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Nagpur Best place for Real Estate Investment

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Nagpur Best place for Real Estate Investment

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    At no cost to Maha, 2,841 TMC water storage capacity created

    Ramu Bhagwat | TNN | Aug 27, 2018, 03:16 IST

    Nagpur: A pilot project in Buldhana district synchronizing National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) work with water conservation activities has yielded excellent results. At no cost to the state, 2,841 TMC water storage capacity has been created as soil/gravel extracted from 38 ponds, tanks and 30 riverbeds, nullahs has been used for building embankments of national highways passing through the district.

    Earth/ murum is required in large quantities for laying of highways. The contractors/concessionaires engaged in highways work buy it from suppliers as per the provisions of the state government concerned or from nearby farmers where projects are being executed. Last year on August 31, Union road transport minister Nitin Gadkari had, vide letter RW/NH-34066/2017-S&R(B), issued instructions to all states in this context. Many parts of the country face drought and water crisis. Creating water bodies, recharging and revival of tanks, ponds, check dams were essential to solve the crisis. He had suggested that highway construction could be linked with such conservation activities.

    Maharashtra government was the first to implement the idea of marrying water conservation with highway-building. On November 29, 2017, the state issued a government resolution specifying guidelines for allowing use of soil /stones dug from ponds, rivers, nullahs. The GR is applicable only for national highways and the proposed Nagpur-Mumbai Samruddhi super-highway to be built by the state.

    Buldhana was chosen to implement the concept on pilot basis. Under the plan, NHAI officials, district collector, irrigation officials and contractors have to work in coordination. Once the spots are identified and material to be extracted is tested, agreement is signed. The contractors get the minor mineral free as the state waives royalty and any other cess. The contractor, in lieu, has to bear the cost of excavation, transportation and incidentals in creating or recharging a water body.

    As per masterplan drawn for Buldhana in April this year, 12 works were sanctioned involving NHAI, state PWD, and Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation. In all 133 tanks/ponds and 69 nullahs/ riverbeds were selected for excavation.

    “It’s not easy to convince big contractors, mainly corporates, that execute national highway projects. They are reluctant to spend time in government approvals and nitty-gritty. The role of NHAI officials and district administration comes into play here. Once they realize that all are playing important part in ecological conservation, it works wonders,” said Balasaheb Theng, superintending engineer of Nagpur National Highway Circle.

    Theng was involved in propagating the concept and is happy that results are encouraging. The state has saved over Rs40 crore that would be the cost of creating water bodies with storage capacity of 2,841 TMC or 284.10 crore litres of water that could fill up 2.84 lakh water tankers of 10,000 litre capacity each. “Contractors have borne expenses of reviving these water bodies thanks to their proactive approach. The state and especially farmers of the district would benefit as it would improve irrigation of farms,” said Theng.

    As per a report published by TOI on July 31, Friends International, a city-based biodiversity conservation NGO, had proposed this sustainable and environment-friendly model for highways development to Gadkari.

    Biodiversity consultant DR Chinchmalatpure said the current practice of building highways involves excavation of hard strata to be used as bed material. “As a general practice, this material is extracted from nearby hillocks and highland ranges, which play crucial role in maintaining ecological balance,” says Chinchmalatpure. He says, “These hillocks and highlands are key sources to control climate change impacts. Free flow of water in rivers is only because of highland ranges, and hence we should avoid extraction of material for highways from here.”

    Chinchmalatpure, who has also apprised roads and highways minister Nitin Gadkari on the issue, proposes extraction of roadside material at minimum distance of 8km from where soft strata may be used for filling pits for tree plantation and for median plantation, while hard strata beneath the upper soil can be used for road construction.

    “The hollow land created this way will conserve rainwater and turn into ponds, thereby helping water harvesting. This will also help save hillocks. Water in tanks and ponds created can also be used by farmers for irrigation,” says Chinchmalatpure. He, however, regrets that similar action is not being replicated across the country despite the success in Buldhana.

