Zirakpur used to be a proper village till a few years ago (as I have heard). Currently a lot of real estate development is going on in Zirakpur because of its close proximity to Chandigarh and connectivity (the three highways merge at Zirakpur - the CHD-Ambala Expressway, CHD-Patiala highway and the Zirakpur Kalka Highway. The Zirakpur Kalka Highway is being widened and converted to an expressway. The CHD-Patiala highway is also planned to be widened in future).

The Zirakpur bus stop itself still has a village/old market look(although a mall Paras downtown square has come up on the crossing), but the good point is that there is a flyover over Zirakpur and for all practical purposes you can take the flyover and avoid the Zirakpur bus stop and traffic. The apartments and new developments are coming up away from the Zirakpur bus stop, in the peripheries. The areas where most of the real estate development is happening, can be broadly classified into 3-4 sub areas.

Area 1. VIP Road, Ambala Highway and Patiala Highway and the vicinity:- VIP Road is a link road connecting the Ambala Highway and the Patiala Highway. While coming from Ambala towards Chandigarh, the VIP road is on the left side after Silver city township and before the Zirakpur flyover starts. The other end of the VIP road meets Patiala highway just before Nabha sahib Gurudwara. The VIP Road is planned to be 60 ft road as per master plan. The positive points of this area are that it started developing a few years ago and is amongst the areas which are observing fastest development. There are lot of comemrcial projects coming near this area. There are malls planned like Global Spirit Mall, Cosmos Plaza, Chandigarh city center etc just near the entry point of VIP Road. Also the projects started coming up in the area a few years back and many projects in this area are near completion and some are already inhabited and people living there. The proximity to all the three highways is a plus and for commute to Chandigarh, one can always take the flyover and avoid the Zirakpur traffic. There are residential townships like Silver City and Silver City extension in this area which are already hit and posh areas. People say that the negative point of this area is that the road planned is 60ft wide which will lead to traffic and chaos in longer run, but I think differently and I believe that the road will be able to handle the traffic.

Area 2. Peer Mushalla Area: This area is also observing development and getting many projects. This area is just touching Panchkula Sector-20 and that is the main selling point of this area. Currently the approach to the area is from Sector-20 Panchkula through an internal sector road, but later in the future there are wider roads of 100 ft and 60 ft planned in this area connecting to Zirakpur and to Panchkula. This area has started developing only recently and relies heavily on the infrastructure of Sector-20 panchkula. This area will not witness much commercial growth in near future, but the Sector-20 panchkula market is already developed and a good market. As per my understanding the only positive point of this area is that it is just adjacent to Sector-20 and in long run will just look like an extension of Sector-20 and kind of posh. As of now not much infrastucture is there in this area (like street lights, proper roads, market etc) but in longer run it might look a very decent area. The negative point as of now is the only appraoch road is the street from Panchkula sector-20 and then there are people who say that this street is not a planned street and will be blocked etc etc. This area entry is about 1.5 kms inside from Zirakpur-Kalka highway and some of the projects coming here are about 2 kms or so away from the Kalka highway.

Area 3. Dhakoli area - This area is near the village Dhakoli near the Military 'K' defence area about 1 to 1.5 km from the Zirakpur bus stop towards Kalka highway. This is already inhabited area and the projects here have come up or are coming up in the land banks which were vacant. There are some projects which have come up in residential area near Gurudwara Baoli sahib and some others which are coming up on the Gazipur road (the road on which Dee Ess Estates and Fort Resort are there. That road is a 150 ft planned road in master plan). The positive points about this area are that this area is already inhabited and has the facilities and infrastructure, but the new projects coming on Gazipur road are in middle of agriculture land. The projects which are in residential area are comparatively smaller projects and don't have much open area and amenities to offer.

These are my views about the areas and others' views and comments invited in terms of which area will be the best from an end buyer perspective.
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