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Commercial Real Estate in Surat


Commercial Real Estate in Surat

Last updated: August 2 2016
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  • Commercial Real Estate in Surat

    This forum is created to discuss on topic "Commercial Real Estate in Surat" which includes:

    1. Comparison on Investing in "a Commercial Property" Versus "a Residential Property" in Surat, which is better, in which cases, and why.

    2. Future of Investing in Commercial Properties in SURAT on short or long term.

    3. Best Localities presently(2014 & onwards) in Surat to invest in commercial properties like (Shop, Office, Business House etc) on short term and long term.

    4. Comparison on Investing in "RETAIL properties (Shop/Showroom )" Versus "OFFICE properties" which is better , in which cases, and why.

    5. Overall, PROS and CONS of investing in commercial properties.

    6. Comparison on Investing in Under Construction Versus NEW Versus OLD commercial properties.

    7. RENTING / LEASING Commercial Properties on LONG TERM. Suggestions for both TENANT as well as property owners...

    8. WHY COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE can be BETTER then any other Properties (land, plot, flat, bungalow, farm house...etc)

    9. New / Upcoming Commercial Projects in SURAT or nearby.

    10. Share any New technologies, concepts, etc related to Commercial Real Estate which can help builders/ or consultants, Agents etc in improvising their projects, and ADD VALUE to their product / services in this industry.

    10. Any other matters/issues/queries related to Commercial Properties: investment, buying, selling, rent, lease, construction, renovation, loan ..etc etc.

    I request all the readers ( who belong to or related to Surat City or nearby) like, the residents, investors, property agents, developers, builders, engineers, consultants .. etc to PLEASE Keep posting on this thread your Doubts/ Queries/ Suggestions/ Opinions/ Experiences etc. So that,

    i. we can promote commercial real estate market of Surat which has a lot of potential , but lot of people are not yet aware of it.

    ii. Help lot of investors, buyers/sellers, tenants/owners to clarify lot of their queries on this forum

    Thanks in Advance:

    Rituraj Goenka,
    A Real Estate Consultant
    (Providing Commercial Lease and Outright services in Surat) for past few years.
    Commercial Properties in Newly developing areas like Pal, Vesu etc
    Residential Properties in Newly developing areas like Pal, Vesu etc
    Commercial Properties in Developed areas like, Ring Road, Piplod, Adajan etc
    Residential Properties in Developed areas like, Adajan, Bhatar, Citylight, Piplod, etc

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    Re : Commercial Real Estate in Surat

    Surat is a port city in the Indian state of Gujarat. It is the ninth largest in India. The city caters to a populace of approximately 4.9 million. The transformation of the city is slow and steady but the past years have seen signs of revival and have given a boost to property prices in Surat to new highs.A number of businesspersons and companies are looking at Surat as a place of growth. As an investment destination, Surat offers nice opportunities with a fair share of risk which is perhaps one of the reasons for investments being limited. But, the scenario is likely to improve in very near future.


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