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      Dispute over parking slot leads to murder

      Soumitra Bose | TNN | Aug 27, 2018, 03:19 IST

      Nagpur: Arman Ansari, 25, was bludgeoned to death at Nayi Basti, Teka Naka, in the wee hours of Sunday by a senior citizen, his two politically connected sons and their accomplices who had also damaged Arman’s car during the attack. The incident in north Nagpur took place soon after Ansari and his rivals had stepped out of Jaripatka police station following intervention of a politician who wanted to get both parties to ‘compromise’.

      In another incident, former murder accused Amit Ramteke was also killed by two persons, identified as Shailesh Gulhane and Dharmik Kartik, at Parvati Nagar chowk in east Nagpur on Friday. Ramteke’s face and head was smashed with a heavy concrete piece. It is learnt Ramteke was harassing pan kiosk owner Gulhane for ‘protection money’ on a regular basis and had also been demanding cash for purchasing liquor.

      Ramteke was booked for murder in 2014. He was also charged for attempt to murder in the past when he had hurled a person into a well. Zonal DCP Nilesh Bharne’s team rounded up Gulhane and Kartik within a few hours of the murder.

      Ansari, the sole breadwinner of the family, too was booked in the past for assaulting his rivals’ sister following a dispute over parking. The persons named in FIR by Ansari’s mother Shakeela have been identified as Naseem Shaikh (60), his sons Wasim (34) and Zuber (32). Sources claimed Wasim is NCP’s north Nagpur’s minority cell chief while younger brother Zuber is associated with Shreeram Sena floated by Ranjeet Sapelkar. Police said CCTV footage has confirmed presence of Zuber and three others involved in the attack.

      The dispute between Ansari and Sheikh families, both residing at Mhada colony, had aggravated over the last few months. A space in front of Zuber’s married sister’s home had become the bone of contention between the two families. Ansari is learnt to have thrashed Zuber’s sister. An offence of assault was registered at Jaripatka police. Since the clash, there had been ongoing tussle between the family that once again snowballed on August 24 and also on Saturday.

      It is learnt the Sheikh family along with their accomplices, carrying sharp weapons, rushed to Ansari’s home to teach him a lesson. As Ansari was trying to call control room, Zuber is learnt to already dialled 100 to claim he was being targeted. Later, Ansari and Sheikh family landed up at Jaripatka police station to lodge counter complaint. A politician from Indora Barakholi intervened to assure the cops he would ensure a compromise between the two on Monday.

      After Ansari drove out of police station, Sheikhs too left the place. Ansari, along with two of his friends, is learnt to have reached Nayi Basti to have some snacks and tea. Victim and his friends were seated when they were attacked. An injured Ansari was taken to Mayo hospital and then to Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH). He was declared dead at GMCH following which an offence of murder was registered at Pachpaoli police station.

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        No space for trees on new cement roads

        Anjaya Anparthi | TNN | Aug 27, 2018, 03:43 IST

        Nagpur: The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) engineers have failed to ensure that space was left to plant trees between the footpath and newly-constructed cement roads — RPTS Road, South Ambazari Road, West High Court (WHC) Road, VIP Road, found a TOI survey. Such space is mandatory under the Rs324 crore cement road project phase II, but contractors have left space only where there are existing trees.

        Activist Shrikant Deshpande said NMC should immediately make space for planting trees. “Initially, engineers had not made provisions for plantation space. In 2017, I met the then chief engineer Ulhas Debadwar, who acknowledged the error and issued a circular making such space mandatory on all roads. However, many of the newly-constructed cement roads still don’t have space for planting trees,” he said.

        Deshpande said he had pointed out the error to NMC chief engineer Manoj Talewar and inspected, with NMC engineers, the stretch between Laxmi Bhuvan Square and Shankar Nagar Square, where a new cement road is being constructed. The engineers had also directed the contractor to leave the space for planting trees.

        However, a few shopkeepers reportedly protested the move. “Shopkeepers are saying that plants would block the view of their shops,” an engineer said.

        Talewar said that he would inspect the stretch with the engineers, the contractor and Deshpande on Monday and resolve the issue.

        Deshpande added that he and NMC would plant saplings which won’t block the view of shops on WHC Road. “There were many plants on the stretch between Aath Rasta Square and Law College Square. Now, only a few trees are remaining on this stretch. Saplings like Nilgiri, which grow only vertically, can be planted on this stretch to contain air and noise pollution,” he said.

