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Real Estate Trends in Vishakhapatnam

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Real Estate Trends in Vishakhapatnam

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    ‘Laxity in law enforcement leading to fire mishaps’

    TNN | Updated: Mar 5, 2017, 11.53 AM IST

    Fire mishaps in the city are no longer confined to the industrial units but are taking place in busy areas such as in government hospitals, ATMs, commercial establishments and shops. Concerned by such happenings, Vizagites list ways to minimise fire mishaps and emphasise on strict enforcement of fire safety norms.

    Permission to buildings

    Lots of apartments, hospitals, cinema halls and malls are violating the rules and regulations and we are seeing many fire mishaps mainly due to lack of fire and safety measures. The government is giving permission for apartments in narrow streets (galli) without safety measures. If accident occurs, there's no access for fire tenders to enter those streets. Our city is now a smart city but we are modifying our city without putting in place safety measures which will threaten our future. Therefore, GVMC officials should issue fire safety certificate to private buildings only after ensuring that all the norms are in place.

    Choppa Rama Raju, Pvt employee

    Follow guidelines

    The recent fire mishaps in Vizag city were on account of electrical short circuits. But there were also cases of gas leakages in houses and industrial units in the pharma SEZ. The main reason for these frequent accidents is laxity on the part of establishment owners as well as law enforcement authorities, right from GVMC to fire safety department. Occupancy certificate should be given to a building only after ensuring all the fire safety measures are implemented thoroughly. Electrical connections and equipment should be of high quality and precautions against overloading and short circuits should be taken. Fire extinguishers and other materials should be maintained properly to meet any emergency. The approach roads should allow fire tenders to reach the affected building in a short time. More importantly, the building or any establishment should follow the fire safety guidelines prescribed by the government and on their part, the authorities should frequently inspect all the vulnerable places to ensure strict adherence to rules.

    Maradapu Srinivasa Rao, Retired bank employee

    Keep a strict vigil

    With fire accidents becoming frequent in the city, the AP Pollution Control Board(APPCB) and the district administration should keep a strict vigil on the safety standards before giving clearances to any industry. The recent incidents in some of the factory units in the city limits raise questions about safety standards. In one of the recent incidents, fire tender service took over 48 hours to douse the fire as there was not enough room for the fire tenders to access the unit. This led to many people questioning the concerned inspecting department's approving factory operations and role of the APPCB.

    Lohit Ganivada, Student

    Minimise loss

    Though fire accidents can't be stopped, steps to prevent and reduce fire accidents can certainly be taken. Simple measures such as keeping functional fire extinguishers and housekeeping are not considered by most establishments. Apart from these, insurance is one thing that most establishments don't care about, which can minimise the loss due to fire mishaps.

    N Ramprasad, Private employee

    Need self-discipline

    To control fire mishaps, quality electricity wiring, fire safety measures, protectable transformers, experienced electricians and mainly self-discipline and responsibility are required. Indiscipline and irresponsibility in deploying fire safety measures have aggravated the problem.

    Satya Chunduri, Teacher

    Enforcement of rules

    To control frequent incidences of fire mishaps and loss of lives and property, enforcement of rules is very much required especially in commercial places. Many such places don't have functional fire-fighting equipment. Only when a mishap happens, checking and enquires are made but soon the issue is closed and forgotten.

    Vivek Rathod, Social worker

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      ‘Lack of civic sense and no fine imposition leading to beach littering’

      TNN | Updated: Mar 12, 2017, 11.07 AM IST

      The dirty and unhygienic conditions at the beaches of the port city has Vizagiites fuming. They say on the one hand, the state government is spending crores of rupees on beach development while on the other, there is no maintenance. At the same time, they concede that the public too is to blame for their extreme lack of civic sense which results in the beaches getting littered to the point of ugliness. There is a need for stringent monitoring on the part of the administration and imposition of fine by the authorities on the public in order to ensure that the city beaches are kept clean, the residents point out.

