We purchased a property from Improvement Trust in Punjab in 1970-80. We have the sale deed & the registry in our fathers name.
We recently approached the Improvement Trust recently to get the property mutated in out name.
The Trust denied carrying out mutation saying that the khasra numbers from our registry are not available as they have been included in road & other property mutations.

What options are we left with now ? Guess we cannot sell the land without mutation!
Trust says can get Tartima(registry correction done). But our advocate says trust may serve you a notice to vacate the land & trust could take possession of it. 2nd option he gives is of a civil suit. Now we dont want to enter into a civil suit, how is the tartima(registry correction) solution ?

Advocate also says that if mutation is not carried out within 12 years, one can loose legal right to property & trust can get it evicted. He refers to some 12 years limitation for mutation to be carried out.

Please help us on this, its an extremely important matter for us.
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  • Please get a second and a third opinion from other lawyers conversant with this field. If you have paid the improvement trust, there is no way the trust can get your land vacated and get possession of it.

    Use RTI to get relevant information about khasra numbers etc before going in for the corrections