        NMC has not even left space for greenery on road-dividers on the new cement roads. Talewar said there was no space for greenery on road dividers because watering in these spaces could damage the road. “We can plant trees in pots on new cement roads just like it was done on WHC Road,” he said.

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          State forest dept defies SIC order over FRA encroachments

          Vijay Pinjarkar | TNN | Aug 27, 2018, 04:47 IST

          Nagpur: In utter disregard of state information commission (SIC), a statutory agency, forest department has failed to supply information on area encroached under Forest Rights Act (FRA), 2006. The activist, who sought this information, feels that this is to hide the failure of the department to free forest land from encroachments.

          SIC after hearing the second appeal filed by RTI activist Avinash Prabhune had passed orders directing the department to supply relevant information to the applicant. The order was uploaded on its website in June.

          However, the office of the additional principal chief conservator of forests (conservation) instead of supplying information wrote to Prabhune after a month that the required details might be available with district collectors and not with the department.

          The original RTI application seeking information regarding FRA titles and other details dates back to July 17, 2017. Shockingly, even after a year the department, which is custodian of forest land, and tribal commissioner in Nashik, who is the nodal officer for FRA, failed to supply details on area under encroachments and that freed from it.

          Both the departments are passing the buck. The tribal commissioner says data on encroachments and area under it is available with the forest department while latter says that the details are available with district collectors as they are head of the district-level committees rejecting or accepting the FRA claims.

          However, Prabhune says even if committee on claims under FRA is headed by district collectors, a forest officer is also one of the members of this panel.

          “Collectors merely reject or accept titles pertaining to forest land and hence forest department should supply the details. It seems forest officials are deliberately not giving information as no action might have been taken against encroachers,” said Prabhune.

          FRA has two components — individual forest rights (IFRs) and community forest rights (CFRs). While there are negligible cases under CFRs, which pertains to extraction of forest produce by communities, FRA encroachments in individual category are very high.

          Under FRA the individual titles for forest land that have been rejected are considered encroachments and should be cleared by forest officials. Till last year, since the implementation of FRA in 2010, 2.80 lakh individual claims have been rejected in 26 districts of the state.

          “If the forest department and tribal commissioner have data on rejected titles, they should also have the same on area under it and subsequently on area freed from illegal possession,” says Prabhune.

          Till now, 1,08,593 individuals have been granted titles over 2,59,579 acres of forest land, but both, forest and tribal department, don’t have any information regarding area encroached under the FRA.

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            NMC levying tax on 56,561 properties that no longer exist

            Proshun Chakraborty | TNN | Aug 27, 2018, 03:47 IST

            Nagpur: Nine zones of Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) continue to levy tax on 56,561 index properties that no longer exist while the civic body’s tax portal has no data pertaining to 29,866 properties.

            “These discrepancies in the NMC’s property tax records came to light during the ongoing assessment of properties in the city by two agencies — Cybertech and Ananta Technology — that helped the civic body to identify over 1.69 lakh new properties,” confirmed a senior official from the property tax department.

            About the missing index properties, the officer pointed out many of these properties had been acquired for road widening under Integrated Road Development Project, however, the respected zones had failed to update their tax sheets.

            In several cases where new apartments had come up on open plots, the property index was not updated. The zones issued new index numbers to the flat owners and also continue to levy taxes on open plots, the officer said.

            The highest number of missing index properties have been identified in Hanuman Nagar zone where the assessment team shortlisted 15,743 such properties which no longer exist. It is followed by Ashi Nagar zone with 11,369 properties and Nehru Nagar zone with 10,693 properties, he said.

            Assistant municipal commissioners of Dharampeth, Hanuman Nagar, Dhantoli, Nehru Nagar, Gandhibagh, Satranjipura, Lakadganj and Ashi Nagar have been asked to update the tax sheets by deleting the missing index properties from their respective zones.

            In the ongoing assessment of properties, the civic body has failed to assess 20,812 properties in the city limits as their owners have refused the team to entertain. The assessment teams found other 7,691 properties locked.

            The two private agencies have completed assessments of 3,57,024 properties, however, the civic body is already levying tax on 5,31,453 properties, including both commercial and residential. Both the agencies are yet to complete assessments of 1.74 lakh more properties, sources said.

