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Nagpur Best place for Real Estate Investment

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Nagpur Best place for Real Estate Investment

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    Inquiry begins against corporators who obstructed demolition drive

    Anjaya Anparthi and Proshun Chakraborty | TNN | Aug 7, 2018, 03:50 IST

    Nagpur: Municipal commissioner Virendra Singh has ordered an inquiry into a complaint demanding disqualification of corporators who obstructed Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) teams trying to demolish illegal religious structures. The protests against demolition of illegal shrines on roads and footpaths continued on Monday too.

    Two activists had lodged a complaint with the civic chief on August 2, and demanded disqualification of corporators who forced NMC and police department teams to return without demolishing illegal religious structures at two locations on July 30 and July 31. The activists had also filed a civil application seeking intervention in the writ petition related to the case in the Nagpur bench of Bombay high court. The application is pending as per information on the HC’s website.

    Taking cognisance of the complaint, Singh asked additional municipal commissioner Ravindra Kumbhare to initiate necessary action. Kumbhare has directed estate officer RS Bhute to look into the complaint.

    NMC sources told TOI Bhute sent letters to Laxmi Nagar and Dhantoli zones seeking an inquiry and report. “Corporators were witnessed obstructing demolition drives under these two zones on given dates in the complaint. Therefore, report has been sought from only the two zone offices. Now, zone offices will report whatever happened on the two days, and also name of corporators who obstructed the drive. Complainants had not mentioned names of corporators, so now everything depends upon the zone office reports,” sources said.

    However, corporators are known to have obstructed the drive in two more zones a few days ago. Also, NMC officials did not lodge FIR against politicians and local residents who also stopped the drive at various locations.

    In their complaints, the activists had cited section 10(1D) of Maharashtra Municipal Corporations (MMC) Act, which mandates disqualification of corporators constructing, helping or obstructing drive against illegal constructions. Also, the complainants had alleged it was contempt of HC orders. NMC along with other government agencies is demolishing the illegal religious structures as per orders of the Supreme Court and HC.

    On Monday, NMC Dhantoli Zone witnessed strong protests while trying to demolish an illegal religious structure near Buty Hospital on VIP Road.

    NMC official said a large number of people did not allow demolition and the team had to return. “Later, the protesters assured to raze the structure within seven days,” the officials said.

    NMC Dhantoli zone team led by assistant commissioner Smita Kale managed to demolish a durgah and temple at Kumbhartoli, though this could not be done due to strong protests a couple of days ago. Also, the team demolished illegal religious structures at two more locations.

    The city-level committee headed by the civic chief has convened a meeting on Tuesday to take a final decision on 80 objections to demolition received in 2014.

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      DCR allows religious shrines on PU land, not open spaces

      Proshun Chakraborty | TNN | Updated: Aug 7, 2018, 14:24 IST

      NAGPUR: The development control rules (DCR) of Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) and Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) allow construction of any religious structure on public utility (PU) land. However, it prohibits construction of temples, Buddha vihars or mosques on open spaces.

      “Besides the PU land, a citizen can also construct religious structure on one’s independent plot too,” said a senior officer from the NMC’s town planning department.

      Given the ongoing protest over demolition of religious structures on roads, footpaths, open spaces and public utility lands, TOI tried to find out the procedure if one intends to construct a temple or mosque in the city.

      As per DCR, no religious structure is allowed on open spaces. Referring to DCR, the official said a builder or the society can use the open space for constructing a two-storied structure with maximum 15% built-up area of which 10% built-up area should be allowed on ground floor and remaining 5% can be constructed on the first floor.

      However, this construction cannot be used for any religious activities and should only be used for the purpose of pavilion or gymnasia or club house or vipassana, yoga centre and other structures for the purpose of sports and recreation activity may be permitted.

