has shown the city and Vidarbhain poor light, Patole in a press conference claimed improper planning and poor of Metro Rail and cement road projects works had caused the problems. “The authorities have no control on the work being done by contractors. There is some nexus which I will reveal in a week,” said Patole.

              “How can the state legislature’s session be stalled due to water logging and power failure,” he asked.

              Patole added that city’s residents are paying a heavy cost for the Metro Rail project. “The state government increased stamp duty by 1% in 2016 to generate funds for the Metro Rail. Also, the NMC and NIT are contributing Rs860 crore which is coming from the taxes paid by residents,” he said.

              Activist Prashant Pawar said MahaMetro has chosen to hire coaches from a private party. “After an MoU with Chennai Rail whose coaches are government owned, it brought the coaches from LTMRHL which had many coaches lying idle,” he said.

              Patole said the state government has also misguided the people of Nagpur by announcing that a Chinese company was going to set up a Metro coaches plant at Butibori. “We have confirmed news the company didn’t even submit an application to the MIDC,” he said.

              Pawar questioned why MahaMetro delayed procurement of coaches from China when it had planned to start services by 2017. “All these were done only to benefit LTMRHL,” he claimed.

              Patole and Pawar also said they will reveal irregularities like the Navi Mumbai CIDCO land scam soon. “Why did the state cancel land allotment in Navi Mumbai,” he asked.

              Patole said the authorities were destroying the city in the name of development. “It seems the BJP has become a slave of Babbar by demolishing religious structures that are not on roads,” he said.

              The former MP from Bhandara-Gondia said he would also expose the people and their intentions behind the 285 modifications being done in Metropolitan Region’s development plan.

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                No clarity over policy on plastic buyback

                Manka Behl | TNN | Jul 11, 2018, 05:59 IST

                NAGPUR: Even as the state government has pushed the buyback scheme for PET bottles and milk pouches by at least a month, city manufacturers feel that the scheme won’t be successful until the state looks at several logistical challenges.

                The scheme was to come into force from Wednesday but on Monday evening, the manufacturers learnt about its postponement. Under the country’s first such scheme, the government formulated an “extended producer responsibility” and placed the onus of recycling of water bottles and milk pouches on the manufacturers.

                While purchasing, a deposit fee will be paid to a retailer which would be refunded if the consumer brings back the used bottles and pouches. “It is still not clear how to keep track on the number of bottles the retailer is selling and the number of bottles coming back. There is a big loophole here as the retailer can throw away the returned bottle and pocket the deposited money,” said Vidhan Bhartia, founder member of the Packaged Drinking Water Manufacturers Association (Nagpur).

                The manufacturers don’t have a clarity on how the model of integrating bar codes will work. “As every bar code will be unique, we will have to produce separate labels for every bottle which will be not feasible. Moreover, the bottle we manufacture first goes to the super stockist, then to a dealer, retailer and consumer. Ensuring a reverse chain will be very difficult. Not all dealers and retailers will have a system to install bar codes,” added Bhartia.

                Willing to cooperate with the state, the manufacturers feel the entire responsibility can’t be on them due to involvement of several parties.

                While mayor Nanda Jichkar informed that the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has set-up 10 collection centres in different zones, around 20 makers of packaged drinking water have also come together for collection and recycling of empty bottles. “We have identified a recycling unit in Nagpur which will compress the bottles and form cubes of specific sizes. These cubes will be transported to a unit in Bhopal where they will be converted into fibres,” said Bhartia.

                He added that the group will also install special dustbins for bottles at public places like malls, theatres, Ambazari lake, Telangkhedi lake, railway station, bus stops and others. “We are doing our best. But if the government wants to implement buy-back, it needs to form local-level monitoring committees. Buy-back can only work if all the manufacturers contribute,” said Bhartia.


