Hi All,

I am looking forward to buy an apartment in zirakpur for residential purposes.

Needed your feedback about the areas VIP Road vs Peer Mushalla, which of these is better?

Also feedback on any projects in these areas will be highly appreciated.

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  • I personally visited both areas about a year ago, it is absolutely unplanned development. Builders have plots, but there is no idea/plan of the roads leading to these projects. The exisitng roads are so narrow. Better to avoid these areas from investment perspective? VIP road ?????a misnomer :D.
  • @Romank: I totally agree, its same in peer mushalla. There are so many housing societies coming on just two roads which has only one access from PKL. Imagine when all the societies have residents and in the morning you have to leave for office along with everyone else. In peer mushalla this is compounded by the fact that sector 20 has so many societies and shortest access is one under the bridge.

    Nothing personal, but its my view that Mohali newer sectors are lot better than these two locations.
  • @Romank: Bingo, you have hit the nail on head. VIP road and peer mushalla will be too congested.

    I intend to shift back to IT company in Tricity for me the jobs are either in Mohali or CHD and I am planning to either invest in SkyLark / Ansal or go for ATS, Derabassi.
  • Hi people, I just visited Peer Mushalla last week. Lot of things abt peer mushalla r not v true. Pls see the master plan of tricity and u will know peer mushalla has various vents and not just the one attached to pkl. It is much better than VIP road. Derabassi is too far away. ATS is a good builder but like in my other thread that I have mentioned, it's too far. Even if the layout is great, it is in derabassi which is not a great area to live.
    Being a buyer I have spoken to a lot of brokers, people and my own gut. Peer mushalla is a better bet for investment or end use. Even from a rental perspective, it is the best option.
  • @Abhikul: Currently Peer Mushalla has one entry, rest are in master plan. Peer Mushalla has a better rental perspective that's true and I also agree with your opinion about derabassi. But ATS is not inside derabassi town, they will be having a separate entry and exit so that solves the problem.

    Best price is just 5 mins drive from ATS, I know many people who drive 30-45 mins to go to best price for their groceries. All the shopping malls are coming on Zirakpur-Ambala road, having said that even now people from Panchkula come to Chandigarh for shopping. You can yourself check how much time it takes and distance its from any of the location.
  • arey yaar....in future....vip road area....and derabassi area is 100 times better area then peer muchalla....

    connectivity wise...peer muchalla is good...as it is adjoining sec 20....

    magar yaar....if we see in long run.....hazaro flats ke liye no parks...no green zones....even road bhi nahi chori koi....

    belive me guys....its not that easy....once you start living....ameneties plays the most important role.....
  • @mypunjab/Softwareman: apni apni sooch aur zaroorat hai, agar budget 65 lac and wait for 3 yrs possible hai toh ATS LifeStyle better hai. Tab tak school pe pick kar jayega, rahi baat distance ki if one is working in CHD/Mohali then its much faster to reach from Derabassi.

    Pkl mein jyaada jobs nahi hai.
  • Read the review abt the school in ats derabassi thread. It throws lot of insights guys
  • Can you paste the link? The only link which I found says that they currently have 5 students, if this is the one you are talking about then its common for a new school. They started pretty late and even in ATS office they are giving the same picture. From my perspective, I don't see any builder investing infrastructure like schools etc.

    Now fast forward 5 yrs down the lane and think, it will be a different area altogether.
  • I know software bhai other builders don't offer schools because they don't need to. Ats is very far. It is the same thread but look at the other highlighted issues: construction, school, fee. No doubt that if the project becomes exactly like what was promised, it would be great but after going through that thread I have some doubts. Also the industries around Derabassi may impact pollution levels in the air. I also remember reading an article about it.

    I have nothing personal but I just feel there are better locations than derabassi. Peer mushalla, mohali or for the long term Mullanpur.
  • True, that is the risk I am taking based on their delivery in Noida. Pollution has come down in Derabassi in past few years and I am certainly hoping it will further in next 5 yrs.

    Best of luck to all of us buyers :)
  • Originally Posted by Abhikul
    The rates for 3bhk in Victoria heights are around 6500000 all inclusive for 1900 sq ft super area and approx 1cr for Bollywood heights for 2400 4bhk. The rates are genuine as these are on the first road as you enter peer mushalla from sec 20. The flats behind Victoria heights road are 1.2 cr for 3bhk same size. I have spoken with a few brokers. Even they feel in the long term prices will increase here. There is a commercial mall and also a mall that is coming up. I am just confused btw BH or VH.
    Derabassi to me is too far away. If you have to go that far then Mullanpur is a better option where u have bigger names at affordable prices. Just a personal opinion.

    peer mushalla will be an ignored place in future with mullanpur coming up. It is common sense that Punjab's focus will be to develop mullapur (new chandigarh) rather than a place surrounded by Haryana from all sides.

    Builders and brokers are quoting ridiculous prices for that area...so be careful before you decide to pay as high as 50+ for that area !!
  • Originally Posted by tricityuser
    peer mushalla will be an ignored place in future with mullanpur coming up. It is common sense that Punjab's focus will be to develop mullapur (new chandigarh) rather than a place surrounded by Haryana from all sides.

    Builders and brokers are quoting ridiculous prices for that area...so be careful before you decide to pay as high as 50+ for that area !!

    If you see the prices of surrounding areas and even mullanpur the prices seem to be justified. Mullanpur will take a few years to develop and is not liveable. You rather put that money and enjoy interest on that which is a better option.

    Peer Mushalla is for people who want to be close to panchkula but don't have the money to buy there and hence they buy. Mullanpur, Debra bassi is a distant dream.

    VIP road and peer mushalla cater to different preferences and people can decide that on ther own
  • @Abhikul: I agree that Mullanpur is distant dream, but for Derabassi there are good projects like ATS (has Ready to Move flats) which don't have comparison and are within reach of middle income group. With METRO / BEST PRICE / McD / KFC / Paras / Haldiram etc in the same road I feel its a better investment opportunity.

    Considering infrastructure development in India, any project having direct access to NHAI maintained roads are better off.
  • Positives of VIP Road - Suits those working in Chandigarh as it has straight access to Chandigarh, Good Infrastructure coming up on main highway, Good commercial development on VIP Road itself, Suits various budgets (as it has almost all category of flats like 2BHK, 3 BHK), Located near main highway.

    Negatives of VIP Road - Main approach road is very narrow, One feels like living far away from main city, Distance from Panchkula as compared to Peer Mushalla, Distance from Railway Station, Very bad state of roads during monsoon

    Positives of Peer Mushalla - As it is very near to Sec-20 one feels like living in main city itself, Easy access to Panchkula, Suits those working in or around Panchkula

    Negatives of Peer Mushalla - Narrow approach road, Distance from Chandigarh, Lack of own Infrastructure, Mainly 3 BHK flats are available except one or two societies which offer 2 BHK flats, Located distantly from main highway.