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Real Estate Sonepat Property Updates

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Real Estate Sonepat Property Updates

Last updated: March 14 2018
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    Re : Real Estate Sonepat Property Updates

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      Re : Real Estate Sonepat Property Updates

      Ashoka University at Sonepat and the Young India Fellowship.

      Education in India: Ashoka University at Sonepat and the Young India Fellowship

      Not sure if many are aware of this...published in Nov 2011 (litlle old)...sounds great though...RGEC, as we all know is meant for all such ventures. Phase 1 of this one is planned to be operational by July 2013 ...sounds too good, may become a realty by 2015 though, as most projects are delayed by around 2 yrs normally unless some real professionals get on this one to finish it off by the original target date...2013 in this case.

      Here's the complete article (posting just in case the link does not work for some reason) watch some great links on the development plans for Sonepat in the article too:

      November 19, 2011

      Ashoka University, a new, private, non-profit university, is coming up in Sonepat, in Haryana, about 100 km north of Delhi. It will have a greater focus on the humanities and the liberal arts.
      Forget about chasing foreign universities to invest in setting up universities in India - there's plenty of money available within India to fund manymanymoresuch credible non-profit private universities. The HRD Minister, Kapil Sibal, ought to be aggressively courting Indian philanthropists and investors first more than foreign universities.
      A recent story in Business World throws some light on Ashoka University.
      To recreate their own experience of learning at US universities, a group of professionals have come together to set up a new university of liberal arts in India. Well known names in Delhi and Mumbai circles — Ashish Dhawan (ChrysCapital), Sanjeev Bikhchandani (, Pramath Sinha (9.9 Mediaworx), NV “Tiger” Tyagarajan and Vineet Gupta (Jamboree), among others, are part of the International Foundation for Research and Education (IFRE).

      To be located in the Rajiv Gandhi Education City in Kundli, Sonepat, across 25 acres, Ashoka University has sought “private university” status from the Haryana government and will be not-for-profit. A total of Rs 50 crore has been paid for the land, and the first phase is expected to cost about Rs 200 crore. The seed capital has been put up by the trustees, apart from donations from individuals.

      Dhawan, senior managing director, ChrysCapital — who recently announced he was stepping down — plans to get into school education in a big way. However, with Ashoka University, the “idea is to offer a greater focus on languages, humanities and social sciences and to offer breadth rather than just depth as in the British system. Instead of studying one subject in depth for 3-4 years, the idea is to study many subjects across disciplines,” says Dhawan. He says it will offer courses and areas of study on the lines of universities such as Yale, Princeton and Amherst.
      Here's some more info about Ashoka university as described by IFRE.
      The International Foundation for Research & Education (IFRE) is a not-for-profit (Section 25 Company) that has been established with the vision to set up the Ashoka University – India’s first world class university. Over the last two years the team has grown in strength and added numerous academic and non-academic members from across the world to build an incomparable team of accomplished and committed individuals driven by the common motivation to give back to the country.
      IFRE is also engaging with various reputed universities and schools in USA and Europe to firm up the scope for collaboration in building Ashoka University. A formal collaboration with the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) is already in place.
      Addendum: From their detailed YIF brochure,
      Initial funding commitments are already in place and the balance is being raised through endowments and debt.

