Need advice from experts. I have a park facing plot in TDI K Block which i want to sell. What is the best price you think i can get...i am expecting 16K, some brokers mentioned K block has advantage because its the closet to the KMP but on the other hand it is after the village. This is a 250 sq yd plot.

Appreciate if seniors and experts can advice. If there are any buyers do let me know.

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  • Thanks Abhay Bhai! 50K sounds overpriced to me as well. Do you suggest investing in HIJK blocks where price is approximately 20K?
  • Originally Posted by AJAY33
    Nothing is available at 16-17K now, not even non possession plots. K block being closer to KMP is 21-22 K. ABC are close to 45-50K
    DEF is fetching: 20-24k
    IJ are available at 18-20K

    I am repenting my decision of not investing in Kundli last year when prices were 9-10K thinking they are overpriced. Is it still a good time to invest there. Please advise.


    It would have been a good run for those if your information is correct about ABC blocks, Rs 45-50K is probably a bit too high.

  • Ya and these plots were sold 4.5 k in 2005 for ABCDE sectors and rest 7.5 k so as the lower rate allotements fetch you more and very good rates as per me
  • I can give 10000/- PSY
  • How u arrived at this rate
  • Sir rate is fixed for last 5 yrs
  • kindly share your no.

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  • H block is being quoted at 9k (all inclusive)