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Vadodara Real Estate Updates

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Vadodara Real Estate Updates

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  • Vadodara Real Estate Updates

    VMC begins issuing property tax bills

    VADODARA: The Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) has begun the exercise of issuing property tax bills in three zones of the city. The civic body expects to raise Rs 258.21 crore from these three zones of the city.

    VMC officials said that the tax department had prepared the bills for the East, South and West zones of the city. The VMC expects to complete the distribution of bills in the east and south zone by June 22 and June 29. The distribution of bills for the western zone will be completed by July 6. In all, the VCMC will be issuing 5,06,318 bills in these three zones.

    Officials said that the VMC will be accepting payments for the property tax bills at all its ward offices in cash, cheques as well as with credit or debit cards. The tax can also be paid at branches of HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, Bank of Baroda, State Bank of India, Dena Bank and Indusind Bank. Citizens can also pay the tax on the VMC's website

    Officials added that the civic body is expected to begin the distribution of bills in the north zone by next month. It will be issuing 1,56,119 bills in the zone. The total demand for tax in this zone is around Rs 75lakh.

    In all, the VMC expects to raise a tax revenue of Rs 433crore in the current financial year. This includes professional, vehicle and entertainment

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    Re : Vadodara Real Estate Updates

    Gujarat Housing Board lacks expertise to execute Ghar nu Ghar scheme: Cong

    VADODARA: The Gujarat Housing Board (GHB) that built thousands of houses during Congress party's regime in the state may not get its glorious days back even if Congress comes to power. The party feels that GHB no longer has the ability and infrastructure to execute big projects like constructing houses in all cities of Gujarat. Senior Congress leader Siddharth Patel said a new system may be introduced to handle the Ghar nu Ghar project proposed by the Congress.

    The main opposition party in Gujarat has promised houses at low cost to people if it is voted to power in assembly polls later this year. Lakhs of women across the state queued up to collect registration forms distributed by the party in all major cities over last few days. "We want to provide affordable homes to citizens in all areas. But we won't involve GHB in the project. The GHB has become a defunct entity now," Patel told TOI.

    "Earlier, GHB had hundreds of employees and expertise for constructing low cost homes. But in last one decade, the BJP has systematically wiped out the entity. The GHB now has only 70 employees and can't handle such project," Patel explained. He added the Congress, if voted to power, wants to build modern houses that suit needs of people.

    "We need to have an entirely new system for constructing low-cost but quality houses for lakhs of people. It can't be done in a centralized manner. Also, we won't be using money from government's coffers for executing the project. It will be a self-financed scheme where the government will give land for free and people would pay for just construction cost," Patel, who was in the city on Tuesday to announce fifth poll agenda of Congress, said.

    Senior Congress leader and minister of state for railways Bharatsinh Solanki said the Ghar nu Ghar scheme is not a poll gimmick and his party is committed to its promise. "The scheme will have legal sanctions and we have chalked out a complete plan to execute it," Solanki said.

    The party announced its plans to secure health of citizens by providing 250 life-saving drugs for free and making generic drugs available in government hospitals. Solanki also said it would introduce Gujarat Medical Services Corporation in the state if voted to power.

    'BJP panicky'

    Bharatsinh Solanki said the BJP has become frustrated with the massive response to Congress' Ghar nu Ghar scheme. "BJP has panicked and is afraid as it fears that its urban voters are tilting towards Congress. BJP also played a cruel joke on people by saying that registration forms for low cost houses will be distributed at GHB offices. But when people lined up for the forms, the GHB told them that no such forms are available and instead the cops lathi-charged people," Solanki said. He added that BJP was indulging in poll gimmicks.

    Gujarat Housing Board lacks expertise to execute Ghar nu Ghar scheme: Cong - The Times of India
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      Re : Vadodara Real Estate Updates

      All agriculture land deeds to be video recorded from today

      VADODARA: In view of the increasing number of cases arising out of agriculture land deeds and power of attorney agreements, Vadodara district administration is putting a first-of-its-kind measure in place from September 1, which would act as conclusive evidence in litigations over such land deeds, and eventually, help bring down such litigations.

      From Saturday onwards, all sellers and buyers of agriculture land in the district would be personally interviewed by the sub registrar to ascertain that the details of the deed are clear to both the parties at the timing of signing of the deed. The interviews would be simultaneously video-recorded as an evidence to be produced in the court, in case of litigation over the land. Deeds being registered on the power of attorney would also undergo similar treatment. The agreement would be registered only after the sub-registrar gives a certificate saying he is satisfied that the parties are fully aware about the nature and the fine print in the deed.

      "If any of the parties later takes a contrary stand in the court, these video recordings can nail their lies," a district functionary said. A fee of Rs 20 would be charged from the applicant to cover the cost of video-recording .