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              Though mostly empty, govt seeks to expand Mihan

              Anjaya Anparthi | TNN | Aug 28, 2018, 03:10 IST

              Nagpur: Launched 16 years ago, 92% of land in Multi-modal International Hub Airport at Nagpur (Mihan)-Special Economic Zone (SEZ) stands allotted. Nodal agency Maharashtra Airport Development Company (MADC) is getting demand for more land, especially in non-SEZ area so Mihan is likely to witness an expansion soon.

              Chief minister Devendra Fadnavis and Union minister Nitin Gadkari on Sunday directed the MADC officials and district collector to identify more land for Mihan expansion. Sources in these offices told TOI, expansion was possible only towards Sumthana situated behind Isasani. “There is sprawling land in mouza Sumthana. Also, Mihan-SEZ will get access from Outer Ring Road and proposed Nagpur-Mumbai Samdruddhi Corridor if it is expanded towards Sumthana. Major challenge will be acquisition of land and compensation. Industries will come only if land cost is low,” sources said.

              MADC figures show only 331 of around 4,000 hectares in Mihan-SEZ has remained unallotted. Around 1,500 hectares has been transferred for new airport. Around 400 hectares is kept for Indian Air Force (IAF).

              Under SEZ, 1,236 hectares land was available. MADC had allotted 905 hectares to 72 industries. In non-SEZ area, 515 of total 682 hectares has been allotted to 26 companies. Remaining, 167 hectares land is proposed for Nagpur International Convention and Exhibition (NICE) Centre, restaurants, hotels and rehabilitation of Khapri village. So, no space is available in non-SEZ area.

              MADC sources said ************** companies were demanding land in non-SEZ area. “Only export oriented units are permissible in SEZ area. Demand for non-SEZ land is more. Small companies from other sectors too are interested to come in non-SEZ area. Fadnavis and Gadkari do not want to lose any industry as it will generate employment,” sources said.

              Sources added over 30% of land in Mihan-SEZ was allotted due to initiatives by Fadnavis and Gadkari in last four years. “Major chunk of land in non-SEZ area went to All India Institute of Medial Sciences (AIIMS) and Indo-UK Institute of Health (IUIH) that got 150 and 153 acres respectively,” sources said.

              This should mean Mihan is humming with industrial activity. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Only 17 of 72 proposed units have become operational in SEZ area. Similarly, only eight of 26 units have started operations in non-SEZ area. MIHAN India Limited (MIL) is yet to begin work on new airport. Bidding process for that is going on.

              Congress corporator Praful Gudadhe said they would land acquisition for expansion. “Project is still a nonstarter. Relatives of officials and ministers have grabbed land and are doing nothing. Already, farmers of 15 villages have suffered loss. We will not allow destruction of more agriculture land. The government should cancel the lease of non-starters and give it to fresh applicants,” he said.

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                Poor condition of roads causing vehicle, health damage

                Proshun Chakraborty | TNN | Aug 28, 2018, 03:14 IST

                Nagpur: Who should pay vehicle wear and tear caused by bad roads? If the government collects taxes, it is bound to provide good infrastructure including roads. Why is that roads are ripped off, potholed or tattered after rains? Why the situation repeats itself every year? Who is to blame? Why isn’t any action taken against the contractor or officials for this? The government should either compensate the motorists and recover the amount from contractors and officials. These were issues raised by Nagpurians when asked about condition of roads.

                The pothole-ridden roads in city not only cause inconvenience to motorists but also add to their financial burden. They have to spend more on maintenance of vehicles that get damaged more.

                “There has been an increase in number of customers coming with damaged vehicles. Some vehicles get damaged while driving on bad roads, others get involved in accidents due to potholes,” K Ravi, manager of an automobile workshop, told TOI. Bad roads also increase consumption of fuel, the price of which has already reached sky-high, an anguished motorist told TOI.

                Ashwin Ghate, a state government employee, said number of bad roads had increased manifold. “Maintenance cost of vehicles has gone up," he said claiming that tyres of his four-wheelers got damaged due to frequent punctures while driving on bad patch of Amravati road from Law College square to Wadi checkpost. He added that wear and tear charges were hard on citizen’s pockets.