      Such structure should not be used for any other purpose, except for recreational activity for which a security deposit as decided by the commissioner or chairman will have to be paid to the NMC or NIT. The remaining areas of the recreational open space for playground should be kept open to sky and property accessible to all members as a place of recreation, garden or a playground. No construction is allowed in green belt zone.

      In public utility space, the DCR allows to use the area for various purposes like pre-primary, primary schools, high schools, colleges, educational complex, hospital, dispensary, maternity homes, health centre, complex of such uses, veterinary hospital, NGO or charitable trust-owned old age home and orphanage, public institutions such as libraries, research centres, training centres, post office, museums, art galleries, exhibition halls, auditoriums. It, however, also allows using the space for cultural and or any religious institutions, the officer said. He also explained that usage of religious institutions include construction of any temple or mosque too.

      The religious structures can also be constructed on independent plot too. Besides clear title, utility space or independent plot, in both the conditions, one need to obtain no objection certificates from concerned police authority and collector before applying for permission, said the official.

      Apart from construction plan sanction from concerned government agencies, no objection certificate from fire department is also required. At least 10-20 feet space should be kept free along such a religious structure, the DCR said.

      About the sanction fees, the official said the sanctioning charge is between Rs100 and Rs125 per square feet for religious construction.

      A senior official from NMC’s fire and emergency services department pointed out as temples come under the category of assembly place it also need to have firefighting system in place. According to him, a temple with a capacity to accommodate up to 300 people should have fire extinguishers, hosereel, fire alarm, 10,000-litre water tank with a pump. Assembly hall with a capacity over 300 people should also have hydrant.

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        NMC adds 30 more to list of illegal shrines

        Anjaya Anparthi and Proshun Chakraborty | TNN | Aug 8, 2018, 03:04 IST

        Nagpur: The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has added another 30 structures to the list of illegal shrines being considered for demolition, taking their total number to 1,278.

        The city-level committee formed to take decisions about illegal religious structures held a meeting on Tuesday. The committee headed by municipal commissioner Virendra Singh finalized orders to add 30 illegal religious structures to the old list. The committee has given relief to seven illegal structures as they were on private land.

        After the Supreme Court’s order dated September 29, 2009, NMC had identified 1,521 illegal religious structures between 2011 and 2013. The civic body had regularized 18 as they were heritage structures. A list of 175 structures was forwarded to the state-level committee, as they were constructed before 1960.

        Of the remaining 1,328 structures, NMC had received objections about 80 in 2014. Therefore, NMC had finalized list of 1,248 and started demolitions.

        Four years later, the city-level committee started hearings on the 80 objections and finalized orders in 37 cases.

        “Objections on 30 structures have been rejected as they are on government land, roads or footpaths, and without any sanction. Hearings in 48 of remaining 50 have been completed. Hearing on two objections will be held next Tuesday. Orders in remaining cases will come soon,” a NMC official said.

        On the dispute between NMC and NIT, the committee directed NIT to take responsibility of 546 structures.

        NMC had asked NIT to demolish 546 structures as they were on NIT land or in its jurisdiction. But NIT tabled a note before the high court last week claiming it had responsibility of only 330 structures. This created a dispute between NMC and NIT.

        Meanwhile, NMC continued to demolish illegal religious structures on roads. On Tuesday, two structures were demolished under Satranjipura zone and one under Lakadganj zone. NMC did not demolish three structures after receiving objections.

        Also, NMC has continued demolition of encroachments on footpaths. A drive was carried out in Mominpura, where the NMC team witnessed strong opposition. The protesters damaged the windscreen of an excavator by pelting stones.

        Enforcement inspector Sanjay Kamble said the team had gone to raze encroachments on pavements on the stretch from Mominpura gate-Mominpura Chowk-Motibagh Road to Ansar Nagar. The encroachers tried to prevent the team from clearing footpaths. However, with heavy police bandobast, the squad razed illegal constructions and seized a truck full of material.

