I and my brother invested in a couple of apartment units in Parsvnath Rajpura Castle (near Ambala) back in 2007. We bought it under EMI sharing scheme per which, I was to bear the home loan at an interest rate of 3% and any surplus interest component was to be borne by Parsvnath (and refunded to us via quarterly cheques). Needless to say, Parsvnath has rolled back on all its promises as it has:

1) not delivered the project over the last 10 years and still no sign of it

2) not provided any EMI refund cheques for many years

3) not showing any signs of accountability by not responding to any of my attempts to connect via mail or phone

I invite other investors in this project who are in a similar situation. I am seriously contemplating going legal on this as the builder is merrily taking us all for a ride. Of course if such legal case has more complainants joining hands, it will certainly add weight to the case and more pressure on builder.


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  • Hi, I am also sailing in same boat, still paying EMIs and have been at site in May 2018 , which is in pathetic state, no completion, towers not ready, full jungle in the so called King City, one site supervisor there (Raju) in their big site office. I want to take legal action too to get the full refund with interest too for what I have paid in advance and 10 years of wait.

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  • Hi, Just saw this post. Was also looking for more people who invested in this project as we’re also in the same situation.

    Have taken any action yet as we would like to join you to take legal action against builder