      Perkins Eastman, a globally renowned architectural firm, has been commissioned to design and develop a campus of the future and master planning is now under way. Construction is due to start in December 2011 and the campus is scheduled to be operational in July 2013. The application for grant of University status is under evaluation by the Goverment of Harayana. The University will start with two schools - Arts and Natural Sciences - in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania and other leading universities and schools of the world
      IFRE, has also launched the Young India Fellowship (YIF), a fully-funded post-graduate fellowship programme. Those interested can apply now for The Young India Fellowship. The last date for submission of applications is December 15, 2011.
      The Young India Fellowship (YIF) seeks to groom young women and men like you who will lead India through the 21st century. The YIF will bring together 50 emerging leaders from around India in a one-year residential post-graduate programme in our nation’s capital. We will launch you on your leadership journey by opening your mind to a rich and diverse set of subjects and perspectives, delivered by some of the finest teachers of our generation from around the world. In this cross-flow of ideas and inspired learning, we will encourage and mentor you to discover your own self, to understand your personal values, strengths and aspirations, and create a process for you to build a broad life-plan that will align who you are with what you do in life. It really doesn't matter who you are: whether you graduated in the arts, science, engineering or commerce, we are committed to helping you get to where you want to
      Here's what they say about why they launched the Young India Fellowship.
      India has a large number of gifted and deserving students who are unable to avail of a high-quality learning experience from reputed institutions in India or abroad due to financial or other constraints. YIF will reach out to such students.
      Leading undergraduate programmes in India seem to focus too early on professional and specialized courses that tend to stifle the abilities of talented young minds to explore different perspectives and avenues. YIF is designed to rekindle the desire to learn and explore. The perceived value of a broad-based liberal arts education at the undergraduate level has declined over the years. This has compromised a well-rounded learning experience at the higher education level in India. YIF wants to bring liberal arts to the centre-stage of a more holistic learning experience.

      New ideas and possibilities get created at the boundaries of various disciplines. YIF aims to showcase the power of a multi-disciplinary learning environment created by some of the best and most inspirational teachers from India and the world.
      • Join 50 fellows from around India in the Founding Batch of Young India Fellows: study, work and learn with India’s best minds, carefully selected for their passion and leadership potential. Your batchmates will include engineers, scientists, accountants and lawyers, as well as those who have graduated with degrees in history, sociology, English literature, and the liberal arts.
      • Take classes in a range of subject areas that cover anthropology to ethics, life sciences to climate change, and art appreciation to entrepreneurship. You will develop insights and a worldview on a broad set of core disciplines as well as on some of the most complex global challenges we face.
      • Learn from some of the world’s most reputed faculty members drawn from the best universities and institutions around the world, and known for their outstanding teaching and research. The hand-picked YIF faculty will not only inspire you and help you learn how to learn, but also challenge you to be the best you can be.
      • Get mentored by some of the best minds and role models with diverse backgrounds and experiences. From corporate leaders to social activists, from researchers to entrepreneurs, the YIF Council of Mentors will help you think through what you should do next in life and how.
      • Be coached on life skills and develop your “whole person” through a portfolio of engaging leadership courses. You will take courses in writing and communication, learn numerical analysis, critical thinking and problem-solving, and train in business and entrepreneurship.
      • Experience working in the real world through a year-long team-based consulting and research project created especially for the YIF. Whether for a major company or a start-up, for a university lab or an NGO, the Experiential Learning Module (ELM) will help you learn from doing.
      • Receive a full scholarship of Rs 8 lakhs to cover the entire fee, boarding and lodging when you enter this prestigious fully-residential, full-time programme. And on completion, our experienced placement counselors will support and guide you in securing a career or higher-study opportunity in your area of choice.
      The YIF is currently functioning out of Delhi now, but will shift to Ashoka University at Sonepat over time.
      For the first three years the YIF is being co-located at the Sri Aurobindo Center for Arts & Communication (SACAC) campus, Sri Aurobindo Society in New Delhi.
      From the 3rd year onwards the programme will be moved to the upcoming Ashoka University campus at the Rajiv Gandhi Education City, Sonepat, which is being planned as the hub for institutions of higher learning in the NCR.
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        Re : Real Estate Sonepat Property Updates

        Sector 35, Sonipat - THE most strategic location for max. ROI

        had posted this on another thread "jindal global city" but i felt that it would be more appropriate here as we are talking on Sonepat reality more broadly here.

        Originally Posted by AJAY33
        As of now, I can't see any construction going in Jindal's, except for one small main entrance. Also, it looks way too far from Delhi border. On the other hand, people have started residing in TDI/ Ansals and there is huge development in all sectors of these. If someone has to go 10kms from TDI/ Ansals, I would suggest investing in Eldeco (same rate and same distance as Jindal) where development is going too fast or maybe Omaxe which is half price of these Jindals/ Eldeco. Rates in TDI/ Ansals have rocketed and are sky high because it is livable now and possession have been given to 90% plots/ villas.