      "After we received two such cases last month, where farmers complained that they were taken for a ride by the buyers on the pretext of signing 'Banakhat' (agreement for sale of land) but were duped into signing the actual land deed at the land registrar office, we have decided to put this preventive measure in place," DC, Vinod Rao told TOI.

      Sub registrar's queries would be based on a check list where he would ascertain that the buyers/ sellers are aware of the nature of the deed, particularly, whether it's a banakhat or the land deed being signed. In case of multiple buyers or sellers, each individual would be separately interviewed and video-recorded. In case of power of attorney, the sub registrar would seek clarity on whether it is a general power of attorney or a simple power of attorney meant for a specific purpose.

      Vipul Thakkar, president of CREDAI hailed the step revealing that the association had helped the administration on arriving at the solution. Niramay Parikh, one of the leading lawyers of the city said the step would definitely bring down the litigation. "It's a good step, but can this be done without amending the Land Registration Act?" he asked.

      The DC said it was a procedural step for which no amendment was required.

      Nearly 6,000 to 8,000 land deeds are registered every month in Vadodara district. The pace has picked up in the past few years following a spree in building activities on the city's outskirts.

      The new measure would also check the collusion of sub-registrar office employees, who are invariably party to exploitative or illegal deeds.

      All agriculture land deeds to be video recorded from today - The Times of India
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        Re : Vadodara Real Estate Updates

        BJP MLA sniffs scam in housing scheme for rural poor in Gujarat

        Vadodara: A day after The Indian Express reported how three beneficiaries of Sardar Patel Avas Yojana (SPAY) in Nandesari village were allegedly defrauded by a contractor, Vadodara (rural) MLA Upendrasinh Gohil on Wednesday alleged the scam was much bigger and that two more widows of the same village were duped in a similar manner last year.

        “It is true that houses have not been constructed and the contractor has taken away money. I have come to know that SPAY money of two widows of the same village were taken away last year but construction of their houses have not progressed beyond plinth level till date. There is a huge scam of swindling SAY money,” Gohil, a BJP MLA, told The Indian Express.

        On Tuesday, The Indian Express reported that a Vadodara-based contractor took away money of cheques worth 21,000 each given to 23 BPL families of Nandesari and Rupapura villages at a Garib Kalyan Mela but never started construction of their homes.

        Gohil visited Nandesari and met the victim families on Wednesday. He also took photocopies of three cheques given by the contractor, Sajid Patel, to beneficiaries and which allegedly bounced due to insufficient balance in Patel’s account. The cheques were given to Janak Ramsinh Raj, Vidya Mahendra Parmar and Ranjan Bhartsinh Parmar.

        “I have faxed the copies of the bounced cheques to the chief minister. These cheques of Baroda Central Cooperative Bank were issued by Patel. I have also faxed copies of bank statements of the three beneficiaries to prove that government cheques given at Garib Kalyan Mela were cleared,” Gohil said.

        Meanwhile, Patel reportedly returned money to Janak Raj, Vidya Parmar and Ranajan Parmar. “I have been told that he (the contractor) has deposited amount in the bank accounts of the three,” Gohil said. Sources said the contractor had deposited cheques on Tuesday and they were cleared on Wednesday.

        Patel had said yesterday he would return money to all the beneficiaries and would terminate his contract of building the one-room-kitchen houses.

        BJP MLA sniffs scam in housing scheme for rural poor in Gujarat
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          Re : Vadodara Real Estate Updates

          Kalali slum dwellers refuse to vacate area, say children's schooling will be affected

          VADODARA: The residents of Kalali slums in the southern part of the city who have been refusing to go to the alternative temporary housing allotted to them till a housing scheme comes up on the plots where they stay have refused to leave the area. The residents are insisting that they should not be disturbed till the school terms of their wards get over.

          The Kalali slum issue has become a major cause of concern for the civic body as earlier a petition was filed in its connection. The Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) had to give an assurance in the high court that the residents would not be disturbed till they were given alternative housing. The civic body also agreed to make houses for them on the same land where they stayed and bring them back.

          In June when the residents were asked to go to the houses allotted to them at various locations on a temporary basis sighting the fact that these houses did not have power connections. When a notice was published stating that the slum dwellers should vacate their existing houses, opposition leader in VMC Chinnam Gandhi opposed the move.

          Gandhi has said that the residents would not move till alternative arrangements for their children were not done. But this is a daunting task given the fact that the VMC offered to give the children admissions in its schools, but this was turned down by many saying that their children studied in better schools.

