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Nagpur Best place for Real Estate Investment

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Nagpur Best place for Real Estate Investment

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    ‘Self-sanction a non-starter as architects fear violations’

    TNN | Oct 8, 2018, 04:56 IST

    Nagpur: The self-sanction building plan scheme for plots under 200 sqm has found no takers as the architects “aren’t ready to take responsibility and risk their reputation and licence” in case violations are committed by the applicants at any stage.

    The scheme was rolled out in August 2017 for all registered architects and licence surveyors under Centre’s ‘Ease of doing business’ to speed up the sanctioning process and thereby boost development.

    The scheme would have also made easier job of architects who are finding uploading plans in the new Building Plan Management System (BPMS) quite tedious. The system has been implemented at Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC), Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) and Nagpur Metropolitan Region Development Authority (NMRDA).

    According to authorities, professionals are not ready to take responsibility. “Architects don’t want to take responsibility of sanctioning the building plan as in case any violations are found, their licences can be revoked,” said superintendent engineer of NIT Sunil Gujjelwar.

    Interestingly, almost 50% of building plans coming to NIT for sanction in a month are for plots under 200 sqm. Under the self-sanction scheme, architects could have cleared each such plan in a day but NIT is taking over 60 days for the same.

    NMRDA joint director of town planning RD Lande said there are no takers for this policy and the building plans under 200 sqm are still being sanctioned by the authority.

    Another NMRDA official on condition of anonymity told TOI that this scheme was best suited for owners of plots under NMRDA as it has a widespread area and people could have saved a lot of time spent visiting its offices. “They should definitely avail it,” the official said.

    “However good the scheme is, nobody wants to avail it. Situation is not likely to change in future because it is not a compulsion,” said executive engineer, building plan sanction authority of North division of NIT Shriram Kashyap.

    NMC officials had a similar view. They said there is no possibility of it getting availed, because complete responsibility of the project — from sanctioning to providing occupancy certificate — is on shoulders of the architects.

    Architect Paramjeet Singh Ahuja, chairman of Indian Institute of Architects, Nagpur chapter, however, said, “We are not shirking from our responsibilities, but there are other aspects too. If clients do encroachments, authorities will sack architects for it. There can be miscommunication and misinterpretation of guidelines, which would later turn out problematic. Hence, architects are refraining from taking advantage of the scheme.”

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      NMC fails to pay dues, contractors stop work

      Proshun Chakraborty | TNN | Oct 10, 2018, 03:42 IST

      Nagpur: BJP corporator Manisha Dhawad from Prabhag number 23 (B) is running pillar to post over repair of a damaged sewage network in Deshpande Layout in east Nagpur. “Though the civic administration and standing committee chairman Virendra Kukreja have given nod to carry out the repairs, no contractor is ready to do the work,” said Dhawad. As a result, local residents are living under constant health threat, rued the first-time BJP corporator.

      The civil contractors across the city have stopped work due to non-release of outstanding dues.

      On Tuesday, Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) Welfare Association staged demonstration outside mayor Nanda Jichkar’s chamber over civic body’s failure to clear their dues. Association’s president Vijay Nayudu claimed that NMC owes contractors over Rs300 crore. Officiating municipal commissioner Ravindra Thakre has assured that NMC will clear their bills soon. According to Nayudu, if the NMC fails to clear dues, the contractors will intensify their stir by launching ‘begging agitation’ across the city.

      Kukreja admitted that the NMC has not been paying bills to contractors. He said that he has already directed the civic administration to clear dues for the months of March and April. According to him, NMC recently received Rs19 crore from state government as stamp duty. “But the outstanding of contractors for March 2018 and April 2018 is over Rs58 crore,” he said.

      Kukreja said chief minister Devendra Fadnavis has assured to provide Rs325 crore as special grant to the NMC this month. Besides this, the CM has also agreed to revise the goods and services tax grant from existing Rs52.57 crore per month to over Rs80 crore.

      He also claimed that mayor Nanda Jichkar and ruling party leader Sandip Joshi recently met union minister Nitin Gadkari to apprise him about NMC’s poor financial condition. “The union minister too had a talk with the CM,” he said.