        These are my personal thoughts with no personal interest. Good things adding to this belt are KMP (easily 2-3 years from opening) and Rajiv Gandhi education city (which has been walled and gated now but unlikely to start functioning in next 3-4 years). RRTP rail will bring relevation to this area and if Azadpur Mandi goes to Narela (rumors of 70 acres alloted for MANDI), chances are high for north delhi people shifting to this belt. Narela can see a upsurge in rates, although I still consider Narela as outdated and backward.

        That seems to be a very fair & unbiased assessment esp. as you don't seem to have invested in the region. There's also the DLF & Anantraj constructions (proposed for IT) on the NH1 as you may have seen on your left while going toward Sonipat/Panipat.....been in construction for long but hopefully may get completed 3-4 yrs.eventally.

        Saurav is correct in his assessment on the point on 65mtr.road approach thru Jindals once its come up (at least 2-3 yrs in my opinion...but you never know as Jindals could use their political clout to get this expedited). However, if you may have seen the Sonipat-Kundli master plan (refer link, you may realize that area around the road intersection where
        1. Tulips & Ansals already have their flats in making (though for endless ages)
        2. with the existing Narela-Sonipat road (very narrow as of now but planned to be widened to 65mtrs plus ...probably 5-8yrs from now)
        3. proposed KMP hardly (300 mtr.) meets;
        may turn out to be THE most strategic location going forward once the KMP becomes operational...this is sector 35. Metro is proposed in the intersection of Sec 35-36, Sec36 being the future commercial hub for the region. Metro may here until 2020 in the 5th phase comes upto Bawana in Phase 4 (likely by 2017).

        Other options currently in Kundli are TDI City & Ansals, which no doubt are better placed as of now visibly, but considering the strategic planning in the region with Metro & the Commercial hub planned for Sec36, ISBT planned in sector 31/32(?), one may arrive to reach Sec 35 / Sec36 to be the BEST locations for the earliest ares to develop & give you the highest ROI given the lowest price entry levels in the region currently.

        So as of now, if one is interested in an investment in and around Sector 35, you have lots of cheap options to choose from depending on your investment objective - purely investment or an end use.
        1. flats from Ansals, Tulip now, & from Jindals, Express in future;
        2. plots - Jindals, Express City Mapsko (Mapsko though a little far)
        3. constructed villas/floors - Jindals, Express City
        While an end user for immediate use in next 3-4 yrs. may choose constructions in Jindals for sure & if a little constraint on funds then for Express City. The location may, however, be sparcely populated by end users so soon though.

        Whereas purely from an investor (7-10 yrs.) perspective one should go in for plots at premium locations only (even if that means a few PLCs today...for 18/24 mtr road, park facing, corner, etc.....note the PLCs at current rates are marginal but a premium location can always ensure that you are able to diespose of plots anytime as there would be buyers for such locations rather then the average locations) as constructed properties tend to depreciate for the construction component & plots turn out to be the best ROI choice in the long can always bulild as per the latest designs if one plans to retain & use the plot in the long run.

        Presently, Express City, given its location & pricing (at least 4 to 6K psy less than Jindal plots) are the best option esp. as the possession for the plots in the Express City is going to be handed over sometime this year for sure making it a safer investment whereas the possession for Jindals may take at least 3 more POV.

        All the above investments in Sec 35 are expected to givest max. ROI if investments are held for atleast 7-10 POV. Anyone with a different view may please share their opinion as an balanced & unbiased views are always welcome for considering all pros & cons.