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                  Metro, railways to ink MoU for trains to four towns on July 16

                  Anjaya Anparthi | TNN | Jul 12, 2018, 03:05 IST

                  Nagpur: City MP and Union minister Nitin Gadkari’s plan to start high speed local trains between Nagpur and four nearby towns — Bhandara, Wardha, Katol and Ramtek — is set to be a reality soon.

                  For planning and execution of the project, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) will be executed between Indian Railways, Maharashtra government and MahaMetro on July 16.

                  Gadkari, railway minister Piyush Goyal, minister of state (independent charge) for urban development Hardeep Singh Puri, chief minister Devendra Fadnavis and other dignitaries will be present at the MoU signing ceremony organized at Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s (NMC) Suresh Bhat Hall.

                  MahaMetro managing director Brijesh Dixit told TOI the project would be first-of-its-kind in the nation. “High speed fully air-conditioned coaches will run under the project. All formalities like timings, number of trips, revenue sharing pattern, special stations etc will be decided after the MoU,” he said.

                  The plan is to run three-coach electric multiple units (EMUs) to these towns with four on each route. The average speed of city to Ramtek passenger train is 27km per hour, while that of Gondia passenger train is 50km per hour. The plan is to run EMUs at 120km per hour. MahaMetro will use existing tracks, signalling, platform etc of railways for the services.

                  Refuting allegations by former BJP MP and current MPCC vice-president Nana Patole and activist Prashant Pawar, Dixit said MahaMetro will also have to start Pune Metro Rail’s priority section with rental coaches.

                  Patole had alleged that MahaMetro’s joyrides are benefiting only L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad Limited (LTMRHL). He added that MahaMetro is paying Rs45 crore as hiring charges for six coaches to LTMRHL for three years.

                  “Coaches, signalling system etc are not made in the country, hence, we so depended on foreign countries. We have to place orders only after getting loans. We are likely to get three coaches in September. It will take 6-7 months more for certification etc. Till then, we cannot wait and render the entire infrastructure unutilized,” he said.

                  Dixit added that payment of Rs15 crore has been made to LTMRHL. “We could not take coaches from Chennai as our platform’s design is for three coaches, while Chennai has a set of four coaches,” he said.

                  Dixit said one of two sets of three coaches each will be moved to Hingna-Subhash Nagar T-point corridor once the works are completed.

                  He said Metro Rail will begin operation from Munje Square in Sitabuldi to Khapri in March 2019.

                  On Wednesday, MahaMetro operated electrical shunting vehicle ‘Buland’ on the elevated stretch between Airport and Airport South stations. It is the first of the elevated stretches where works have been completed and ready for trial run.

                  In April, MahaMetro started Metro Rail joyrides between Airport South and Khapri stations, that is at grade stretch.

                  NMC’s three projects to take off

                  After conclusion of the MoU programme, the dignitaries will dedicate NMC’s newly commissioned sewage treatment plant (STP) having capacity of 200 million litres per day (MLD) to the public.

                  Also, the civic body’s project to supply 150MLD treated sewage from the STP to Mahagenco’s Koradi and Khaparkheda thermal power stations will be announced. At the same time, bhoomipuja of waste-to-energy project will be performed.

                  NMC had constructed the STP on PPP model through a consortium of three private companies, including city-based Vishvaraj Infrastructure Limited (VIL), at a cost of around Rs236 crore at Bhandewadi dumping yard. This is NMC’s second STP after an earlier one with a capacity of 130MLD, commissioned under the central government’s JNNURM scheme.

                  The civic body is already supplying 130MLD treated sewage to Koradi thermal power station. Now, the quantum will increase to 330MLD.

                  Under the waste-to-energy project, the private operator will produce 11.50MW power by treating 800 of the total 1,100 tonnes of garbage generated from the city daily. The power will be supplied to MSEDCL.


