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Zirakhpur Vs Sec 100 Vs Sunny Enclave (123-125)


Zirakhpur Vs Sec 100 Vs Sunny Enclave (123-125)

Last updated: July 12 2018
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  • Zirakhpur Vs Sec 100 Vs Sunny Enclave (123-125)


    Im interested in investing into residential plot within vicinity of Chandigarh, with a budget of less than 30 Lacs.

    I have gone through the various threads and discussed it with many friends in that area. I get very mixed views. I want to get some suggestions in this forum. As I'm told in the surrounding areas, Zirakpur comes first and then the sector 80s,90s,100s and then the Kharar side. So my question is:
    1. Which of these areas you see a maximum appreciation in a 1-2 year horizon?
    2. What would be average plot rates in Zirakpur side? (anything in 18K/sqyd range?)
    3. How is Sunny Enclave as compared to soo many other projects (115, 116, 117 - Landran Road)? And also which sector in case of Sunny Enclave?
    4. Which has a better resale option, plot or flat (given that this is pure investment and I may not ever live in that)?

    I think lot of questions, but probably that explains my mind too. Im told that I should buy something in this month as there is going to be very good appreciation by Q1 2012 because of elections. (Please comment).

    Thanks in advance for all your suggestions and comments
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    Re : Zirakhpur Vs Sec 100 Vs Sunny Enclave (123-125)

    zirakpur vs sector 100 vs sunny enclave

    Go for sunny enclave sector 123, excellent investment, rates are at the bottom now.


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      Re : Zirakhpur Vs Sec 100 Vs Sunny Enclave (123-125)

      Here is my order of preferences

      1. Sunny Enclave (125 possessionable, 123, 124, 125(not yet possessionable)) in decreasing order of preference but the reverse is true for the time to possession i.e 125 gets possession the fastest followed by 124 and then 123 because 123 is completely under Mohali MC , 124 is partially under Mohali MC and partially under kharar MC, 125 is fully under Kharar MC. Anything under Mohali MC will take more time to be delivered and given possession.

      2. Gillco/Shivalik sec 115 and 127 purely because they have delivered possessions while all others on landran road are struggling to give possessions. Moreover the rates are also very competitive yet here.

      3. May be Mullanpur but the rates have skyrocketed here because of GMADA scheme coming up.

      4. Rest all. I dont prefer zirakpur for plots personally because of unstructured and haphazard development.

      Plot is better resale and investment wise IMHO.



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        Re : Zirakhpur Vs Sec 100 Vs Sunny Enclave (123-125)

        Thanks a lot for very useful information.

        Would there be direct plots from the builder available in Sector 123. Also, what would be the rates that I can expect? In case asking for rates is not a good idea in this forum, please email me the same at

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          Re : Zirakhpur Vs Sec 100 Vs Sunny Enclave (123-125)

          Builder just launched plots in S123 not that good in location and more expensive than the going market rate in resale (I think he launched between 19-20K and resale is 17-18K per sq yard). Moreover the layout is not yet approved as well for these.

          On the flip side, when you go for getting a resale plot you will need to pay about 25-28L straight(equivalent of three installments i.e 75% of the cost plus the premium). Please note that minimum plot size in S123 is 200 sq yard.



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            Re : Zirakhpur Vs Sec 100 Vs Sunny Enclave (123-125)

            This is the high time if u plan to invest in sector 123, the momentum will shift to this area once the date for appliying ecocity is over.

            Bear mind, area surrounding sec 123, 124 is the only land gamada has left in chd tricity (closest) after the mullanpur show is over. Rate ll go very high in next 3-4 months.

            Shivalik is also a good option.



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              Re : Zirakhpur Vs Sec 100 Vs Sunny Enclave (123-125)

              +1 to ricky's observations !!


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                Re : Zirakhpur Vs Sec 100 Vs Sunny Enclave (123-125)

                Thanks again guys. I have been trying to contact some of the agents for the plots. As Jatinder said that sec 123 only has 200+ plot size, so I may also want to look at sec 124, which has smaller plots. Now I have another set of questions.. Thanks in advance for your help.

                1. Is there home loan available for any of the plots in 123/124 sectors? If yes, which bank?

                2. Which is the preferred series of plots in Sec 123 and in 124 (smaller size ones - 150). I would assume that preferred would ofcourse be the ones in the jurisdiction of Mohali MC. So, please let me know the series as Im being thrown lot of options by the property agents.

                3. Any chance if any of you have a sector map (which typically the agents have) as an image for sec 123/124?

                Thanks again.


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                  Re : Zirakhpur Vs Sec 100 Vs Sunny Enclave (123-125)


                  1. HDFC Bank except for a few disputed plots on boundaries 123/124 which have collided with the planned GMADA urban estate. When you get your biana transferred by Bajwa developers, tell them that you want a loan and they will do that for you.

                  2. There are following tricks in 124.

                  124 is due possession (You can call up the BDL office and confirm this). There is a high probability that you would need to pay the full plot price in next 15-20 days for sector 124 plot. This essentially means that you have to pay 4 installments + premium for 124 plots which will come out to be same as 3 installments + premium for 123 for a 200 sq yard plot. I think that the possession of 123 wont come in next 3 months atleast. You will get that much time to arrange for final installment in 123 and a bigger plot under Mohali MC.

                  124's smaller size plots(150/165 sq yard) are not under mohali MC as of now.

                  For investment in 123/124, assume that you have to arrange 24-27L upfront in any case.

                  3. Dont have soft copy of map.

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                    Re : Zirakhpur Vs Sec 100 Vs Sunny Enclave (123-125)


                    3rdQs ans:
                    I have only info of Sec123, and in that go for series 1160-1181, 1228-1257, 700 and 800..They all are on 200 feet wide road.

                    Not sure where you are located but if possible then go to site(S123 and S124 ) and have a look, it ll give u better picture.

                    Also, if possible then go for S123. it's closer to chd and comes under mohali MC...gonna pay in longer run.



                    Have any questions or thoughts about this?