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Nagpur Best place for Real Estate Investment

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Nagpur Best place for Real Estate Investment

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    Architects urged to plan for more use of bamboo

    TNN | Oct 15, 2018, 03:51 IST

    Over 35 practicing and faculty architects of IIA this week joined Bamboo Society of India (BSI), Maharashtra C... Read More

    Nagpur: The Bamboo Research Training Centre (BRTC) at Chichpalli in Chandrapur district has urged the Indian Institute of Architects (IIA), Nagpur Chapter, to fill vacuum in bamboo architecture.

    Over 35 practicing and faculty architects of IIA this week joined Bamboo Society of India (BSI), Maharashtra Chapter, in an exploratory visit-cum-workshop to BRTC to study bamboo resource and its technical applications in its ongoing project.

    “The architects were thrilled to see the unassuming scale at which the bamboo has been used as an important building construction material which they had never believed,” said Sunil Joshi, chairman of BCI.

    “The BRTC designs were wonderful, informative, and innovative. I never thought bamboo can be used in such a creative way,” opined Pankaj Chinchmalatpure of IIA.

    “We will suggest the state government and forest minister Sudhir Mungantiwar to conduct refresher program for practicing architects to understand bamboo and its advantages and structural usefulness enhancing aesthetics and how it is beneficial to building industries,” said Trilok Thakre.

    “We feel various BRTC applications will help in mainstreaming bamboo as an alternative, yet a potentially sustainable resource that will contribute in greening the development,” said Patil.

    Joshi added the BCI wants the architects to know about technical and a reliable human resource that is being trained in BRTC to assist architect in their projects.

    Sanjeev Karpe, coordinator of the project, explained minutest details and different species used while Krunal Negandhi explained various bamboo units that are planned in the whole complex in BRTC and other projects, including the international one.

    Patil said the BRTC building itself is a marvel and recently a team from Mozambique visited the centre and appreciated its efforts and called for larger interaction and also design guidance to enrich bamboo as human resource in future.

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      Builder Manmode gets bail, asked to deposit Rs6 cr, passport with HC

      TNN | Oct 15, 2018, 17:05 IST

      Nagpur: Nirmal Ujjwal Sahakari Pat Sanstha chairman and well-known builder Pramod Manmode, along with nine others, was granted anticipatory bail by the Nagpur bench of Bombay High Court on Friday in connection with a complaint filed by a resident of one of his projects.

      All of them were booked under Sections 420, 409 and 384 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) following a complaint filed against them by Praful Karpe at Nandanvan police station.

      The complainant alleged that Manmode and other directors had defrauded him under the pretext of providing facilities at Nirmal Nagari constructed under the aegis of Nirmal Ujjwal Cooperative Society, where over 700 dwellings were built.

      Karpe claimed that the accused made tall assurances in the brochures, but failed to provide even basic amenities.

      Manmode’s legal counsel Shreerang Bhandarkar said they had presented all financial details regarding the case. He said, “The money in question is the fund collected to maintain the society. We have shown all the expenses done regards the same. There is about Rs6 crore in the maintenance fund.”

      The court has asked Manmode to deposit his passport and also the Rs6 crore maintenance fund. Bhandarkar said, “The fund will be deposited with the court.”

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        27 trees cut down by unauthorized persons, NMC to file case

        TNN | Oct 17, 2018, 02:35 IST

        Nagpur: In a weird incident, 27 full grown trees on disputed public utility land near Dattatreya Temple at Bharat Nagar were chopped down on Tuesday afternoon by some apparently unauthorized persons. Two teak trees marked for cutting, among many others on the land, were saved due to prompt action by vigilant nearby residents, who informed NMC officials, who acted swiftly to stop the cutting. The scrutiny report by NMC officials registered the loss of 10 full grown teak, 11 kat-umbar, three babool, two cassia and one katesawar trees.

        Nearby resident Sharad Jodh told TOI that three men — one Gunwant Nagpure, a certain Wankhede, and a black coat clad lawyer — brought a few labourers to the spot in the morning. Upon enquiry, Nagpure claimed to have purchased the land, and said they wished to start some construction.

        “Since he said he owned the land and produced some files with paperwork, we did not question him further. Later, when we heard sound of the electronic saws and the trees being chopped down, other neighbours rushed out and informed NMC officials. Sensing trouble from the authorities, the men and their labourers fled the spot before they could be caught,” he said.

        The land belongs to the Sahasrabuddhe family, which resides close to the spot. The said land, approximately 30,000 sq ft, is currently under government control due to some disputes, and serves as public utility land. One of the owners, architect Sudhakar Sahasrabuddhe, told TOI, “We don’t know who these people were, neither did we employ them. We have the ownership of the land in the name of Yashwant Social Welfare Society. The society secretary Mangesh Joshi informed NMC officials about the trees being cut.”

