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Nagpur Best place for Real Estate Investment

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Nagpur Best place for Real Estate Investment

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    Corporators go silent, NMC resumes demolition drive

    Anjaya Anparthi and Proshun Chakraborty | TNN | Sep 2, 2018, 03:18 IST

    Nagpur: Following the high court’s fresh orders and an inquiry into complaint of activists, corporators, especially from the ruling party — BJP, have stopped protesting against the drive to demolish illegal religious structures in the city. As a result, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) and the Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) resumed the demolition drive under their respective jurisdictions. The civic body on Saturday demolished nine illegal religious structures cropped up on the roads and footpaths.

    With this, the NMC and the NIT claimed to have demolished 256 and 193 illegal religious structures, respectively, as on Saturday, leading to the number of demolitions to 449.

    The NMC official said only one temple on the road was remaining for demolition and would be cleared on Monday or Tuesday. “There were 252 illegal shrines on roads and footpaths under our jurisdiction,” he said.

    The NIT official said eight illegal shrines on roads and footpaths were pending for demolition. “We resumed the drive from Monday and demolished around 12 illegal religious structures,” he said.

    The NMC Laxmi Nagar Zone, which had to return on July 30 due to strong protest by BJP corporators and local residents, managed to demolish Gurudeo Dutt Mandir at Trimurti Nagar. The demolition team was led by assistant commissioner Suwarna Dakhane and deputy engineer R V Mule.

    The local residents, learning about the drive, went to ruling party leader Sandip Joshi’s house for help but he reportedly suggested them to cooperate with the civic body and rebuild the temple after getting appropriate land.

    The devotees, then, performed aarti and removed the idol and other materials from the temple. The NMC team demolished the entire structure and cleared the debris.

    The residents were very upset over the demolition. “The temple was very famous among all people from the area. Even CM Devendra Fadnavis had assured expansion of the temple as well as construction of a community hall when performed puja here. Even, we deposited Rs50,000 in the high court hoping to save the temple but that went in vain. Nobody came to the rescue of the temple,” they said.

    Similarly, the NMC Dhantoli zone led by Smita Kale and estate officer R S Bute succeeded in the demolition of a temple at Timber Market. There also the team had to return without action on July 31.

    The NMC Laxmi Nagar zone demolished three more illegal shrines on South Ambazari road. Ladkadganj team led by assistant commissioner Subhashchandra Jaidev razed three while Dhantoli zone demolished one more shrine.

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      ‘Flat & plot owners must come forward to lodge complaints under RERA Act’

      Vaibhav Ganjapure | TNN | Sep 2, 2018, 03:25 IST

      Ever since Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) was implemented in Maharashtra on May 1 last year, it evoked a mixed response from citizens even though the builder lobby is unhappy with it. Termed as a revolutionary enactment, the legislation aims to protect buyers interests, particularly in the backdrop of high profile cases like of real estate giants Jaypee and Amrapalli groups, where Supreme Court had to come forward to rescue thousands of aggrieved flat owners who were allegedly duped by them. Analysts believe if RERA would have been implemented since it was conceptualized, harried investors would have been saved from such hassles.

      Nonetheless, Maharashtra is on the forefront in number of registration by the builders. For MahaRERA’s Nagpur division, the government has appointed Girish Joshi as deputy secretary and office head from June last year. He was roped in on the basis on his vast experience of working as a deputy collector in city. He was responsible for conceptualizing and implementing 7X12 extracts ATMs across tehsil office where one can get entire information about his land, at a click.

      In a tête-à-tête with TOI, he explains how the MahaRERA could help the flat/plot owners from getting defrauded, how their precious money is safe and how builders could be sent behind bars, if they failed to deliver what they promised. Excerpts from an interview...

      Q. What is RERA is all about?

      A. The revolutionary enactment made it mandatory for all commercial and residential real estate projects to register with the MahaRERA authority on website. However, it would only be applicable to those over 500 sq metres of land or at least having eight flats in the apartment. It was introduced with the sole aim of protecting buyers’ interests and bringing total transparency in project marking and its implementation. Everything would be available on the MahaRERA website, right from the project details to its progress to its completion date. If the builder failed to finish it off before the deadline, he could be penalized and even could be sent to jail for three years. Significantly, it has organized the entire real estate sector which was highly unorganized for all these years and was subsequently neglected.