      Meanwhile, the standing committee meeting on Tuesday gave direction to the property tax department to focus on recovery of arrears from property tax defaulters. “If needed, launch seizure or auction properties of defaulters,” he directed the tax department. According to Kukreja, the arrears from property tax has crossed over Rs320 crore. Till September 30, the NMC has collected Rs84 crore as property tax.

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        UMTA ideal to regulate road works, public transport: CMP

        Anjaya Anparthi | tnn | Oct 10, 2018, 18:08 IST

        Nagpur: The Comprehensive Mobility Plan (CPM) prepared by MahaMetro has suggested constitution of a Unified Metropolitan Transportation Authority (UMTA) to regulate projects related to road infrastructure and public transport in the city. The study conducted to prepare the CMP revealed 11 different government bodies plan or execute these works, and have no coordination between each other, resulting in improper public transport.

        MahaMetro recently updated the CMP prepared by Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) in 2013. The CMP has suggested a 12-member UMTA with divisional commissioner or collector as chairman, and mayor and civic chief from Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC), CP, NIT chairman, representatives of development authority, state town planning department, railways, state PWD, MPCB, RTO, and two urban transport experts as its members.

        As per the CMP, all departments related to urban transport in the city do not function in coherence. “11 government departments are involved in urban affairs and urban transport in the city. There is no clear segregation between planning and implementing bodies. Lack of coordination also prevails among them. Road projects are implemented in isolation from other projects, which should otherwise be an integral part of road development like footpaths, cycle tracks, pedestrian facilities etc. There is no control over mushrooming intermediate public transport (IPT) modes, which lead to congestion and contest with city buses. There are also operation issues in public transport due to poor route and service planning. There is no dedicated organization for long term urban transport planning,” the CMP said.

        The plan says UMTA should have legal backing, so that it’s functioning falls under an act and commands greater authority. CMP suggested UMTA should have powers to regulate fares related to roads, public transport, parking etc, and approve all road infrastructure and public transport projects by various government bodies. It is also suggested that UMTA should prepare, monitor and audit CMP, transport master plans, transport investment programmes etc.

        A NMC official told TOI the state government will take a final decision in this regard. “Now, general body will approve the CMP. MahaMetro will submit it to the state,” he said.

        The CMP also revealed that average speed of private vehicles on major roads is 23 kmph and that for public transport is 18 kmph. This is third in four levels of service (LOS), which are measured as per norms of ministry of housing and urban affairs.

        The report puts LOS for remaining 10 facilities related to road infrastructure and public transport in the city too at three or four.

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          New cement roads dug up for nullah, sewage line works

          Anjaya Anparthi | tnn | Oct 10, 2018, 18:09 IST

          Nagpur: The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has dug up newly constructed cement concrete roads at two locations — near ITI on South Ambazari Road, and at Sonegaon basti — in the last few days. South Ambazari Road has been dug up for construction of a nullah below, while the road at Sonegaon basti was dug to lay a sewage line, raising a big question on the planning before cement roads were built.

          Controversial Abhi Engineering has concretized South Ambazari Road between Rahate Colony Square and Deekshabhoomi over a year ago under the Rs11.69 crore package-I of Cement Concrete Road Project phase-II. The road has been dug up from one side to the other a few days ago near the ITI, closing it for traffic.

          A NMC engineer told TOI water was not flowing in the nullah below the road, so it needed to be dug up. “There is a nullah connecting teak plantation open space towards Neeri and ITI on the other side. Pipelines used to exist below the road for the nullah. The contractor was supposed to construct concretized nullah on both sides of the road. Concretized nullah was constructed on one side. On the other side, old pipeline was replaced with new one, instead of making a concretized nullah. It was done to start road for traffic during Navratri festival last year. Level of pipeline on other side does not match the concretized nullah on the other side. This was a mistake of the contractor. Therefore, directives were given to the contractor to remove the pipeline and construct concretized nullah,” he said.

          The engineer added the work was very important as temporary toilets and bathrooms are required to be constructed in open spaces on both sides of the road for annual fair at Deekshabhoomi on Dussehra.

          Apart from inconvenience to citizens, NMC will also incur financial loss. The engineer said cost of pipeline and additional works will not be given to the contractor. “There were inter-locking tiles over the nullah, so it was not a major loss,” he said.