                Another motorist Prakash Sharma said: “Bad roads have increased our expenses as vehicles either develop technical snag or suffers dents while driving on potholed roads.” He too claimed that in the recent past, his four-wheeler received dents while driving on Hingna, Wardhaman Nagar and Pardi roads.

                Workshop manager at an automobile garage, Umesh Rane, stated the number of vehicles with dent coming for repairs had gone up.

                Bad roads also affect operations of city bus service being run by the NMC through three red bus operators. One of the operators, requesting anonymity, said the wear and tear of tyres had increased manifold. “Due to pothole ridden roads, bus drivers apply brakes more frequently and it increases fuel consumptions,” he said adding the uneven portion of roads for laying cables for smart city works at various junctions is also causing damage to chassis of buses.

                Vijay Tiwari, a resident of Pardi, said: “By driving on bad roads, motorists also develop backaches. The condition of roads is bad in most of the city and has worsened due to poor upkeep.” Ajay Bhalerao, a resident of Nandanwan, said roads in bad shapes are endangering life of many. He further said, "Problem of potholes proves fatal for two wheeler riders as they slip and fall down.” In areas like Hingna, Pardi, Kalamna road, people need to be very cautious while driving because of potholes.

                Traffic cops too admitted there were more violation of traffic rules when roads are in bad shape. They added people should always drive slowly and follow all rules.

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                • Re : Nagpur Best place for Real Estate Investment

                  Swachh Survekshan 2019 brings in new challenges for NMC

                  Proshun Chakraborty | TNN | Aug 29, 2018, 03:43 IST

                  Nagpur: The Nagpur Municipal Corporation is likely slip from the current ranking of 55 in Swachh Survekshan 2019. Reason, the ministry of housing and urban affairs has not only increased the total marks by 1,000 from existing 4,000 but also gave more thrust on ratings on service level progress on segregation of waste, door-to-door collection, plastic free city.

                  Presently, the NMC is doing 20-25% segregation of dry and wet waste being collected from city limits. “Against the 1,200 metric tonnes (MT) that is generated every day, the NMC manages to segregate only 240-290 MT up to July this year,” confirmed a senior official from solid waste management department.

                  “The Swachh Survekshan 2019 survey toolkit, which the NMC received recently, apart from providing 1,250 marks for solid waste management, it also gave additional 1,000 marks on star ratings on door-to-door collection, segregation of dry and wet waste, plastic free city among some new parameters where the civic body may face challenges,” the officer admitted.

                  For scoring 1,000 marks under this category or star ratings, NMC will also need to assess its work through a third party agency appointed by the central government.

                  “The toolkit contains the detailed survey methodology and component indicators with scores to help cities prepare themselves for taking the survey, ODF plus and ODF plus protocol focuses on sustaining ODF tag by ensuring toilet functionality, cleanliness and maintenance and fecal sludge management,” the officer revealed.

                  The cleanliness survey is expected to begin from January 4, 2019 and will continue till January 31, 2019.

                  As per the methodology, the NMC has been directed to submit ward wise staff deployment plan for segregated waste collection from commercial areas and residential areas from September 2018 onwards. The NMC will also have to submit the documents comprising progress report of November-December this year mandatorily.

                  Though started from June 2018, the NMC’s has focused its drive in a few residential localities and slums in Laxmi Nagar, Dharampeth and Mangalwari zones. It has not even been able to achieve 50% of waste segregation. However, the segregated waste, the private agency is collecting from door-to-door is being dumped at a common site in Bhandewadi dumping yard thus proving a futile exercise for residents, pointed out a civic activist. Hence the response in segregation of waste is very minimal, she added.

                  The officer, however, admitted that NMC was going slow on waste segregation and claimed the process to improve the target is on.

                  According to him, the NMC in association with a city based NGO Centre For Sustainable Development is organizing awareness camps on waste segregation in both residential and slum areas. “Besides this, the private firm engaged in collecting and transporting garbage to dumping yard has converted its vehicles by providing two separate chambers for dry and wet waste,” he said, adding the NMC has also already placed 1,200 separate bins in commercial areas.

                  The officer, however, said the civic body is also planning to rope in self-help groups and waste pickers in the city for better collection and segregation of waste.


