I want to buy land and build a house on around 500 sq. m. area in Dehradun. Can consider buying old house and demolish and construct a new one. Although it would be an excursion home and wont sell it in near future, I would not buy if it fails on the appreciation front. There should be potential to appreciate.

I visited long ago to the Dalanwala area- I liked at that time (15 years ago), but dont know how is it like right now. If someone knows more about the current price and location/density situation, please throw some light.

I have been visiting through the Jakhan area (Rajpur Road, upto Rajpur) recently and like that area also. Someone knowing price trends in that area (can go upto 50 meters inside) from Rajpur Road, please let me know.

I also heard some new areas are developing like Sahastradhara Road etc. Please share knowledge about the area. I prefer prime areas only or the areas where the potential of being prime in future is there. Would not buy where there are more small plots (except Rajpur Road, where can consider all neighbourhoods, but minimum land required is 500 sq. mtr.). Also not interested in Clementown.

All suggestions are welcome.
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