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Ghazipur Dhakoli and VIP Road - Zirakpur


Ghazipur Dhakoli and VIP Road - Zirakpur

Last updated: June 21 2015
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    Re : Ghazipur Dhakoli and VIP Road - Zirakpur

    Originally posted by chdguy View Post
    I would suggest only three projects in this budget and area

    - Nirmal Chhaya Towers
    - Motiaz Royal Estate
    - Orbit Apartments

    For senior citizens, Nirmal Chhaya and Motiaz Royal Estate are good; both have good occupancy and many senior citizens, so your parents would have good company.

    Ask somebody to visit these projects in person and then decide.
    Thanks ChdGuy. I looked into Motiaz Royal Estate online but from the site plan it looks like the open area is less compared to number of blocks it has. I maybe wrong as I'm just going by the site plan on their website.
    - I also could not find Orbit apartments when I searched for it. Do they have a website?
    - Also, do you have any idea on what the price range for a 3 bd rm apt in these 3 communities is and what the carpet area, balcony area and the common area breakup is?

    I want to do a true comparison between these and skynet towers. I looked at spangle condos. They look impressive as far as design and amenities go, but they hardly have any open space and I agree with you that the location is going to take a while to develop.

    - Also, do you know if any of Jaipuria's phases are ready to move in?

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      Re : Ghazipur Dhakoli and VIP Road - Zirakpur

      Originally posted by itsashu View Post
      Thanks chdguy - The reason I am more inclined to Spangle is that I am planning to shift there; not considering it as an investment to liquidate in near future. Seeing to the amenities and in-house infrastructure I guess it is a good bet. Your opinions were helpful nevertheless.

      For now, yes, Panchkula 20 market is the only good source market for Ghazipur. I am pinning my hopes that post 5 years the area would be developed upfront with the connecting road of Peer Muchalla and Ghazipur. Though there is an internal road from Pine homes to Sector 20 panchkula, I havent been there personally but I hear it is currently in not that good shape.

      The only thing with VIP area is the 60 feet wide road. So Nirmal Chaaya and Orbit apartments are the only good options to go for there.

      I went to see the sample flat of Sushma Elite cross. Yes, Sushma urban views is sold out as they mention but I am skeptical of their claims. For the villas on patiala road, I had personally visited the area - truely speaking it wasnt up to the mark. Yes, they have taken the land from Swastik vihar - bang right. But their quality is not good and neither is the layout conducive to stay - thats my personal opinion though.

      I have a duplex house in Skynet Enclave - which is also on the patiala road. Got it in 2009 after much considerations and hunting. I believe this colony is one of the best in that area. I have kept that as a future investment to be liquidated. My last evaluation of the said property gave me a 35% premium - not bad in 2 years. With Patiala highway being 4 laned and international airport, aerocity coming in picture this would jump soon. What do you think? Disposing it off right now or wait for 5 years - what would be better?

      Now I am working for either Nirmal chaaya or Spangle. Preference is with Spangle but I'll revisit the options in light of your comments too. My original preference was also a 3 BR; but having visited the penthouses, I confess, I have fallen for the latter!
      You mentioned you'd purchased a duplex in Skynet enclave. Is this the same as Skynet Towers and built by Skynet builders? If yes, how's the quality and your experience? Also, any idea of what the current going rate is and if you'd recommend purchasing an apt in skynet towers?



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        Re : Ghazipur Dhakoli and VIP Road - Zirakpur

        Hi probkid

        Skynet towers and skynet enclave are two different societies. While Enclave was built first, towers followed the suite. They are however, from the same builder. Going from Zirakpur to Patiala, you'll first see Skynet towers towards your left while Skynet towers is a bit ahead via an internal road (opposite to AKM resorts).

        I am not the original allottee of the said duplex; I purchased it in resale. The transaction was smooth; no hassles from either party including the builder! The original owner had kept it closed and when I got it, apart from the usual chores of cleaning and painting etc., I did not had to get anything done. Its been six years now and just last month I had to get some repair work done along with fungus and pest control.

        Quality wise, I believe they are at par with others. Nothing too extraordinary about them. In comparison with other enclaves, I found this society far better/

        For skynet towers, I did visit their sample a couple of weeks back with a friend of mine who was interested in purchasing a flat in zirakpur.Though I appreciate the layout of the flats, I think it is a small project and at exorbitant price quote. Currently they are selling 3 BHK at 65-66 lacs which in my opinion is too high.