      Lack of civic sense

      Vizag is endowed with naturally beautiful beaches. But, they have become eye sores because of human defiling. Though Vizag held the fifth position in Swachh Bharat rankings in 2016, the picture on the beach front is anything but clean. Though the government has been spending huge amounts to develop beaches, the same spirit is absent in their upkeep. With woeful lack of civil sense on the part of visitors to the beach as well as inaction by the authorities concerned, the problem is worsening by the day. Establishments and industrial units also dump their effluents and waste into the sea. Every visitor should feel the responsibility to keep the beaches clean, particularly at the time of big events and festivals. And, at the same time, the authorities also should be ever vigilant to keep them litter-free.

      Maradapu Srinivasa Rao, Retired bank employee

      Let's do our duty

      We love our Vizag and especially its beaches. It is our home and our responsibility. Let us do our duty for our love. Let's put a conscious effort and remind ourselves of our duty. Stop littering and put the trash in dustbins. Let us take an oath to treasure and protect the pride and beauty of our city beaches and respect the efforts of GVMC.

      D Sandeep Reddy, MD, Studyeuro Education Consultancy

      Irresponsible citizens

      In the recently concluded CII conference on Destination Vizag, we showcased attractions like Thotlakonda Beach to the country's top destination management companies. The city administration too highlighted its conscious efforts in keeping these attractions clean and tourism worthy. However, it is a shame that citizens are doing very little and leave such beautiful locations littered with garbage and waste. It is probably due to lack of education and responsibility.

      Aditya Malla

      Shift eateries

      My suggestion is that all eateries should be shifted to the other side of the beach. Apart from this, GVMC should constantly review other pollutants from areas like port and industries and take quick and strong measures to keep the beaches clean.

      D Ravi, Retired corporate executive

      Create awareness

      After events like IFR and Visakha Utsav, tourists to this place are increasing by leaps and bounds. The government is spending immensely on beach beautification. To maintain this environment, trash bins that were fixed throughout the stretch should be used for disposing of waste. Usage of plastic and others for packaging purpose should be reduced. Voluntarily, people should take part in creating awareness among their family and social circles about beach littering and its effects.

      Sindhu Veni

      Public should use dustbins

      When one enjoys an evening out on the beach, one should make sure that garbage is dumped only in dustbins. The public usually throws plastic wrappers all over the place, this despite the fact that every vendor has a dustbin attached to his cart. We must spread some awareness about the harmful effects of strewing garbage and must educate the people not to litter in public places and to keep our city and beaches clean and green.

      Bharat Chaitanya

      Impose fine on errant public

      We have beautiful beaches and there's scope for further improving and beautifying them. It's high time the GVMC employs policemen in plain clothes to monitor the littering and impose fines on the spot to those violating the rules.

      R Sekar, AGM Nalco

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        Vizag Metro Rail project awaits in-principle nod

        Siva G| TNN | Updated: Mar 16, 2017, 11.25 AM IST

        VISAKHAPATNAM: The state government is facing severe criticism from all sections of the society for not allotting any funds for the Vizag Metro Railway project even though it was mooted before the Vijayawada Metro Railway project. However, the concerned authorities claim that the project is in the pipeline and a detailed project report (DPR) has been submitted to the central government for in-principle approval.

        The metro rail project was planned in 2014 and the DPR prepared in 2015 was approved by the state cabinet following which it was sent to the central government in January last year. The central government proposed the project under the PPP mode against the conventional method of construction and the revised DPR was submitted in December."We are waiting for the in-principle nod from the central government following which allocation of funds will be done," Amaravathi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (AMRPC) managing director N Ramakrishna Reddy told TOI.

        The state government had mooted the Vizag metro rail project even before that in Vijayawada but the latter gained momentum as it comes under the new capital region.

        The Vizag metro rail will cover 42.04 km stretch in three corridors -- Kommadi to Gajuwaka, Gurudwara Junction to Old Post office via Dwarakanagar and Dabagardens, and Thatichetlapalem to Park Hotel on Beach Road via the station complex. The cost of the project was estimated to be Rs 12,000 crore as per the 2015-16 report, sources said.

        Reddy said once they get permission from the central government, they will invite expressions of interest (EOI). "We need to send the project for approval in each stage from the central government as it will provide viability gap funding. Any metro rail project will take years together for completion. The project is under consideration by the central government," he added.