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          City buses may stop operations from August 9 over mounting dues

          Proshun Chakraborty | TNN | Updated: Aug 8, 2018, 08:27 IST

          Threatened to stop city bus operation from August 9 over non-payment of dues.

          NAGPUR: Three Red bus operators of Aapli Bus being run by BJP ruled Nagpur Municipal Corporation have once again threatened to stop city bus operation from August 9 over non-payment of dues. Even the cheques issued by the operators to fuel and spare parts suppliers have started bouncing from Tuesday.

          In a letter to NMC’s municipal commissioner Virendra Singh, chief accounts officer and transport manager, the operators claimed their current outstanding amount has crossed Rs 14 crore each as the civic body has failed to clear dues since April this year. Despite this, they have been providing their best services to the city as per RFP and extended best possible credit by top-up loan, Cash Credit limit, overdraft loan, money market credit, unsecured loans and Non-Banking Finance Corporation credit bill loans, they claimed.

          “Our limits have been exhausted and our post-dated cheques to financers have started bouncing, salary of drivers and maintenance staff for July 2018 is still pending,” they stated in the letter.

          “There is total damage to our business due to overly delayed payments and hence, until we receive minimum Rs 6 crore each, we will not be in a position to run the city bus services smoothly with effect from August 9,” they stated. The operators also held NMC responsible for this as financial burden due to delayed payments and interest over interest by banks have totally destroyed their financial lifeline leading to operational failure.

          Daily diesel consumption of three Red bus operators is worth about Rs 7.5 lakh each and payments at almost all fuel stations are pending and diesel supplies were stopped today. A few buses may go idle from Wednesday itself for the same. No financer was giving them credit as their cheques were being dishonoured, admitted transport committee chairman Bunty Kukde.

          Kukde said the committee was trying hard to clear their dues so commuters did not suffer.

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          • Re : Nagpur Best place for Real Estate Investment

            NMC contractors launch sit-in over Rs 200 crore dues

            Proshun Chakraborty | TNN | Updated: Aug 8, 2018, 08:14 IST

            Representative image

            NAGPUR: In a bid to draw the attention of the civic administration, office-bearers of Nagpur Municipal Corporation Contractors’ Welfare Association (NMCCWA) sporting black-ribbons launched a sit-in protest on Tuesday outside mayor Nanda Jichkar’s office to demand release of their payment. The protest will be held every day from 4pm to 6pm until the dues are cleared.

            The contractors submitted a memorandum to the mayor and municipal commissioner Virendra Singh. The association president Vijay Nayudu claimed the NMC owes over Rs200 crore to contractors for over a period of a year. “The NMC has also not refunded Rs100 crore security deposit (SD) which it had accepted from the contractors. Besides this, the civic body has also failed to refund Rs50 crore kept as earnest money deposit (EMD),” the NMCCWA memorandum stated.

            The association claimed that mayor hasn’t responded to several requests made since Diwali last year for payment. According to Nayudu, “Assurances given to us have not been fulfilled. Even our bills and other related files are not being cleared.”

            “No civil works will be carried out across the city as material suppliers have stopped supplies to the contractors on credit because of pending dues. Many contractors have borrowed money or obtained loans for admission of their children for higher education. Many could not even pay school and college fees of their children,” said association’s Prashant Thakre. It seems that the NMC has taken contractors for granted, the association alleged. The financial situation has become worst in the history of NMC.

            Thakre said: “If the NMC doesn’t clear our dues, the NMCCWA will approach Union minister Nitin Gadkari.” Prakash Patpose, Sanjiv Choube, Rajkumar Bajaj, Matin Ahmed, Anant Jagnit, Narendra Hatwar, Vinod Madavi, Vinay Ghate, Vijay Waghade and others participated in today’s sit-in protest.

