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Rupee Depreciation a 'BOON' for NRI to invest in Property in India


Rupee Depreciation a 'BOON' for NRI to invest in Property in India

Last updated: September 15 2013
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  • Rupee Depreciation a 'BOON' for NRI to invest in Property in India

    Rupee over the last year has depreciated consistently bringing cheers to NRI's as they can now buy property in India even if it stretches to INR 1 crore or more. The survey conducted by Sumansa exhibitions reveals that 89% NRI's are planning to leverage the power of their additional income by investing in properties up to INR 1 Crore and beyond. The delight is justifiable as weakening rupee gives more power to dollar that they have and current sluggish market enables them to buy property at a cheaper rate. The survey also reveals that 26.7% NRI's are looking to buy property as additional investment, the figure shows sharp rise of 6% in just one year. The study was conducted by Sumansa Exhibitions, organisers of Indian Property Show amongst 16000 NRI's across Europe and UAE
    Sunil Jaiswal, CEO Sumansa Exhibition said, "NRI's in UAE mostly prefer investing in property as it is one of the safest option and gives good return as the capital value of any property appreciates. Plus there is always feeling of returning home since NRI's don't get citizenship in this region, so property investment becomes natural choice. We can support this further as the survey also reveals that Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi feature in the top 5 destinations list. This shows that they are looking for cities which will give them good returns. Even if the NRI takes home loan his payouts are much cheaper as compared to last year. Hence overall investing in this sector when rupee is low makes sense."
    "With rupee depreciating in past couple of years, there has been a good amount of remittance going back to India. Additionally the bank deposits have also started yielding good returns making that as a good investment alternative. However properties continue to be a preferred choice for expat Indians for investment and asset creation. What they look for is a good brand to invest and a price point which is good to enter. For NRI's reputed developer with good track record, quality and possible price appreciation is an important factor.
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    Re : Rupee Depreciation a 'BOON' for NRI to invest in Property in India


    NRI need to be very aware of Lavasa, near Pune India. Although their marketing is good but the outcome is terrible. Based on their massive advertisements we invested in Lavasa about 5 years back but even now basic facilities are not to be seen. We are stuck with very bad investment in Lavasa. Lavasa may sell saying there is hardly any units available. Don't trust. There are 100s waiting to resell their houses.

    We suggest NRIs to be very careful about Lavasa. Invest in a city like Jaipur,Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Indore, Nagpur, Goa etc.

    Ask Lavasa to send you the draft agreement and read every word of it. Get it vetted by a lawyer too and then you feel like buying


    Have any questions or thoughts about this?