        Best of luck for your investments.
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          Re : Real Estate Sonepat Property Updates

          Dear Forum Members,

          I am looking for investment in plot or villa in Kundli. I already have a registered plot in TDI in k bolck and therefore well aware about the potential of this area. I have done lot of research and analyzed pros & Cons for investment for diff NCR areas, keeping 4-5 years horizon in mind and am convinced to make another investment in Kundi/Sonepat belt. As i am not in India currently, would like to know some details for the below quetions before approaching any builder/broker.
          1. What do you think better option for plot/villas investment. TDI/Jindal or Express City?
          2. Most of you are bullish for Jindal as it has political connects but what if Congress does not come into power again (in Center chances are very less).
          3. Jindal has already appreciated in last 2-3 months, would it be wise to invest at inflated rates now?
          4. Jindal polts or villa? What is the better investment. What is the current price for villas and plots in resale and fresh?
          5. What about express city. I know that pre launch for this started in 2008. what is the current status and rates.
          6. what is thecurrent rate in TDI K block?


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            Re : Real Estate Sonepat Property Updates


            Go through this link brother .. ALL about villas
            And sonepat project


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              Re : Real Estate Sonepat Property Updates

              A post from another thread that may help investors with their decision making in this region. All credit to ajay here & not me....I have just posted the link.



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                Re : Real Estate Sonepat Property Updates

                in this budget session we could see progressive measures from the UPA govt and we could also see annoucemewnt regarding RRTS train project soon ..


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                  Re : Real Estate Sonepat Property Updates

                  sonipat original master plan with proposed metro link till sector-35

                  here i bring for all THE investor of sonepat region ..
                  the actual master plan of sonipat region ..
                  what we can see in this master plan ..

                  1 . we can see the metro link (see red line ) proposed till sector 35-36 (jindal global city)

                  2. we can see the 65 mt road is there in sonipat masterplan
                  ( also known as sonipat ring road)..
                  which confirms that this road connecting jindal with nh1 would surely come .

                  3. there is also an train link propsed which will go through sector 34-35 and will go to ghaziabad thus making the connectivity of this region very very smooth ..


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                    Re : Real Estate Sonepat Property Updates

                    Delhi to give Rs. 621 crore for KMP Expressway

                    Gaurav Vivek Bhatnagar
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                    As its contribution for the construction of the 135.6 km long Delhi Western Peripheral Expressway

                    The Delhi Cabinet on Monday approved transfer of Rs 621 crores to the National Highway Authority of India as its contribution for construction of the Delhi Western Peripheral Expressway, which is also called the Kundli-Manesar-Palwal (KMP Expressway).
                    The expressway, which is 135.6 km long is being constructed in neighbouring Haryana and is meant to take the load of the vehicles passing by Delhi but not meant for the Capital city.
                    This expressway was initially expected to become operational by June 2009 but has constantly been missing its deadlines due to the slow progress of work.
                    When completed it will connect several highways leading to and passing through the National Capital. The expressway would connect National Highway 1 at Kundli in north of Delhi, with NH 10 just north of Bahadurgarh, NH 8 south of Manesar in Gurgaon and NH 2 near Palwal.
                    This project has now been divided into three sections of around 45 km each. Parts of it are now expected to become operational later this year.
                    A meeting chaired by the Chief Secretary of Haryana in November 2011 had noted that the project had been completed 64 per cent by October 2011.
                    Ms. Dikshit said since the project is an ongoing one, the decision on release of funds should not face any difficulty with the model code of conduct.
                    The Chief Minister said the Cabinet also discussed the homosexuality Bill which the Centre wants to pass and had expressed the view that it would support the Bill the way the Union Government wants it.
                    Keywords: Delhi Western Peripheral Expressway, Kundli-Manesar-Palwal


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                      Re : Real Estate Sonepat Property Updates

                      Originally posted by Anuragma
                      Great News for all Kundli Lovers..........................Ansals has launched Group Housing by the name of Hawana Heights and hold your breadth.....................the launch price is 4500/- per sq. ft. +EDC/IDC and other charges and expect to clear the inventory by Jan 2013
                      Ye Kundli kahan hai ???


                      Have any questions or thoughts about this?