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                    Oppn pulls up govt over sand smuggling

                    Ramu Bhagwat | tnn | Jul 12, 2018, 03:21 IST

                    Nagpur: A question raised over illegal sand mining at Usgaon, Vasai in Palghar district on the banks of Tansa river saw several members of lower house across party lines expressing serious concern over sand smuggling, threat to environment as well as the growing magnitude of clandestine business.

                    During question hour on Tuesday, Kshitij Thakur and Hitendra Thakur raised the matter of sand mafia illegally excavating on the Tansa riverbed using suction pumps and alleged that two people had died under sand heap early last month.

                    Opposition leader Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil, NCP’s Ajit Pawar, senior-most member Ganpatrao Deshmukh and several others posed questions and wanted revenue minister Chandrakant Patil to explain what steps the government was taking to stop the dangerous business. They suggested today sand smuggling had become the biggest illegal activity in the state and complicity of district officials and police was helping it flourish.

                    While admitting one worker had indeed died in illegal sand excavation at the Tansa banks on June 1, the minister said there was no question of paying compensation as the worker was engaged in illegal activity. However, Patil said strict action was taken against smugglers and as many as Rs 22 crore fine was slapped against 182 persons caught doing it. He said heavy machinery could be used to mine sand only after National Green Tribunal allowed it. Pawar wanted a total clampdown on sand mining on the lines of plastics.

                    To a supplementary by Deshmukh, Patil assured the house there was no shortage of sand for government, development works and dedicated sites were allocated for it. He said every citizen could avail a permit for two brass of sand for personal house-building work. Patil said Malaysia was ready to export sand in bags like cement and the government was examining the proposal.


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                      No stormwater inlets left along new cement roads

                      Anjaya Anparthi | TNN | Jul 12, 2018, 03:59 IST

                      Nagpur: Though the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is blaming record rainfall for waterlogging on roads and flooding in houses on both sides of the roads on last Friday, the problem appears to be due to lack of proper stormwater drain network and also increase in height of newly constructed and under construction cement roads.

                      Water logging also took place on roads where Metro Rail work is going on. Stormwater drain network laid under footpaths along these roads have been damaged for Metro station works, said NMC officials.

                      After every downpour this season severe water logging has occurred in areas along new cement roads and also on Metro rail stretches.

                      Roads like Wardha Road, Central Avenue and North Ambazari Road were the worst affected by Friday’s heavy rain. TOI visited few of the affected spots like the newly laid stretch of East High Court Road between GPO Square and High Court Square and Central Bazaar (CB) Road from Abhyankar Nagar Square to Kachipura Square.

                      Due to concretization, the height of these roads has increased by eight inches. Cement roads have completely covered the stormwater drains’ circular inlets, which are 30 metres apart at the bottom of footpaths on both sides. Now, there are small chambers on roads that have been connected in an improper manner with chambers on footpaths. These chambers are at every 100 metres.

                      The situation along under-construction cement roads is even worse. Here, there are no inlets at all as concretization work has been undertaken before developing stormwater drain network.

                      Rainwater gushes into residential, commercial and administrative premises are they are now below the surface layer of cement roads.

                      As per the state PWD officials, Ravi Bhavan has a similar problem. On Wednesday, the PWD dug up footpaths, even the new ones, along the newly concretized East High Court Road to allow rainwater from Ravi Bhavan premises to flow into stormwater drains laid under footpaths. But while doing so, they have not restored the trenches on footpaths and roads. Now, rainwater from Ravi Bhavan premises now also flow on the road.

                      As per NMC officials, the PWD did not take any permission from the civic body before digging footpaths and roads.

                      PWD official told TOI that NMC had caused the problem in the first place by raising the height of roads. “Process of obtaining permission would have consumed a lot of time. We have to rectify the problems swiftly. We have already started laying a new stormwater drain network from Vidhan Bhavan, Ravi Bhavan, Hyderabad House, Nag Bhavan and MLA Hostel. The work will take a long time to complete,” he said.

                      Municipal commissioner Virendra Singh said all causes and problems of waterlogging are being identified and will be solved soon.


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