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                    NMC plans to reclaim Ambazari garden from MTDC

                    Anjaya Anparthi | TNN | Aug 29, 2018, 03:44 IST

                    Nagpur: The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has planned to take back Ambazari garden and its adjacent 42.42 acre land from Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC). Reason cited is MTDC’s failure to take physical possession of the land as well as its development in seven months.

                    Following the civic body’s failure to develop the land, chief minister Devendra Fadnavis-led cabinet had allotted the land, including the garden, to MTDC on July 3, 2017. Accordingly, the NMC had handed over possession of the land on papers to MTDC on January 30 this year.

                    NMC’s garden department has tabled a proposal to take back the land before the general body. The GB is likely to approve it in the meeting to be held on September 5.

                    NMC sources told TOI that city MP and Union minister Nitin Gadkari had suggested the civic body to take back land from MTDC in a meeting organized on August 12.

                    After approval of general body, municipal commissioner Virendra Singh will send the proposal to the state government seeking lease of the land.

                    Interestingly, though MTDC has not initiated any works on the said land, it has appointed a consultant and preparing detailed project report.

                    In October 2015, the NMC had taken a decision to hand over 19 acres of the total 42.42 acres land to the MTDC for development. This land is situated on north side of the garden and lying abandoned for years.

                    Earlier, the NMC, on the suggestion of Gadkari, had planned to develop the entire land into a project on the lines of Shegaon’s Anandsagar but miserably failed to find a private operator.

                    The general body will also take decision on a proposal to reserve 15 metres land on both sides of Nag river for development. The river’s length in the city from Ambazari Lake to Punapur is 16.73km. All types of reservations and usages within 15 metre radius from the river will be changed once the proposal gets final approval from the state government. The general body will also decide the fate of Congress corporator Bunty Shelke, who was caught on wrong foot for disrupting general body meeting last year. Another proposal is to develop night shelter with 50 beds each for women and men at Namdeo Vikramji Lade Hindi School situated in Mohan Nagar. Yet another proposal is to change reservation from public, semi-public to residential for regularization of Ajni slum existing on 0.498 hectare land.

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                      AFD, EU to help in city’s mobility plan

                      Anjaya Anparthi | TNN | Aug 29, 2018, 03:48 IST

                      Nagpur: French Development Agency (AFD) and European Union (EU) have launched MobiliseYourCity (MYC) project in Nagpur to reduce urban greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The two organizations will prepare a plan and also give Rs8.20 crore grant for promoting sustainable urban mobility in the city. Smart City SPV Nagpur Smart and Sustainable City Development Corporation Limited (NSSCDCL) will implement the project for two years.

                      As part of MYC, a two-day workshop was inaugurated at NMC on Tuesday. AFD and EU teams will take suggestions from NMC office bearers, officials and various other stakeholders during the course of the workshop.

                      Lead transport specialist of AFD Arnaud Dauphin told reporters that three cities — Nagpur, Kochi and Ahmedabad — were selected for pilot project. “MYC has been launched first in Nagpur. Already, we are financing Metro Rail, preparing plan for Nag river and giving technical assistance to Smart City project here,” he said.

                      AFD deputy director to India Clemence Vidal De La Blache said plan would be ready by October and an AFD team will be in city to and assist NSSCDCL for its execution for two years.

                      NSSCDCL CEO Ramnath Sonawane said plan will comprise short-term as well as long-term measures for the city. Probable works under MYC will be e-bicycling, e-biking, redevelopment of footpaths, squares, digitalization of entire city’s mobility etc.

                      In the workshop, AFD’s consultant Mathieu Arndt discussed the concept of ‘Dream Nagpur of 2030’ and noted down suggestions from around 60 participants.

                      Municipal commissioner Virendra Singh stressed upon the need for awareness among the people about advantages of using public transportation. “Metro Rail is being built at full speed but there is not much awareness among citizens,” he said.

                      Mayor Nanda Jichkar, municipal commissioner Virendra Singh, representatives of NMC, NIT, VNIT, NEERI, MahaMetro, NGO etc were present. Senior project manager of EU Smita Singh, Jatin Arora, Rajnish Ahuja from AFD, Rajesh Dupare from NSSCDCL were also present.

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