          At Sonegaon basti, an internal lane was concretized over two years ago. Now, the entire road is being dug up over the last two days to lay a new sewage line.

          An engineer from NMC Laxmi Nagar Zone said there was no space to lay the sewage network so the road was dug up. “It was not a proper cement concrete road but a cement flooring typically done in internal lanes,” he said.

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          • Re : Nagpur Best place for Real Estate Investment

            NMRDA issues notices to 1,800 illegal buildings

            Ashish Roy
            In absence of a planning authority in Nagpur metro region, people had constructed houses in violation of building by-laws. Now, they are paying the price. Nagpur Metropolitan Region Development Authority (NMRDA) has issued notices to 1,801 owners of illegal buildings.

            | TNN | Updated: Oct 11, 2018, 15:05 IST

            Representative Image

            NAGPUR: In absence of a planning authority in Nagpur metro region, people had constructed houses in violation of building by-laws. Now, they are paying the price. Nagpur Metropolitan Region Development Authority (NMRDA) has issued notices to 1,801 owners of illegal buildings.

            Many of them have approached the agency for compounding but others do not seem to take the notices seriously. NMRDA has already razed nine houses partially or fully till now and the operation will go on. The demolition operation has started from October 1. Action is being taken under Section 53 of Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning (MRTP) Act, 1966.

            The list of illegal buildings include industrial structures, educational institutions, multi-storied commercial complexes, restaurants and residential buildings.

            Sudhakar Kulmethe, additional collector of NMRDA, said that all the applications submitted for compounding would not be entertained. “If the violations can be compounded as per building by-laws then we will do so by levying a fine. However, if the building is totally illegal, it will be razed. If a portion of the house can be compounded while the remaining part can’t then we will raze the latter part,” he added.

            While notices were issued to 1,800 house owners, some 6,000 house owners approached the NMRDA on their own for regularization after going through the public appeals pasted in gram panchayat offices and tehsil offices. “They include many plot and layout owners. All the applications are being processed,” said Kulmethe.

            The additional collector appealed to the house owners to approach NMRDA for regularization and demolish the illegal part on their own. “This will save a lot of unpleasantness,” he said.

            According to him so far there has been no law and order problem during the demolition drives. “We took the cops along. The officials of Nagpur Improvement Trust’s (NIT’s) four zone offices carried out the demolition. NMRDA does not have its independent machinery as of now,” said the official.

            The illegal structures raise a question mark over efficacy of district administration, which was in charge of enforcing building by-laws in rural areas. The assistant director of town planning (ADTP) of Nagpur Rural rarely ventured out of his office to check the mushrooming illegal constructions going on around the city.


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              NMC contractors ‘beg’ for their dues

              TNN | Oct 12, 2018, 03:39 IST

              Nagpur: Angry members of Nagpur Municipal Corporation Contractors’ Welfare Association (NMC-CWA) on Thursday organized a ‘bheek maango andolan’. Several contractors begged on the premises of Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s headquarters in Civil Lines and street in front of the civic body as part of the protest against non-payment of dues.

              Despite repeated reminders, the NMC has failed to clear the dues since March 2018 and it has already crossed Rs300 crore, said association president Vijay Nayudu. Following this, the NMC-CWA launched the agitation from October 9.

              The agitating contractors raised around Rs1,460 for the civic body, Nayudu said.

              Nayudu said the ‘bheek mango andolan’ will continue on Friday too and later they plan to handover the cash collected to mayor Nanda Jichkar.

              To showcase their plight, the agitating contractors held banners criticizing BJP ruled NMC. The contractors also stopped vehicular movement and begged from motorists. However, few motorists gave money, while many expressed their anguish against the ruling party for pathetic condition of city roads and other deteriorating civic issues.

              The NMC has undertaken various measures to attain Smart City status, but civic contractors, who play a major role in carrying out various development works, have been denied of their payments, they said.

              According to them, the NMC has been turning a blind eye towards the contractors’ bills. As a result, all civic contractors are finding it difficult to pay even school fees of their kids and colleges apart from not celebrating Dussera, Diwali and Eid festivals.

              Despite BJP government in the State and Centre, the NMC has failed to get its goods and services tax grants revised. The NMC’s financial condition is deteriorating. If BJP is not capable to run the civic body smoothly, then the government should dissolve it and instead appoint an administrator, demanded the contractors.

