Hi, I recently visited the site of this project and wanted to invest. The builder is quoting Rs. 3500/- per Sq ft + floor rise charges and amenities charges. Delivery is 3 years from now.

Has ​​​anyone here bought or looking to buy? Are the rates quoted ok?
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  • I also went to the site today. They are quoting Rs 3500/-. It is on road property and the location is good.
  • Hi, recently visited and they quoted Rs.3600/- per sft. I felt the location is good, commercial shopping complex planned opposite to the property after this property construction by the same builder and worth the price considering the amenities, locality, reputation of the builder. Also heard that all the legal approvals are completed. Planning to buy an apartment.
    Is anyone planning to buy apt in this property?
  • Last month I visited MVV City site. They are offering * 3700/- sft with two years interest free loan. If we pay from our own funds the offer at 3200/- sft.

    As the second offer looks better, I approached three bankers, but they refused to fund for MVV City and suggested to go for MVV Signature (Yendada). According to them there are some legal issues, but not ready to share the details.

    Can anybody advice me which banker is financing for MVV City? Really there are any legal issues?

    • mks30062 years ago
      I booked advance and took loan from PNB. However LIC was also ready to offer loan but i went to PNB. i dont know which banker refused to give loan but this year i checked with several banks and all of them are ready to offer loans.