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              NMC sanctions flat scheme on NIT land reserved for vet hospital

              Anjaya Anparthi | TNN | Aug 8, 2018, 04:08 IST

              Nagpur: Once again, Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has sanctioned a private flat scheme on land owned by Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) and reportedly reserved for a veterinary hospital. The said plot is located at The Process Server Cooperative Housing Society at Swawlambi Nagar, mouza Bhamti in South-West Nagpur. The sanction was given on the basis of a document issued by the city survey office. Calling it a land scam, NIT has asked city survey office to cancel the document and take action against its employees.

              The office bearers of the society have also described it as a major irregularity and demanded cancellation of the building plan sanction along with action against NMC officials.

              Refuting the allegations, NMC assistant director of town planning Pramod Gawande, who gave the sanction, told TOI he did not have any idea about reservation on the land. “Sanction was given after following due process. I will have to check the documents about the reservation issue,” he said.

              Documents obtained under RTI by the society show NMC had sanctioned flat scheme of Prayag Developers on land owned by Nalini Bute on December 2, 2015. Seeing construction on the land, NIT issued notice to the developers, pointing out that it owned the land, which was reserved for a veterinary hospital. The society too had lodged complaints with NMC demanding cancellation of the sanction.

              On December 30, 2016, the then municipal commissioner Shravan Hardikar had cancelled the sanction for various reasons. The developers and Bute had filed a writ petition in the high court, which dismissed the case on April 24, 2017.

              The HC order said, “If the measurement is complete, and if anything turns on the basis of the said measurement, the parties would always be at liberty to apply to the commissioner for passing appropriate orders, and the commissioner would be bound to pass appropriate orders in accordance with the law after hearing all the concerned parties.”

              Then, the developers submitted a document known as ‘Ka prat’ that proves ownership of land, and is issued by city survey office. Following this, the civic chief started hearing of all parties from September 2017. The society and NIT submitted relevant documents proving the land was owned by NIT and reserved for veterinary hospital.

              President of the society Sanjay Nakhate told TOI NMC did not complete the hearings, did not pass an order, but again sanctioned the flat scheme’s building plan on May 29. “NMC asked Bute and developers to submit revised building plan on March 8. A day before NMC’s letter, the developers submitted a revised plan, which is also suspicion. Society and NIT were not asked to submit their says. This is contempt of HC,” he said.

              Alleging a land scam in the case, NIT’s letter dated May 11 issued to city survey office demanded cancellation of the document, and action against all employees related to the case. The NIT also called it contempt of HC. On July 11, NIT issued a notice again to Bute, directing to stop construction as building plan was rejected by civic chief.

              Shashank Pande of Prayag Developers did not respond to TOI’s call and message.

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                NMC to lose reservation land on Hingna Rd

                Anjaya Anparthi | tnn | Aug 9, 2018, 03:34 IST

                Nagpur: The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is all set to lose yet another sprawling reservation land for its failure to acquire it in 18 years. The 1.22 hectare land in question is situated on Hingna road.

                City’s development plan was approved in 2000. There were 891 reservation lands of which 202 were for the NMC’s purpose. The NMC was supposed to acquire all within a period of 10 years. Unfortunately, the civic body had acquired only 47 lands.

                The NMC town planning department has tabled a proposal before the general body seeking approval to change reservation on the land bearing khasra no. 7 (part) from Extension to Octroi Naka to public/semi-public purpose. The general body is likely to approve the proposal in a meeting organized on August 10.

                As per the proposal, Blind Relief Association is owner of the land. The association will have to pay 5% of ready reckoner value to the civic body and the state government for change in the reservation.

                NMC sources told TOI an eye institute and research centre of Madhav Netralaya has been proposed on the land due to which the reservation is being changed. The land is situated behind the NMC’s octroi check post that has been abandoned after abolition of octroi.

                TOI on September 11, 2017 had reported about the government’s decision to exempt stamp duty of Rs1.92 crore for the proposed project. It raises a big question on the government’s decision as the land is still reserved for the NMC’s purpose and stamp duty was exempted considering the project proposed on the land 11 months ago.