              “If their dues are not paid before Dussera, we will launch anti-BJP campaign in the city,” they threatened.


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                2,385kg banned plastic goods seized

                TNN | Oct 12, 2018, 03:41 IST

                Nagpur: In one of the biggest actions since banning of plastic products, the officials of the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB), Nagpur Municipal Corporation Nuisance Detection Squad and Nagpur city police conducted a joint raid on a transport godown in Bagadganj area on Thursday and seized 2,385kg of banned goods valued at over Rs10 lakh.

                The seized products included plastic bags of 20 units weighing 25kg each worth Rs21,955, disposables weighing 75kg (Rs21,650) and other items from the godown belongs to one Manoj Shivkani, who runs a transport company — Balaji Golden Transport Company.

                MPCB’s sub-regional officer (SRO) Hema Deshpande, who led the raid, said the transporter brought the banned material from Gujarat following orders placed by city traders. “Though the NMC has fined the transporter Rs5,000, it is trying to ascertain who all had placed the orders,” she said.

                TOI has been highlighting that despite bans, city markets are flooded with plastic carry bags. Not only roadside vegetable, fruit and flower vendors, even grocery shops openly provide carry bags to their customers.

                Since June 23 this year, the NMC’s NDS has collected Rs15.82 lakh as fine from 329 traders and seized over 4146.76kg of banned plastic products.


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                  Special regularization scheme in Nagpur may be extended by six months

                  Only 343 applications were received in the last six months despite the number of violators expected at over 4,000Anjaya Anparthi | TNN | October 14, 2018, 14:31 IST

                  NAGPUR: After receiving poor response from the violators, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has proposed to extend special scheme for regularization of unauthorized constructions and plots by six more months.

                  Only 343 applications were received in the last six months despite the number of violators expected at over 4,000.

                  The general body is likely to approve extension of the scheme up to April 4, 2019. Also, the NMC house will revise scrutiny charges. Earlier, the charges were Rs1 per sqft for structure/plot below 2,500 sqft and Rs2 per sqft above it. Now, the proposal is to charge Rs5 per sqm or maximum up to Rs5,000 for structures and flat Rs5,000 for open plots/layouts.

                  With a motive to end unauthorized constructions and plots, the state government on October 7, 2017, launched a special scheme for unauthorized constructions/plots that had cropped up on or before December 31, 2015. It was a one-time scheme and was supposed to be completed in six months.

                  However, the NMC delayed the scheme’s implementation. It was launched on April 5 and applications were supposed to be submitted on or before October 4.

                  In its proposal, the NMC’s town planning department said, “A large number of applications were expected under the scheme. Accordingly, huge revenue was expected. It is necessary to extend the scheme by six months to get a handful revenue.”

                  The government had facilitated various types of relaxations under the scheme. Still, the violators neglected it.

                  The Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) also got poor response in the first six months as only 108 applications were received. Then, the civic agency extended the scheme up to October 30. Still, the number of applications are below 300, as per NIT sources.

                  Similarly, the Nagpur Metropoiltan Region Development Authority (NMRDA) also got poor response from the Metro Region. Around 7,000 applications were received, whereas the expectation was in lakhs.

                  The general body will also a take decision on the proposal to revise norms related to NMC plots’ lease holders. The proposal is to adopt a policy introduced by the state for its nazul lease holders. If approved, NMC plots’ lease holders will have to pay less and can get mutations done easily.

                  However, the city’s comprehensive mobility plan prepared by MahaMetro to get clearance for Metro Rail phase-II project is not on the meeting’s agenda. In the last meeting, ruling party leader Sandip Joshi had directed to table it in the meeting.

                  Other proposals

                  Take back 42.42-acre Ambazari garden and adjoining land from MTDC

                  Demolition of dilapidated stadium in Durganagar school premises in Old Subedar extension layout

                  NMC’s contribution of 50% in development of new roads in Suryoday Nagar, Narsala at a cost of Rs37.46 lakh

                  NMC’s contribution of 50% in laying underground stormwater drain on Rajapeth to Pipla road in Hudkeshwar at a cost of Rs62.24 lakh

                  Promotion of sanitary workers to class-III and class-IV


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                    Iskcon alleges another society’s layout on its land; HC gives stay

                    Anjaya Anparthi | TNN | Oct 16, 2018, 02:48 IST

                    Nagpur: International Society For Krishna Consciousness’s (Iskcon) local chapter has filed a writ petition in Nagpur bench of Bombay high court alleging that Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) sanctioned a layout of a Kalamna-based society — Lokniwara Cooperative Housing Society — on part of its land at mouza Bharatwada in East Nagpur. The HC has ordered a stay in Iskcon’s favour.

