Hello All out there !!

Hope you all doing great.

Here i am writing this to seek your guidance and help for to get orignial Stamp papers for My 27 Years old shop ( in Vadodara, Gujarat ) if allotment letter is missing.

Detail background :

My dad bought our shop in the year of 1992.

We do have stamp papers but not the registered one.

Now its time for us to sell off this shop and we came to know that we require Registered Stamp papers but which we don’t have it.

When we go to Narmada Bhavan Building in Vadodara Gujarat to get the Registered Stamp papers, so now they are asking us to provide the allotment letter which was issued that time but we don’t have it. Hence we are not able to get the Original Stamp papers for our shop.

Can some one please guide us that what can be done here ? I strongly believe there must be some solution here. Please help us here.

Thanks in Advance.