      Q. How is it beneficial for flat/plot buyers?

      A. In many ways than one. Since all the builders have to upload entire information on our website, the buyers could get it at their finger tips. Even completion date is mentioned there. Any single deviation in specification could invite trouble for the builder. Right from clearing the title to sanctioning of the maps, everything is closely scrutinized by the MahaRERA authorities and occupancy certificate (OC) is made must for all buildings. The builders also need to upload audit report about their projects on the website and maintain a common account of money paid by the buyers. The amount could be withdrawn only through signatures of certified engineer, architect and a chartered accountant, whose registrations are to be made with MahaRERA. Moreover, there would be defect liability of five years on the builders, which means they would be held responsible if cracks developed in the new construction due to the use of inferior quality material or other defects. Importantly, it ended the syndicate of huge black money involved in dealings. Earlier, the builders used to demand 50% amount in black to avoid taxes, but now, they can’t do it. It’s precisely the reason, the real estate prices, which were highly inflated, have dropped drastically or I would term it as correction. For any future transaction, the buyers must refer to MahaRERA website and check details about credibility of all projects.

      Q. How can buyers lodge complaint against builders?

      A. Basically, there are three ways to register their complaints. The first is by filling up of Form A for complaining to the MahaRERA authority. Second, through filling up of Form B by the way of application to the adjudicating officer and third, through Form C by making an appeal to the appellate tribunal in Mumbai, where recently retired high court judge Indu Jain would be joining shortly. Unlike other courts, these semi-judicial bodies have to decide the cases within a deadline of three months from the date of registration. If this Act was in existence about two decades back, the problems like 572 and 114 unauthorized layouts in the city would have never take place. The MahaRERA certificate is just like an ISI mark of Hallmark, which guaranteed the product quality for the customers.

      Q. How many complaints have been received so far and has anyone been punished?

      A. In about a year, since it was implemented, about 3,717 complaints were received by the authority across Maharashtra and of them, 2,164 were disposed in quick time. Many builders were punished and prominent among them is Piramal Realty which was slapped with Rs50 lakh fine. Like arbitration, even conciliation facility was made available to the both builders and buyers who want to negotiate rather than fighting a legal battle. A judges body comprising a member from Grahak Manch and builders representative from organizations Credai try to settle the dispute between two parties. In a year, they manage to resolve 93 cases out of 349, who applied for this forum. We’ve also recovered Rs52 lakh from the builders, who failed to complete registrations on with MahaRERA website before the last date. Unfortunately, many flat/plot owners don’t come forward to lodge complaints, apprehending backlash from the builders and also under misconception of fighting a lengthy legal battle.


      Customers in city can refer MahaRERA website — or contact on — 2558300. The MahaRERA is located at First floor, Administrative Block No 1, near Udyog Bhavan, Civil Lines, Nagpur

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      • Re : Nagpur Best place for Real Estate Investment

        Chemical discharge in nullah flowing into Irai river

        Mazhar Ali | tnn | Sep 2, 2018, 14:19 IST

        MPCB is set to issue notices to Multi Organics Ltd and Rasbihari Jinning, which have been identified as the source of pollution

        CHANDRAPUR: Two industries in MIDC Chandrapur have been found to be discharging large-scale effluents into Datala nullah which meets the Irai river, a drinking water source for Chandrapur city and half-a-dozen surrounding villages. Spot inspection by MPCB team has revealed that the chemical effluents flushed into nullah have high PH of 9 and 10. Many fishes in its waters have been found dead.

        MPCB is set to issue notices to Multi Organics Ltd and Rasbihari Jinning, which have been identified as the source of pollution, on Monday, said board officials.

        The inspection was carried out following a complaint filed by Rajesh Bele, president of Sanjeewani Paryavaran Samajik Sanstha, on Friday. MPCB sub-regional officer Pratap Jagtap took samples of reddish-black colour chemical discharge flowing into upper and lower side of the nullah.

        The report — a copy is in possession of TOI — states that chemical is seeping from a waste dump at the nullah bank. On examination, the waste dump was found to be a mix of blackish ash and large-scale industrial waste. Officials suspect that the dump comprises of hazardous chemicals. Samples of dead fishes too have been collected for examination.

        Officials of Multi Organics have been told to immediately stop the flow of chemical discharge into the nullah and remove the waste dump. Rasbihari Jinning too has been directed to remove its blackish solid waste dumped on the nullah bank.