          Kalali slum dwellers refuse to vacate area, say children's schooling will be affected - The Times of India
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            Re : Vadodara Real Estate Updates

            Opposition leader questions Vadodara Municipal Corporaiton's probe in shoddy RCC road works

            VADODARA: The leader of opposition in the Vadodara Municipal Corporaiton (VMC), Chandrakant Shrivastava nee Bhatthu, has questioned the probe initiated by the civic body regarding the shoddy works on RCC roads laid inside societies in the city under the contributory scheme.
            Under the scheme the societies were to pay 20 per cent of the cost of the roads while the rest was borne by the state government and VMC. Shrivastava has said that some officials involved with the probe were themselves facing charges of irregularities.
            "This clearly gives an impression that the VMC was not serious in the matter. The shoddy work is for everyone to see. The very fact that roads started getting damaged in a month's time itself proves that the work was of extremely inferior quality," Shrivastava claimed adding that the situation was similar in several societies and they had complained to VMC.
            The opposition leader added that the VMC should check the quality of paver blocks, cement and steel rods used to make the roads. He added that the opposition Congress will raise the issue of the quality of work in the general body. He added that only an impartial inquiry would reveal the truth. Shrivastava even expressed apprehensions that there were attempts to cover up the matter.

            Opposition leader questions Vadodara Municipal Corporaiton's probe in shoddy RCC road works - The Times of India


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              Re : Vadodara Real Estate Updates

              Vadodara Municipal Corporation begins razing Kalali slums

              The Vadodara Municipal Corporation has begun a major drive in the Kalali area of the city to raze a slum settlement there. The settlement has around 1,497 houses.
              VMC officials said that the drive was initiated as the residents of the slums have been given alternative housing in schemes for the urban poor. The residents were allotted the houses in Tandalja, Jambuva and Kalali itself.
              Sources said that around 650 houses were demolished on Thursday and the drive will last for two more days. The land vacated at Kalali will be used for constructing more housing blocks for the urban poor.
              VMC officials said that the residents were given houses in a draw in April last year as apart of a settlement reached in the high court after the residents filed a public interest litigation there. The issue of the residents of the slum was also taken up by the opposition Congress party and the People's Union for Civil Liberties.
              Officials said that elaborate police security was maintained at the site. Officials of the Madhya Gujarat Vij Company Ltd also remained present to ensure that there were no electricity related mishaps during the operation. No untoward incident was reported during the operation in which five demolition teams of the civic body participated with heavy machinery.

              Vadodara Municipal Corporation begins razing Kalali slums - The Times of India


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                Re : Vadodara Real Estate Updates

                Vadodara residents oppose proposed housing schemes by civic body

                The Sonianagar residents are opposing the project on the grounds that they had been given allotment letters several years back.TNN | May 27, 2017, 17:00 IST

                VADODARA: Residents of Sonianagar in Chhani Jakatnaka area of the city and those from Sanjaynagar in Warasiya held separate protests at the Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) headquarters on Friday regarding the proposed housing schemes in these areas. The settlements are to be razed to develop housing schemes for the urban poor there.

                The Sonianagar residents are opposing the project on the grounds that they had been given allotment letters several years back. They also claimed that the land on which they had settled fell under the Urban Land Ceiling Act. The residents stated that the government was regularising settlements on such plots and even they should benefit from it. They have also sought help to build houses on the existing plots with aid under the Pradhan Mantri Gruh Yojana (PMGY).

                Sanjaynagar residents have raised a series of demands including higher rents after their settlement was razed. They have demanded that if this could not be done, the VMC should provide alternative accommodation till work on the Sanjaynagar housing scheme was completed after razing their dwellings. The residents also demanded that the razing drive should be conducted only after monsoon.


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                  Re : Vadodara Real Estate Updates

                  Housing projects dedicated to citizens by Gujarat deputy CM

                  VADODARA: Gujarat deputy chief minister Nitin Patelconducted the draw and formally handed over houses in projects that have come up under various schemes in the city. The housing projects have come up in the city at an investment of Rs 193.2crore.

                  Patel conducted the draw for 702 units that will come up in the city under the Mukhyamantri Gruh Yojana (MGY) by the Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC). These include houses for the lower income group(LIG), middle income group as well as economically weaker sections of the society. As many as 689 LIG houses were also dedicated to the public by Patel.

                  Patel also conducted the draw for 117 houses that the VMC has planned under the public-private partnership mode under the Pradhanmantri Aavas Yojana. Patel also dedicated 155 houses constructed by the Gujarat Housing Board under MGY in the Akota area of the city.

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                    Re : Vadodara Real Estate Updates

                    VMC’s ambitious housing plans hit legal roadblock

                    Vadodara: The Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) seems to be caught on a sticky wicket regarding work on two major slum redevelopment projects in the city. Over 3,200 dwellings have already been razed at these sites in Sahakarnagar in Tandalja and Sanjaynagar in Warasiya.

                    The civic body will be constructing houses for the urban poor at Sahakarnagar and Sanjaynagar on a public-private partnership (PPP) mode under the Pradhan Mantri Aavas Yojana.

                    Under the PPP mode, the developer will construct houses for the slum dwellers on a part of the land while he will monetise the remaining portion for commercial purposes.

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