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          Beach constructions flout CRZ norms in Vizag

          The CRZ norms state that no new permanent or concrete structure should come up at least half a kilometre (500 metres) from the sea coastSulogna Mehta | TNN | Updated: March 19, 2017, 09:55 IST

          VISAKHAPATNAM: Massive construction works are going on along the Vizag-Bheemili Beach Road in violation of the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) norms and ironically, it is the government bodies who are permiting such constructions and putting up boards regarding the details of the upcoming project.

          Though the CRZ norms state that no new permanent or concrete structure should come up at least half a kilometre (500 metres) from the sea coast, several hotels, resorts and structures have come up on Beach Road, especially between Rushikonda and Bheemili, during the last few years. The latest being a 4,966 square yard kalyanamandapam at Rushikonda, barely a few metres away from Sai Priya Resort. Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (Intach) member Shabnam Patel said, “It’s surprising to see how the government can give permission to such permanent structures at the cost of coastal environment. Sometimes, it is for a hotel or convention centre or at times a function hall. There are already sea-view star hotels and resorts existing in the city where meetings and functions can be held. There’s no need for creating noise and environment pollution in a serene ambiance and damage the coastal ecology further.”

          Melville Smythe, an employee of Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh (SAAP) who teaches surfing at Rushikonda Beach, said, “Being associated with Rushikonda and Vizag for many decades, I have seen how private players keep expanding their properties along the beach, grab land gradually and start construction on them and discharge untreated waste into the sea. The upcoming kalyanamandapam will not do anything good for the environment, rather will worsen the prevailing pollution. There is absolutely no need for a noisy function hall with bright lights so close to the sea. Already, Rushikonda beach is battered by erosion. It would be detrimental for the environment and marine life.”


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            ‘Only 5 of 150 water bodies remain in and around Vizag’

            Sulogna Mehta | TNN | Mar 26, 2017, 06.00 AM IST

            Visakhapatnam: World Water Day was observed this week to highlight the importance of saving water, but the condition of water bodies in the port city are not at all encouraging.

            The old maps of Vizagapatnam reveal that there used to be around 150 water bodies in and around Vizag, but now, not even five of these exist. Environmentalists stress the need to restore these water bodies to prevent severe water crisis in the near future as well as save the environment and biodiversity.

            Currently, just a couple of water bodies are visible in the city though in a shrunken state. The one in Vaisakhi Jalauddanavanam in Suryabagh has become a tiny lake due to concrete lining after a park was built around it. Another water-body near Kappulupada go-carting centre along the Vizag-Bheemili Road has also shrunk due to road extension.Environmentalist and Intach member Sohan Hatangadi said, "Once, the water body near Yendada Junction was as big as three football fields put together and water used to be available round the year. In 2008, a water pipeline was laid alongside the pond and earth was filled by the side of the pond. Gradually, the pond reduced in size and the public began throwing garbage there. Water from the catchment area of Kamabalakonda Hills used to recharge the ponds which in turn used to replenish the wells. But now, bereft of any proper water body, Yendada is facing a water crisis."

            "The pond needs to be de-silted and widened. Its embankments should be strengthened and a park and pathways can be developed around the waterside. Restoring the pond and beautifying it with greenery will also attract various species of birds and butterflies thus enriching the biodiversity of the area," Hatangadi added.

            Professor of environmental sciences at Andhra University, Uday Bhaskar Reddy said, "The water bodies or wet lands help in storage of rainwater and keep the water table high. Clogging and covering them lowers the water table and leads to paucity of water in the surrounding areas besides adversely affecting the biodiversity."

            Vaisakhi Jalauddanavanam in Suryabagh has become a tiny lake; Another water-body near Kappulupada go-carting centre has also shrunk due to road extension


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              1 lakh hillslope residents cry out for water, proper roads

              V Kamalakara Rao| TNN | Apr 23, 2017, 12.39 PM IST

              VISAKHAPATNAM: More than one lakh residents of 30 hillslope areas under Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) reel under civic problems despite being promised remedies during the past elections.

              The residents claim none of the elected representatives worked towards addressing their basic demands like water supply, proper drainage, power supply and protection from the landslides, particularly in the rainy season. Apart from this, there are dangers in the form of snakes and poisonous insects from nearby forest area.