                While approving exemption of stamp duty, the government had considered the project of eye institute and research centre as the reason for special benefits. The Blind Relief Association was supposed to lease out the land to Madhav Netralaya for the latter’s project. Therefore, a lease deed was supposed to be executed between the two parties. Accordingly, Madhav Netralaya was supposed to pay the stamp duty.

                NMC officials said they were unaware of the government’s move and not at all related to it. “Land was reserved for expansion of octroi check post, which the NMC no more requires as the cess came to an end a few years ago. Therefore, the proposal has been submitted with the general body. The proposal will be submitted with the government for final approval,” they said.

                Last month, the NMC had lost 9,761.47 sq.ft land reserved for town hall at Raj Nagar, Chhaoni. Similarly, the civic body had to give up 87,156 sq.ft land reserved for truck terminal on Koradi road in February.

                Other Proposals Before General Body

                * Hike in fare of city’s Red buses

                * Allotment of 3 acre land to Zigma Global Environ Solutions to execute bio-mining and disposal of 10 lakh tonne garbage lying at Bhandewadi dumping yard

                * Nomination of 11 members on backward class consultative committee

                * Approval to environmental status report of 2017-18

                * Demolition of abandoned office and quarters of fire department at Kamal Square

                * Correction in proposal to lease out 140.77 acre land for SAI’s regional centre


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                  Multi-level parking plaza at Sitabuldi to restart soon

                  Ashish Roy | tnn | Aug 9, 2018, 03:39 IST

                  Nagpur: There is good news for car owners who don’t get space to park in Sitabuldi despite being ready to pay parking charges. Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) has finalized an operator for Variety Square multi-level parking and the facility is expected to restart this month. The multi-level parking plaza was closed since October 2016 as the NIT was unable to find an operator.

                  PP Dhankar, executive engineer (west), said Ashfaq Ali Ramzan Ali has been awarded the contract. “The work order will be issued soon and then he will open the parking facility for the public,” he added.

                  The contract is for 10 years. “Ali will pay us a royalty of Rs7.5 lakh per annum. It will increase by 15% per annum. Parking charges will be decided by the operator and we have not imposed any conditions in this regard,” said Dhankar.

                  The plaza is an eight-storey structure with a capacity of accommodating 72 cars. There are 18 levels with space for four cars on each level. The cars are parked in the plaza using lifts.

                  The facility was opened in September 2013 but never took off due to lack of response. The plaza needs to get at least 150 cars every day but rarely got more than 50 except on weekends. It faced competition from adjacent Eternity Mall, which has huge parking space in the basement. There is also an open air parking near the mall.

                  Another reason for poor response to the facility is apathy of traffic cops towards cars parked in no parking areas of Sitabuldi. Even though Sitabuldi police station is situated at Variety Square, car owners park their vehicles here and there.

                  The facility has huge overheads. The operator has to maintain a certain staff and pay huge electricity bills.

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                    Cement rd works: NMC defends appointment of ‘blacklisted’ firm

                    Vaibhav Ganjapure | tnn | Aug 9, 2018, 05:43 IST

                    Nagpur: Nagpur Municipal Corporation on Wednesday stoutly defended appointment of RPS Infrastructures Pvt Ltd for construction of cement roads in city. In an affidavit submitted to Nagpur bench of Bombay High Court, the civic body assured the terms and conditions in respect to ‘Defect Liability Period’ and all financial interests would be protected regarding the roads with expected specifications. It would be done by protecting the bank guarantee and security deposits of contractor firm with NMC.

                    The affidavit was filed in response to PIL filed by Ranragini Jankalyan Sanstha challenging corporation’s decision to award contract of cement concrete works of Package VI and VII to RPS Infrastructures, which the petitioner claimed is “blacklisted” company at Brihan Mumbai Corporation (BMC).