        It can be a good deal if you go in for a rigorous bargaining with the dealer. I recommend if you want to purchase anything on this road (Zirakpur -Patiala), do it before September 2012. Rates are going north and would see a spiral increase post Sep 2012.

        PM me if you need more details


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          Re : Ghazipur Dhakoli and VIP Road - Zirakpur

          check palm court as well, ready to move and good quality


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            Re : Ghazipur Dhakoli and VIP Road - Zirakpur

            I'm looking for a 3bhk flat in zirakpur. Please suggest some good builders & ongoing projects in zirakpur .


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              Re : Ghazipur Dhakoli and VIP Road - Zirakpur

              Checkout ATS, derabassi if budget is around 65 Lac.


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                Re : Ghazipur Dhakoli and VIP Road - Zirakpur

                I have a unit in penta homes zirakhpur vip road..can chandigarh guy and other members guide me whether to sell it or hold it goin to appreciate in near future...


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                  Re : Ghazipur Dhakoli and VIP Road - Zirakpur

                  Zirakpur loses poor cousin tag

                  For years Zirakpur has been seen as an affordable option for those wanting to live in the vicinity of Chandigarh — be it for rental purposes or for purchasing a house. Rentals as well as the prices of flats and even plots here have been much less than those in the satellite towns of Panchkula as well as Mohali. Actually, it was this affordability tag that had been the biggest market driver in this town, which has been time and again decried for lack of proper civic amenities and urban planning.

                  But the demographics of real estate growth here are changing fast now and the demand, too, is seeing a complete turnaround. From small group housing societies built on small plots with little thought given to the approach roads and parking space, there are now well planned high-rises with ample parking space, larger units and group housing communities with their own clubs and commercial spaces offering a whole lifestyle rather than just a place to live in.

                  The growth of the city from the Zirakpur village in 2000, to the ‘Modern Zirakpur’ of 2015, has been phenomenal. Located at the intersection of three National Highways i.e. Chandigarh-Ambala (NH 21), Kalka-Ambala (NH 22) and Zirakpur-Patiala Highway (NH 64), Zirakpur has emerged as one of the most soughtafter residential and commercial destinations by those looking for high-end properties. Seamless connectivity to Chandigarh Central Business District and other neighbourhood cities such as Ambala, Shimla, Panchkula, Mohali, Patiala and Delhi, along with well-maintained social infrastructure and affordable property values, have fuelled the residential demand in this area. As a result there have been steady number of sales in the region and the area has been able to maintain an average annual rise of 10-12 per cent.

                  While the buyer profile here has changed over the past few years with more IT professionals and CEOs of companies, businessmen, landowners from Punjab and Haryana looking for a house near Chandigarh and NRIs has fuelled the demand for premium products, which can be attributed to 15-20 per cent of the overall demand. This is being reflected in the availability of four to six BHK apartments, penthouses, villas, plots etc in a number of new projects here. The ticket size has also touched over Rs1crore to Rs1.5 crore mark in some of the new projects.

                  The area has made room for skyscrapers along with the low-rise buildings and has emerged as a realty hub. Going by the trends, and given the current 1.5 lakh population, a long term average of about 100 families shift to Zirakpur from neighbouring cities every month. The region now experiences a substantial demand in high-rise apartments, and well-planned low-rise independent floors. The market has matured here and the consumers have shifted focus to premium products offering better quality. It may seem that the supply has overshot, but the demand is continuously supporting products that offer efficiency in space utilisation and longevity. The market understands the value of a quality product and is more than willing to pay a premium for the same. About 50 per cent of the demand (by value) in housing is for the homes within a budget of over Rs50 lakh.

                  Zirakpur is also seeing a huge shift in the commercial sector. Top international brands have jumped on to the opportunity that this region is providing. Retail chains Walmart and Metro cash-and-carry, several top-end hotels are fully functional here, with many more waiting to enter this enticing market soon. A lot of MNCs have also planned to open large regional headquarters in this area. Zirakpur has seen a 100 per cent growth in commercial sector as compared to that in Chandigarh and Panchkula.

                  The commercial segment has seen much innovation in the past few years. Increasing demand has led the developers to push their boundaries. Along with the traditional offices, large mixed-use developments now offer great products like deck offices, convertible office studios and much more. The PR-7 and International Airport will be the game changers for this area soon.

                  Zirakpur loses poor cousin tag
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