        Upon learning the identity of one of the men, Sahasrabuddhe added that the person has a history of causing problems and is often linked to such matters.

        An NMC official said, “This team of 11 people did not have any prior permission from NMC to cut trees. Had it not been for the neighbours and NMC workers, who reached on time, many trees would have fallen prey. Two of the trees have only trimming marks. The wood from the trees cut down was removed from the site and has been stored at Ambazari warehouse.”

        They also said NMC will be registering offences against Nagpure and Wankhede on Wednesday.

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          Modi Builders to get NIT plot despite 20-yr payment delay

          Anjaya Anparthi | TNN | Oct 17, 2018, 02:37 IST

          Nagpur: Over 20 years ago, Modi Builders, through Santdas Chawla, had purchased a plot from Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) in a public auction by paying 25% of the property cost. The builder reportedly did not pay the remaining 75% amount within the maximum valid time period of two years. Yet, the civic agency did not cancel the allotment. Now, the state government has accorded a special permission to the builder for paying the remaining amount and get the plot from the NIT.

          The state’s urban development department (UDD) issued a notification on Tuesday allowing the NIT to accept the remaining amount from Modi Builders and give possession of the plot.

          The UDD said, “NIT should have cancelled the allotment and returned the money after the applicant failed to deposit the remaining amount within the prescribed time limit. It has come to fore that NIT did not cancel the allotment,” the department said.

          Despite questioning the NIT’s lack of action, the UDD went on to give special permission to the builder. However, the UDD directed the NIT to calculate cost of the plot as per current ready reckoner value.

          “Chances of steep rise in cost of the plot cannot be ruled out in these years. The NIT will incur revenue loss in case permission is given to allot the plot at the cost prevailing during the auction 20 years ago. Also, chances of similar demand coming from others cannot be ruled out,” the UDD said.

          The UDD also directed the NIT to cancel the allotment of plot to Modi Builders and return the earlier payment if the latter fails to deposit the remaining amount within 30 days. “This case cannot be seen as a benchmark for other cases,” the UDD said.

          The notification also mentioned special permissions given to 16 other purchasers in January 2017 and one in April this year.

          As per details, the NIT had announced auction of plots under Central Road Scheme Section-2 between 1981 and 2011. Modi Builders had participated in the auction and got plot No. 79 measuring 843.58 sq.ft (78.40 in prime Mahal area. The successful bidder (Modi Builders) had offered Rs 6.47 lakh for the plot then.

          NIT officials told TOI that the case was very old and hence they need time to look into the details.

          Denying any mistake on his part, Chawla said payment got delayed due to NIT’s mistake. “There was a litigation going on in a court. The NIT did not accept remaining payment from me. Even after disposal of the case, the NIT delayed accepting the payment,” he said.

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            Notice to Kachipura units for three crore property tax dues

            NAGPUR: The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has issued notices to 27 establishments at Kachipura on Central Bazaar Road asking them to pay arrears on or before Saturday or face seizure two days later. 3 crore is pending from 27 units like lawns and restaurants. The notices have been issued by Dharampeth and Laxmi Nagar zone offices.

            "These establishments, including Vishnuji ki Rasoi, Sardar ki Rasoi, SAI Vatika lawn, Green Diamond Lawn, Dana Paani, Vasvi lawn, office of Prashant Pawar, Bharat Lawn, Vaibhavlaxmi Lawn, and others are unauthorized constructions. 2 crore property tax and another Rs90 lakh in penalty is pending from them," according to the press release.

            In 2015, the NMC had slapped notices to 67 plot owners including 27 establishments under the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning (MRTP) Act. All have cropped up without any sanction.

            Also, a drive to demolish the structures was taken up but had to be stopped due to a stay brought by the state's urban development department.

            The Dharampeth Zone has levied a penalty of double property tax on SAI Vatika Lawn situated at East Shankar Nagar as it came up without any sanction.

            Of the total penalty of 6.50 lakh, the owner Vijay Talewar has paid Rs3 lakh.

            The zone also recovered 14.50 lakh as penalty of double property tax from Milton Mall at Laxmi Bhuvan Square after declaring it unauthorized under the MRTP Act.

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              Petitioner demands cancelling land lease

              Manka Behl
              With the government panel confirming irregularities at the Nagpur Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) shelter, the petitioner in the case has now demanded cancellation of the land lease granted to the society by the government.

              | TNN | Oct 18, 2018, 06:42 IST

              NAGPUR: With the government panel confirming irregularities at the Nagpur Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) shelter, the petitioner in the case has now demanded cancellation of the land lease granted to the society by the government.

