I have property in Dehradun which I want to sell. I have looked at various similar properties but the prices vary greatly. I cannot figure out what would be a reasonable price range. Does anyone know what is best way to get true market value.
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  • Where is your property in Dehradun?
  • Government approved Valuers are availabe. Google the term and you should be in a position to find one near you. If not then approach a bank who can guide you to a valuer they engage with. For a FEE you can get your property evaluated. He will consider plot size, location, strategic info like corner or on main road, structure, its age, construction quality, maintenance done since construction, etc etc. I am not expert but this is what i know. That figure is the true value of the property for which bank also can sanction loan to an eligible person. Mind you it wont be the rate which the real estate agents speak at tea shop or panwaala. Hope you understand. Factor in DeMo factor as well.

    I am looking for land in dehradun min size 300 Square Yard with approach road atleast of 30 feet (means three zero feet). I

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