              "Chief minister Chandrababu Naidu has visited our city nearly 60 times since the new state was formed, but he did not visit our areas till date. None of the local ministers visited our areas so far except in December 2015, when four people died in a landslide in Thatichetlapalem," said K Parameswara Rao, who lives on the slope of Kapparada.

              Most of the hill slope residents are migrated labourers from neighbouring districts of Srikakulam and Vizianagaram. "These residents did not have proper electricity supply for nearly eight years. However, that issue has been resolved now. The present problem is of drinking water, proper roads, health and education facilities. Many children come down to avail themselves of education and health facilities," said Ch Narasinga Rao, state secretariat member of CPM party.

              P Hemalatha, a resident of Hanumanthawaka hill slope, said, "The hand borewells are not working properly. GVMC supplies water through tankers, but they do not come up to our hillock. We have to come down to collect water. This apart, there is no specific timing of the water tanker. Our situation turns horrible in peak summer which begins in May. Last year, we had a horrific experience due to lack of drinking water in May." "We have on several occasions requested the GVMC to set up a protection wall along the residential localities on hilltops, but they have not responded to our request. Instead, they are now planning to construct a retaining wall in the leeward side along National Highway-16 to prevent landslides on the highway. We welcome the move, but they must put the same enthusiasm on building of such walls at the hill top," said another resident of Hanumanthawaka K Jagannadham.

              GVMC commissioner M Hari Narayanan told TOI that they would construct a retaining wall at Hanumanthawaka. "The people living in 10 houses vacated the place on Saturday to facilitate the construction of the retaining wall, which is important for the safety of the vehicles and people passing on the highway," the civic chief said.


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                Mafia laying illegal roads to transport laterite, say tribals

                TNN | Apr 25, 2017, 06.00 AM IST

                Visakhapatnam: Villagers of Sarudugu panchayat in Natavaram mandal complained to district officials on Monday that the mining mafia has been illegally laying a road from Sundarakota to Torada for laterite mining and transportation.

                Sundarakota PESA (Panchayats Extension to Scheduled Areas Act) committee secretary B Krishna said the road was being constructed without permissions from the forest and revenue departments. He said the mafia had mined around 60,000 tonne of laterite and was constructing the road to transport it.

                "This will damage the environment lead to pollution in eight villages. The government recently gave permissions to only tribal Killo Lovaraju to excavate laterite in 40 acres, but no permission to transport it," he said, adding that ruling party leaders were supporting the mafia.


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                  GVMC finally wakes up to restore Yendada pond

                  Sulogna Mehta| TNN | Updated: Apr 27, 2017, 08.08 AM IST

                  Yendada Junction got filled up with debris and garbage, the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) is all set to restore it. This follows requests for its revival from environment activists.

                  Clearing and desilting work of the water body has already commenced in the last few days and plans are being made for landscaping and developing a park and walking track around the lake, which would also enrich the biodiversity of the surrounding area. This was the only huge water body in the area of the size of three football fields. In 2008, a water pipeline was laid along the pond. Poles were also erected for power lines. Earth was filled by the side of the pond. Gradually, owing to siltation and mud deposition, the surface area and depth of the pond diminished and public also started throwing garbage in the shrunken pond. Even in summer, there used to be water in this pond. Water from the Kamabalakonda hills, a catchment area used to charge the ponds.

                  GVMC superintending engineer K Venugopal said, "In the last few years, several apartments have come up in Yendada. Without water bodies, Yedada started facing water crisis and the watertable dropped drastically during summer. So, we are reviving this pond to enable rainwater collection and recharging of surrounding borewells for residents' benefit. We will also put bunds and culverts so that if the maximum water level is reached, the excess water would drain out to surplus weir or culverts. Stone pitching is also being done to strengthen the banks." In addition to restoring the two-acre pond, the GVMC commissioner M Hari Narayana intends to beautify the area around the water body. "Under the commissioner's instructions, we would put walking paths around the water body, develop landscaping and greenery, put seats for walkers and people coming from the National Highwayside to rest and improve the road connectivity between Sagarnagar and Yendada by building a bypass road or lane. We hope to restore the water body within two months before the onset of monsoon," added Venugopal.