              As reported by TOI earlier, animal rights activist and lawyer Ankita Shah had filed a petition in the Nagpur bench of Bombay high court, alleging that the shelter was being misused for commercial purposes.

              While hearing her petition, the court had directed the government to carry out an immediate inspection of the shelter, following which a four-member committee reviewed various records and log books.

              An affidavit had been filed by the district collector, confirming that the shelter was being used for lodging and boarding of pets. It stated that around 195 pet dogs were lodged at the shelter house from December 30, 2013, till date.

              At present, pet owners are permitted to keep their dogs at rate of 300 per day.

              In its latest order, the HC has noted that the government is now planning to use the facility for better purposes. The reply submitted by the assistant government pleader says that the district administration has "initiated steps and is taking effort to find out how that facility can be used more effectively".

              The court order further states that the petitioner has prayed for appropriate action against the society for misusing public land and money.

              NSPCA had received grants for construction of shelter from ministry of social justice and empowerment, disbursed through Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI). AWBI rules clearly state that such shelters cannot be run for "profit to any individual or a body of individuals".

              In an application, Shah has pointed out that the society misused the land and funds for "personal gains" and defeated the object of the central government's scheme under which the grant was disbursed.

              "The society obtained facilities from AWBI under shelter house scheme and animal ambulance scheme for the purpose of helping local authorities in rescuing stray animals in distress conditions. But the society did not use the facility for these purposes," the application said.

              Stating that since Dr Kailash Marwah, who manages the society, is not a party in this case, the court has kept the application pending. Shah has also demanded reconstitution of district-level SPCA, the proposal of which was cleared by state chief minister Devendra Fadnavis over an year back.

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                Razing of unauthorized structures in Metro Region stopped

                Anjaya Anparthi | TNN | Oct 20, 2018, 03:30 IST

                Nagpur: Guardian minister Chandrashekar Bawankule has reportedly directed officials of Nagpur Metropolitan Region Development Authority (NMRDA) to stop demolition of unauthorized constructions in Metro Region till October 31. Bawankule also assured to reduce the regularization charges.

                Activists of NGO Jai Jawan Jai Kisan met Bawankule at NMRDA office on Friday. Convener Prashant Pawar pointed out that NMRDA was razing unauthorized constructions despite last date for submitting applications under the state government’s special regularization scheme being October 31.

                NMRDA officials confirmed to TOI that Bawankule had asked them not to demolish structures till completion of the government scheme. “Bawankule also said he would meet chief minister Devendra Fadnavis and seek an extension of the scheme. Many of the unauthorized constructions are yet to submit applications under the scheme,” officials said.

                Pawar also asked Bawankule not to levy hefty regularization charges on farmers who constructed their houses outside gaothan. “There are over 2.5 lakh structures of farmers and middle class people, who constructed their homes many years ago. Action should be taken against unauthorized construction of commercial, big residential schemes, and industrial units, and not on farmers,” he said.

                Bawankule directed NMRDA to verify whether regularization charges can be brought at par with charges levied under Gunthewari Act in the city.

                Pawar also alleged biased action by NMRDA against unauthorized constructions. “There are huge unauthorized constructions and layouts to which NMRDA did not issue notices, but seems very eager to take action on small residential houses. Also, officials of Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) should not be posted in NMRDA. The government should fill NMRDA posts with new officials,” he said.

                Later, Bawankule reviewed Koradi Temple Re-development Project. He directed NMRDA officials to expedite the works. He also asked officials to issue tender of works approved by the government some days ago.

                NMRDA had issued notices to 1,801 unauthorized constructions in last one year. Also, NMRDA had received 6,700 applications under special regularization scheme.

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                  Fire at mall leads to evacuation of multiplex

                  Soumitra Bose | TNN | Oct 20, 2018, 03:34 IST

                  Nagpur: A short-circuit in the switch board at the waiting lounge of a restaurant on the second floor of Eternity Mall, at Variety Square, on Thursday night. There was some panic as smoke filled the mall, leading to evacuation of the multiplex theatre on the top floor. Two fire-tenders from the Civil Lines station were pressed into action after the control room was alerted. Fire department pegged the loss at Rs10,000.

                  The Eternity Mall had seen a fire in May as well, so the security and administration triggered the emergency evacuation as a safety measure. Apart from some patrons at the restaurant, people watching movies too were evacuated immediately after the flames were spotted.