        Complainant Rajesh Bele blamed Multi Organics for major hazardous pollution and claimed to have sent a letter to chief minister demanding criminal action against the industry. Multi Organics has, however, maintained that the waste dump is quite old and affluent is now flowing into nullah along with rainwater.

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        • Re : Nagpur Best place for Real Estate Investment

          Delay in clearing ROB designs to hit Metro schedule

          Ashish Roy | TNN | Sep 3, 2018, 03:47 IST

          MAHA METRO, Nagpur has organised unique Joy Ride those riding the Metro are from viruses social background inc... Read More

          Nagpur: MahaMetro may be trying its best to complete Nagpur Metro project on time but it is not getting cooperation of other agencies. One example is that of Central Railway (CR), which is yet to clear designs of two railway overbridges (ROBs) of Nagpur Metro even after over six months. The two ROBs are in Gaddigodam and near Anand Talkies.

          According to a MahaMetro source, the two ROBs were cleared by CR’s divisional railway manager (DRM), Nagpur, on Friday. Now the designs will go to Mumbai for approval of CR’s chief bridge engineer and principal chief engineer. Then they will be submitted to Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety (CMRS) for approval. This will take another two to three weeks.

          CR spokesperson SG Rao said there was no delay in approving the design. “We went into details before clearing the two ROBs. The designs will be cleared in two to three days,” he added.

          MahaMetro officials do not buy this claim. “The design needed approval of seven to eight officials. Our officers had to virtually move the file from one desk to another, otherwise it would not have reached DRM’s table even now. It is not our job to facilitate internal movement of files within CR. However, we were forced to do it to prevent further delay,” said an official.

          Gaddigodam ROB is a part of reach II — the stretch from Sitabuldi to Automotive Square. The Anand Talkies ROB is located on Reach IV that connects Sitabuldi to Prajapati Nagar.

          The hold-up in approving the ROBs is bound to delay Nagpur Metro project. MahaMetro has set a deadline of December 2019 but it is difficult to meet it.

          Earlier, Research Design and Standards Organization (RDSO) and CMRS had taken their own time in clearing commercial operation for Nagpur Metro’s at grade stretch. MahaMetro held the trial run on September 30, 2017. However, it got permission for commercial operations only in April this year. Officials of RDSO and CMRS had cancelled several visits due to various reasons.

          This lax attitude of RDSO and CMRS has made it clear the entire Nagpur Metro will not begin commercial operation before mid-2020.

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            ‘Industries should switch over to solar energy for better’

            tnn | Sep 3, 2018, 04:38 IST

            Abhyankar Bhushan addresses the gathering at VIA Auditorium, Udyog Bhavan, Civil Lines, on Saturday

            Nagpur: Maharashtra, and Vidarbha region in particular, witnesses almost 300 sunny days per year with almost six hours of peak electricity generation. This untapped potential should therefore be encashed, said Abhyankar Bhushan, manager of Panasonic Solar Plant, on Saturday.

            He was speaking at a techo-commercial meet organized by Vidarbha Industries Association (VIA) and Panasonic to create awareness about the benefits of solar rooftop systems and help industries of the region know its how and about.

            Bhushan said that by 2020, Maharashtra will generate close to 20 giga watts of energy through solar rooftops. “These systems are going to be a one-stop solution to all load-shedding and electricity problems faced by the industrialists today. This is a one-time investment and you can procure its worth in merely five to six years from installation, which is a good return on investment. The added advantage are that you don’t need to allot special place for it,” he said.

            Since the solar radiation falls directly on these panels, it decreases heat inside a building. Aside from other obvious advantages, industries can also acquire green building certification on the basis of solar panel installation, Bhushan added.

            Apprising about the factors to be kept in mind while installing the system, he said, “Customers should not get blindsided with its cost as a higher price does not guarantee a better product. Instead, you should look for a panel that has been successfully running in the market for at least 15 years.”

            He said, “Solar module is the main component in a rooftop system. So customers should make sure that their product hosts the best quality module.”

            Bhushan also busted many myths and misconceptions about the system. “Solar panels work at a maximum of 19% efficiency and there is a misconception that with higher weather temperature, electricity generation is more. In reality, various components inside these systems might get destroyed in extreme temperatures, resulting into lesser electricity generation. Plus, the panels come with a yearly degrading factor which meant their quality is sure to degrade over a period of time.”

            Also present at the meet was director of MSEB and vice-president RB Goenka and secretary Suhas Buddhe. The programme was conducted by Girdhari Mantri.