                  Environmentalist Sohan Hatangadi said, "It's good that GVMC has understood the importance of reviving this water body and has taken up the work by cleaning the pond, deepening it and strengthening the banks. The restoring of the pond and beautifying it with greenery and flowering plants would in turn attract various species of water birds and butterflies thus enriching the biodiversity of the area."


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                    Plastic pollution a major threat to city

                    Sulogna Mehta| TNN | Updated: May 31, 2017, 04.40 PM IST

                    Visakhapatnam: Environment lovers and green organisations question the pollution created by the several tonnes of plastic that is generated during political and religious gatherings in the city. Currently, yellow plastic flags and flexi boards of politicians have flooded the city.

                    Whenever a fest, religious or political programme happens, flags, festoons, banners and flexi boards adorn the city at all junctions and road dividers. Added to it is the environment pollution caused by thousands of plastic bottles, water and buttermilk sachets.

                    Environment-conscious organisation India Youth for Society has recently written to GVMC commissioner M Hari Narayanan and urged him to implement Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016 and sought proper recycling and management of plastic waste. A copy of the letter was sent to district collector Pravin Kumar, AP Pollution Control Board and various political parties.

                    As per the Environment Act and orders of High Court of Andhra Pradesh (before division), political parties should avoid plastic items in their campaigns.
                    Appala Reddy, vice-president of the NGO India Youth for Society (IYFS) said, "We don't mean to target any particular political party or religious organisation. It goes for all political parties and organisers of fests and programmes. Be it Visakha Utsav or Giri Pradakshina or Mahanadu, we find there's no regulation or monitoring on the plastics used and discarded during the event and thereafter." The organisation had already begun a campaign P4 (Prevent Polythene - Protect Planet) to urge people to reduce plastic waste by using alternatives such as cloth bags and metal items.

                    "It's disheartening to see tonnes of plastic flags and flexi banners when we are trying to reduce plastic waste. These will clog the drainage, ail the cattle who consume it along with food and some of these will even enter the sea carried by wind. Besides, the huge cut-outs of politicians and banners placed on medians or hoardings near junctions can even lead to road mishaps," added Reddy.

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                      Reservoirs of hope but desilting is a far cry

                      Sulogna Mehta| TNN | Jun 6, 2017, 10.39 AM IST

                      VISAKHAPATNAM: Another summer season has gone by and monsoon is almost here. It's that time of the year when all the reservoirs that supply water to the city partially or completely dry up.

                      Worse still, the mud, clay and debris settle on the beds of the reservoirs and on top of that, all sorts of garbage is thrown on them. But hardly, there's any effort on part of the departments concerned to desilt and clean the reservoirs.

                      Pre-monsoon cleaning of the reservoirs is necessary to enhance the depth and storage capacity of the tanks so that when the rains come, higher volume of water can be stored. But sadly, the reservoirs turn into dumpyards every summer.

                      The main reservoirs which supply water to Vizag include Thatipudi (297 feet depth), Gambheeram (126 ft), Mudasarlova (169 feet), Meghadrigedda (61 feet), Raiwada(374.01 feet) and Yeluru (283.46 feet).

                      An environmentalist from the NGO Wings of Life Foundation, requesting anonymity, said, "I visited Mudasarlova and Gambheeram reservoirs a few days ago and was shocked to see their condition. Not only had they partially dried up but Mudasarlova is full of debris and garbage. Water was being pumped into Gambheeram reservoir as it had almost dried up."

                      Vivek Rathod, a member of Mother Earth Environment Consciousness Society (Meecons), says, "Even though the city suffers from periodic water scarcity, the civic authorities aren't taking cleaning and desilting works seriously, which is necessary at least once a year before the monsoons to increase the capacity of the tanks by 5-10 per cent. But even if work is being taken up, it's progressing at a very slow pace and can't be completed before the rains set in." When contacted, superintending engineer from Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) Ananda Raosaid, "Desilting work of Mudasarlova Reservoir comes under GVMC whereas the irrigation department should look into the works of other reservoirs. As for Mudasarlova, we are removing 300 truckloads of debris from it but there has been no proposal till now to clear the reservoirs before monsoon."


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