                    The petitioner prayed for cancellation of work orders granted to the Mumbai-based firm. TOI, in a series of reports, had highlighted alleged irregularities committed by the respondent while concretizing the ring road where the company used inferior quality material.

                    In the last hearing, HC sought names of civic officers and information on quality of roads built by the contractor along with payments made to it. The bench also sought to know whether its payment could be stopped if the work was found to be of inferior quality. NMC was told to file affidavit by a senior officer with a warning that its commissioner could be asked to remain present in case of failure.

                    The affidavit by NMC city engineer Manoj Talewar stated that it had proposed to undertake the construction of cement concrete roads of 55.42km as Phase II of the same project. In all, 59 roads were identified to be included in 22 different packages. The work of geotechnical investigation, traffic count of roads, and other technical aspects, including design by VNIT were completed in respect of these roads.

                    Talewar added the defect liability period for the work done was five years from the date of completion. In order to assure defect free services from the contractor apart from testing, verification, and inspection of all nature on technical aspect by the consultant, NMC has collected total Rs2.04 crore as security deposit.

                    The work granted to RPS Infrastructures consists of four roads in Package-VI for Rs14.70 crore and four roads in Package-VIII for Rs13.18 crore. Against the work of Package-VI, till date Rs6.76 crore and as against Package VIII a sum of Rs7.15 crore is recommended for payment by PWD as substantial work has been done within the scope of work by the company. Against recommended payments for Package VI and VIII, sums of Rs4.28 crore and Rs5.84 crore respectively have been released till date.

                    (With inputs from Namrata Ghaturle)


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                      ‘How can govt regulate illegal structures on playgrounds?’

                      Vaibhav Ganjapure | tnn | Aug 9, 2018, 05:48 IST
                      Nagpur: Expressing surprise over Maharashtra government’s decision for regularizing illegal structures on playgrounds, the Nagpur bench of Bombay high court on Wednesday directed it to file a comprehensive affidavit on how it allowed brazen violation of rules framed by itself.

                      HC’s rebuke came after NIT, in its affidavit, defended regularization of illegal structures on playgrounds citing a government decision of August 31, 2004, where it allowed the Kolhapur Municipal Corporation (KMC) to legalize such structures.

                      NIT had attached a letter written by then additional secretary Charusheela Tambekar to Kolhapur municipal commissioner, stating that such structures could be regularized as per Section 5 of the Maharashtra Gunthewari Development (Regularisation, Upgradation and Control) Act, 2001, and Section 154 of the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act, 1966.

                      NIT informed that all such structures on playgrounds were regularized all over the state, quoting this letter.

                      A division bench comprising justices Bhushan Dharmadhikari and Zaka Haq then asked the government on how it could do so while flouting its own rules. It was told to explain the circumstances for coming with such a letter addressed to the KMC before September 12, fixed as the next date of hearing.

                      The bench also directed the government to come up with plans to rehabilitate citizens, if it was decided to restore the status of playgrounds by deregulating the structures, and evict them from the area.

                      The HC’s directives came while hearing a suo Motu PIL (No 40/2013) on media reports pointing out that due to negligence of civic authorities, including NMC and NIT, the plots reserved for playgrounds have turned into garbage dumping yards. HC had appointed Prafulla Khubalkar as the amicus curiae.

                      On May 7, 2014, HC granted stay on any unauthorized construction on open grounds while sternly directing NMC and NIT not to regularize any construction till its further orders.

                      According to Khubalkar, prime areas like Dhantoli, Medical Square, Pratap Nagar, Shivaji Nagar, Itwari, Dharampeth, Gandhibagh, Mahal, Sadar, Bajeria, Sitabuldi, and Jaripatka badly lack playgrounds for children.

                      Subsequently, the citizens are forced to go all the way to Kasturchand Park, Reshimbag Ground, Patwardhan Ground and other places for sporting activities. But even these areas were occupied by exhibitions, religious and cultural programmes, and fairs for most part of the year until the HC stay last year.

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