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              Kamptee-Kanhan Rd not under us, says NHAI after 50% work

              Anjaya Anparthi | TNN | Sep 4, 2018, 03:12 IST

              Nagpur: The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) through a private agency — KCC Buildcon — is concretizing Kamptee-Kanhan Highway for the last 18 months at an estimated cost of Rs254 crore, and has already completed over 50% works. Now, NHAI has stated, before the Nagpur bench of Bombay high court, that the road does not come under its jurisdiction. The petitioners in the PIL have claimed that the contract between NHAI and KCC Buildcon is illegal, and liable to be set aside, if NHAI does not have authority over the road.

              Justice BP Dharmadhikari and MG Giratkar heard the PIL filed by Chandrabhan Singh, Anand Naidu, Rajesh Hood and Habib Mirza, residents of Kanhan, through advocate Shreerang Bhandarkar on Monday. The HC has fixed the case for final order on September 7.

              On Monday, Bhandarkar filed reply to NHAI affidavit filed before the HC a few days ago. The NHAI affidavit requested the HC to allow it to complete the project, or direct the state government, the authority for the road, to execute the project.

              “NHAI could have executed the project through the state government’s national highway PWD from the inception. NHAI is misleading this court at this stage. Hence, the petitioner herein urges the court to reject NHAI’s prayer clause, and further impose heavy cost on it,” Bhandarkar said.

              He also said NHAI was misleading the court by not providing correct width of the road. As per the petitioners, the right of way on the road was 50 meter in width. But NHAI was executing works without any firm alignment, with the width varying from the city to Outer Ring Road. They alleged NHAI was doing this to protect some encroachers.

              However, NHAI information says 26 meter width has been considered for the works. Also, NHAI is widening the railway under bridge (RuB) at Uppalwadi, and reconstructing some bridges under the project.

              “NHAI had constructed bypass to city and also Kamptee-Kanhan. Since then, the Kamptee-Kanhan Road is no longer a national highway, and came under the state’s jurisdiction. Also, state is constructing bridge over Kanhan river on the road. NHAI took up the project on the request of the state representatives, and funds provided by the centre. Land has to be acquired in case road width has to be keep as per right of way,” an NHAI official said.

              Bhandarkar said NHAI has also violated HC orders. “HC on July 18 imposed stay on works. However, NHAI’s contractor continued the works. We pointed this out to HC with photographs on August 7. Then, NHAI said directives were given to the contractor to stop the works,” he said.

              Also in July, Kamptee cantonment board had stopped works on a stretch it claimed was owned by it. The ministry of defence is yet to resolve this dispute.


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                HC nod to temple demolition in Shukrawari

                Vaibhav Ganjapure | TNN | Sep 4, 2018, 03:13 IST

                Nagpur: Continuing its crackdown on illegal religious structures, the Nagpur bench of Bombay high court on Monday refused any leniency to an objector who filed a civil application requesting grant of hearing for their temple at Shingada Market in New Shukrawari.

                It was filed by Shri Nagraj Maharaj and Maa Ambey Charitable Trust’s president Pramila Sawarkar through counsel JK Matale. She approached HC on August 23 with a request to allow them to deposit Rs60,000 through a cheque and also filed a pursis. While rejecting their both pleas, HC asked her to remain present in Monday’s hearing.

                Sawarkar, who was present in the court, requested that their temple was on the private land and therefore, it shouldn’t be demolished.

                A division bench comprising justices Bhushan Dharmadhikari and Murlidhar Giratkar then asked her to submit temple’s sanctioned map and building permit, which she couldn’t do. The judges then asked Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) counsel to confirm about status of the land. He revealed that it was indeed a government land. Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s (NMC) counsel Sudhir Puranik pointed out that the land was allotted for the garden and they had erected a compound wall around it.

                While rejecting trust’s application, the judges made it clear that no stay is granted to their demolition orders of illegal structures, as those directives came directly from the Supreme Court.

                The trust’s application was filed in a plea (WP No 6177/2006) by Dr Gajanan Zade and Manohar Khorgade, through counsel Firdos Mirza, praying for removal of encroachments, including religious structures, pandals, stages, statues and others from roads, pavements and public utility places.

                NMC officials told TOI that though they assured to raze all illegal structures on roads and footpaths by August 31, one couldn’t be demolish due to inadequate police protection. The claimed that even NIT failed to raze many such structures for similar reasons.