                  One of the cine-goers, who had to rush out from the theatre with a young female friend, said there was sudden commotion after the film screening was interrupted. “Patrons were hurried out of the screens into the lobby, which was filled with smoke. There was understandably a rush to leave the premises, leading to some congestion in the fire exit,” he said.

                  Civil Lines fire station in charge RR Dubey said the caller did not elaborate on the details, but had just passed on information stating there was a fire. “We could manage the fire with minimum effort but had taken two fire-tenders to meet any emergency situation,” he said.

                  General manager of Eternity Mall Ashish Barai said their staffers had managed to control and douse the fire even before the arrival of the fire tenders at the premises. “The fumes emanating from the fire-extinguishers seemed to have triggered more panic rather than the fire itself. We have full-proof firefighting system and fire safety measures are being followed,” he said.

                  “The mall is in operation and so is the eatery where the short-circuit had taken place on Thursday,” he said. “The patrons of the theatre were refunded the value of their tickets,” said Barai.


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                    NMC to continue using potable water to douse fires

                    Anjaya Anparthi | TNN | Oct 20, 2018, 04:31 IST

                    Nagpur: The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) will continue to utilize potable drinking water for fire fighting operations, despite the water crisis at reservoirs ruling out irrigation in the district this year. A decision has been taken to install 30-40 hydrants on drinking water network for drawing potable water during fire fighting operations.

                    NMC standing committee headed by Virendra Kukreja on Friday approved Rs49.99 crore for installing fire hydrants on drinking water network. As per demand of fire and emergency services department, the water works department will install the hydrants.

                    Also, the water works department will repair some old hydrants that can be brought into use after minor works. Since 1960s, the civic body has installed over 1,000 hydrants on drinking water network. Only 100 hydrants are in working condition.

                    Huge quantity of water is required whenever a fire breaks out. For years, the fire and emergency services department has been drawing potable water from hydrants and overhead water tanks (elevated service reservoirs) to douse fires.

                    Despite availability of lakes and wells in most areas, the fire department has made no provisions to draw non-potable water from these sources. Also, the department is not compelling establishments to ensure availability of wells, borewells or reservoirs in their premises, even though it is mandatory.

                    Justifying the decision, a NMC official told TOI hydrants on drinking water network will ensure easy availability of water whenever it is required in an emergency. “There are many congested areas where fire tenders cannot turn, fill water, and return to dousing fires. Hydrants also save time as continuous water is required for dousing fires. Also, there is shortage of tenders and manpower,” he said.

                    The standing committee also approved budgetary provisions of Rs38.50 crore to pay private operator of sewage treatment plant (STP) developed on PPP model at Bhandewadi dumping yard. Provisions of only Rs50 lakh had been made in the budget. The committee did not increase budget but diverted funds from other heads for the project.

                    The STP was commissioned in July. As per the demand raised by NMC Pench Project Cell, Rs4.95 crore per month is required to be paid to the operator from July. Therefore, the department had requested the standing committee to approve Rs50 crore to pay the operator up to March 31 next year.

                    However, the standing committee did not question the doubling of the repayment cost. TOI had on October 17 reported repayment cost was Rs947 crore in 2015 , but increased to Rs1,782 crore at commissioning of the plant. The committee also neglected wastage of 200 million litres per day (MLD) treated water and methane gas at the plant.

                    Other Decisions

                    *Construction of LPG Gas crematorium at Sahakar Nagar ghat under CM special fund at the cost of Rs42.79 lakh

                    *Procurement of two high flow suction machines for sewage drains works at the cost of Rs96.33 lakh

                    *Works of Rs44.11 lakh at Dabha crematorium *Construction of retaining wall along Pili river at Kalamna at Rs42.64 lakh and on nullah at Shrike layout at Rs49.99 lakh

                    *Laying of inter-locking tiles at Rs53.71 lakh in Vijayanand and PMG Society under CM special fund


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                      NMC seals shop to recover rent dues

                      TNN | Oct 20, 2018, 23:35 IST

                      Nagpur: The cash-strapped Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) on Saturday sharpen its revenue collection drive by sealing a shop in the Yeshwant stadiumfor its failure to pay a rent of Rs3.33 lakh.

                      The market department of the civic body led by superintendent Shrikant Vaidya sealed the shop (number 63) after its leaseholder Dhananjay Dhapodkar failed to pay the rent. The market department had rented the place to Dhapodkar, who had been running a home appliances shop there. He defaulted the rent of the last year, leading to sealing the shop.

                      Meanwhile, two other lease holders, Wadhwa Sales Corporation and Pavan Surendra, could save themselves from any action as they cleared their dues through cheque payments before the department could move to take any action. Both defaulted rents of Rs5 lakh and Rs12.50 lakh, respectively, Vaidya said.

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