                    Judges BP Dharmadhikari and MG Giratkar, in their order dated October 5, directed the society not to register or execute any sale deed and to maintain status quo till further orders. “Prima facie, there is difference between maps annexed to sale deeds executed by the society, and map allegedly sanctioned by the planning authorities,” the judges observed.

                    Krishna Karunadas (Keshav Dodkuji Padole), chairman of New Temple Project Committee, Iskcon, local chapter, has filed the petition through advocate Anilkumar Shankarlal. The petition says Iskcon’s 5.14 hectare (12.69 acre) land was in khasra no 51 in mouza Bharatwada. Wasudeo Doma Wath and others were owners of 2.90 hectare (7.16 acre) and remaining 2.24 hectare (5.53 acre) was in name of Lokniwara Co-operative Housing Society.

                    Iskcon got one hectare (2.27 acre) through a gift deed dated December 18, 2007, from Maroti Wath and others. Accordingly, Iskcon got it registered in land revenue (7/12) and city survey office. Iskcon also got its land demarcated from the city survey office on March 29, 2016.

                    Iskcon then applied for approval of layout and building plan sanction with NIT for construction of residential complex and community kitchen on July 8, 2016.

                    The project was supposed to be executed by NGO Annamrita Foundation (formerly known as Iskcon Food Relief Foundation), which is an associate of Iskcon. The NIT, for reasons best known to it, delayed the sanction. Various queries were raised by NIT, and complied by Iskcon on October 14, 2016, September 14, 2017 and December 30, 2017.

                    Finally, NIT rejected Iskcon’s application on January 19, 2018, saying that a part of the land on which layout and construction was proposed was under reservation, and entire area of mouza Bharatwada was part of Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s (NMC) proposed Smart City Project.

                    The petition stated, “On August 19, Iskcon noticed some persons busy in construction activities on part of its land. The persons said they were plot owners, and had purchased plots from Lokniwara Co-operative Housing Society. Iskcon filed complaints with NIT and police department. NIT asked the plot owners to stop construction activities for sometime. But the plot owners never stopped construction. Police department did not help stop the persons undertaking the construction,” the petition said.

                    The petition added Iskcon found NIT had approved a layout for Lokniwara Co-operative Housing Society on January 29, 2008, on 4 acre. “One of the 4 acre belongs to Iskcon. The society claims to have purchased 4 acre on June 29, 1987, and executed sale deed on June 13, 1990. This is totally wrong. NIT neglected various norms while giving approval to the layout,” the petition said.


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                      Builder Manmode gets bail, asked to deposit Rs6 cr, passport with HC

                      TNN | Oct 15, 2018, 17:05 IST

                      Nagpur: Nirmal Ujjwal Sahakari Pat Sanstha chairman and well-known builder Pramod Manmode, along with nine others, was granted anticipatory bail by the Nagpur bench of Bombay High Court on Friday in connection with a complaint filed by a resident of one of his projects.

                      All of them were booked under Sections 420, 409 and 384 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) following a complaint filed against them by Praful Karpe at Nandanvan police station.

                      The complainant alleged that Manmode and other directors had defrauded him under the pretext of providing facilities at Nirmal Nagari constructed under the aegis of Nirmal Ujjwal Cooperative Society, where over 700 dwellings were built.

                      Karpe claimed that the accused made tall assurances in the brochures, but failed to provide even basic amenities.

                      Manmode’s legal counsel Shreerang Bhandarkar said they had presented all financial details regarding the case. He said, “The money in question is the fund collected to maintain the society. We have shown all the expenses done regards the same. There is about Rs6 crore in the maintenance fund.”

                      The court has asked Manmode to deposit his passport and also the Rs6 crore maintenance fund. Bhandarkar said, “The fund will be deposited with the court.”


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