                In last hearing, senior counsel Chandrashekhar Kaptan explained that list of objectors depositing amount was received and after its scrutiny, the structures which failed to comply with HC’s orders would be identified and action for their removal would commence immediately. He pointed out that the NMC squad visited some such structures, but due to filing of objections and subsequent developments, the action couldn’t be completed.

                “NMC prepared list (of illegal structures) way back in 2014. Though HC allowed it to look into belated objections, it’s clear that the persons who raised them aren’t ready and willing to take advantage of that opportunity. The directives issued earlier, therefore, need to be executed. We direct NMC and NIT to place on record the names and addresses of persons who filed objections, but preferred not to deposit money or opposing the execution of HC’s orders, which are in force since last several years,” the judges tersely noted.

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                  With deadline 7 months away, Pardi flyover only 20% complete

                  Ashish Roy | tnn | Sep 4, 2018, 05:52 IST

                  Nagpur: Pardi flyover, which is being built by National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), has no chance of meeting its deadline of March 2019.

                  Officials say that it might be completed by March 2020 if there are no further hitches. Work on the project started in May 2016 and is only 20% complete as of now. There is a fair chance of the cost escalating beyond the initial estimate of Rs 665 crore.

                  The main reason for the delay is failure of Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) to acquire land. NHAI needs about 4 hectares for a parking plaza and some more land on the roadside for the flyover itself.

                  NHAI project officer NL Yeotkar said that problems of land acquisition had been sorted out and the work will pick up speed after monsoon. “Municipal commissioner Virendra Singh held a meeting on Monday on this issue. He assured to hand over the land as soon as possible. Acquiring land in urban areas is quite difficult and we don’t blame NMC,” he added.

                  For the plaza, NMC was supposed to acquire forest department’s 1.614 hectare zudpi jungle land, 0.42 nazul hectare land and two private lands admeasuring 1.96 hectares. The process to acquire forest department land is almost complete. Here, the delay was on account of the forest department seeking land for afforestation. NHAI has given consent to provide 3.5 hectares in mouza Kautha for afforestation.

                  The process to acquire nazul land is almost complete and for other two private lands, the civic body is providing transfer of development rights (TDR) to the owners.

                  “We will apply for deletion in forest reservation after the joint measurement is completed,” said Yeotkar.

                  The acquisition of roadside land is, however, more problematic as private owners are reluctant to part with their possession. According to the official, there was an issue with MahaMetro but it has been finally sorted out.

                  TOI repeatedly tried to contact NMC estate officer RS Bhute, but his mobile phone was switched off.

                  Meanwhile, work on the Outer Ring Road (ORR) stretch from Jamtha (on Wardha Road) to Gondkhairi (on Amravati Road) to Pawangaon (on Bhandara Road) is 42% complete. The deadline for completion is July 2019. “The project will gather pace after monsoon,” said Yeotkar.

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                    With better monitoring, vulture no. rises in Gadchiroli

                    Vijay Pinjarkar | tnn | Sep 4, 2018, 05:54 IST

                    Nagpur: Over a decade ago, 99% population of most of the nine vulture species found in India had declined. But in tribal Gadchiroli district, their numbers have been steadily rising and as per monitoring surveys during the last six months, their population is estimated to be between 450-500.

                    To a question whether this figure is exaggerated, Gadchiroli chief conservator of forest (CCF) WI Yatbon says, “There is certainly rise in their numbers. There may be slight duplicity as the birds have a range of 100km.”

                    As reported by TOI, in 2015 vulture population in the tribal district was between 150-200. Gadchiroli and Pench Tiger Reserve in Nagpur are the only two areas in the state where there is sizeable population of vultures.

                    A joint survey conducted of roosting trees and nesting sites by the forest department and Conservation Research & Nature Education Society (CRANES) between February-July 2018 revealed that there are nearly 200 vultures in Chamorshi, Dhanora, Kurkheda, Navegaon, Kunghada in Gadchiroli forest division alone.

                    Sironcha deputy conservator of forests (DyCF) Tushar Chavan said, “Regular surveys and monitoring conducted by forest staff and ‘Gidhad Mitra’ (vulture friends) in our division showed presence of over 300 vultures. The birds were also recorded during direct sightings.”

                    CRANES project researchers Milind Umre and Amit Sethiya said, “For the first time, our survey has revealed presence of two more vulture species — griffon and slender-billed — in Gadchiroli division. Till now, there was record of only two species — long-billed and white-rumped vultures. These newly recorded species may be residents but were never recorded. The survey report will be submitted to CCF soon.”

                    Umre said in January this year, volunteers sighted a flock of 150 vultures, followed by 94 birds in March and 40 in April. “Even at conservative estimates, there may be 200 individuals in Gadchiroli division alone,” he added.

                    CCF Yatbon attributed the rise in population of vultures to better monitoring efforts in Sironcha and Gadchiroli divisions. “We have opened 27 vulture restaurants in the district through which we feed cattle carcasses after procuring them from locals for Rs500 per animal,” he said.

                    Sethiya admits that even if banned diclofenac, an anti-inflammatory drug effective for treating pain and inflammation in cattle, is said to be the prime reason for decline in vulture population, farmers in Gadchiroli don’t use this drug.

                    “The concern in Gadchiroli is about non-availability of food. However, attempts to feed the birds through restaurants are yielding results and hence, there is increase in their numbers. Yet, this is not enough and we need to set up ‘gaushalas’ (cow shelters) to increase their numbers,” said Sethiya.

                    The researcher said many old and unproductive cattle are still being smuggled to slaughterhouses. If this livestock is procured from farmers at a price and kept in shelters, vultures can get more food in case of death of these cattle. “We will work to develop such a network here,” Sethiya added.

                    DyCF Chavan said in Sironcha division, there are four species of vultures — Egyptian, white-rumped, slender-billed, and long-billed. “In 2016, there was a record of 170 vultures in the division but now it is more than 300. Now, we will take up work on their enumeration,” said Chavan.

                    On the contrary, raptor expert Dr Ajay Poharkar, who was the first to launch vulture research in Gadchiroli in 2002, said, “Sighting of more vultures is not an indication of rising population. You need to count their nests and cannot rule out birds coming from neighbouring Telangana and Chhattisgarh.”

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                    • Re : Nagpur Best place for Real Estate Investment

                      CM releases Rs 75cr for works in own constituency

                      Anjaya Anparthi | tnn | Sep 5, 2018, 03:00 IST

                      Nagpur: Chief minister Devendra Fadnavis has released Rs 75 crore special funds to Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) for executing various works suggested by corporators in his assembly constituency Nagpur South-West. Considering the near bankrupt civic body, Fadnavis has started sanctioning works suggested by corporators of his constituency out of CM’s fund. Works worth Rs 375 crore more are pending for approval with the CM.

                      With the latest funds, total special funds sanctioned by Fadnavis for works in his constituency have increased to Rs 343 crore.

                      Last year, Fadnavis had told corporators in his constituency to submit a list of works to be done. They had submitted works worth Rs 450 crore of which Rs 75 crore has been released now.

                      NMC had assigned its district planning committee department to plan and execute the works sanctioned by the CM for completion in prescribed time period.

                      Of Rs 75 crore, 13 works costing Rs 8 crore will be approved in the standing committee meeting on Thursday. These include asphalting, concretization of roads, compound/retaining wall at playgrounds, gardens, temples, and nullahs at Gajanan Nagar, Bhagwan Nagar, Jaiprakash Nagar, Thakre layout, Dhantoli, Congress Nagar, Cosmoplitan Society, Laxmi Nagar, Verma layout, Daga layout, Shastri layout, Surendra Nagar, LIC colony, Jaywant Nagar, Fulmati Thakur layout and Pawanbhoomi area.

                      In May, Fadnavis had sanctioned Rs 60 crore for concretization and development of London Street road connecting Wardha road with Jaitala T-point. NMC has started tender process for executing the project. The road is in a very bad condition despite being used by thousands of people every day.

                      Fadnavis also approved special funds for projects for entire city. Prominent among these are Rs 520 crore Smart and Safe City project comprising CCTVs, WiFi, display boards etc, Rs 200 crore for cement road project Phase-II and III, Rs 60 crore for completion of Suresh Bhat auditorium etc.

                      Other Proposals Before the Standing Committee

                      * Work order to M/s Abrar Ahmed for construction of bridge at the cost of Rs 3.39 crore on newly widened road from North Ambazari road to Maharajbagh Zoo. The road was widened last year but not the bridge

                      * Laying of storm water drain costing Rs 62.24 lakh between Rajapeth to Pipla phata in Hudkeshwar

                      * Green Gyms at Telangipura, Mattipura, Siraspeth, Gadikhana, Nandaji Nagar, Shivaji Nagar and Khirulalwadi at the cost of Rs 49.99 lakh

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