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MD Leafstone in Zirakpur


MD Leafstone in Zirakpur

Last updated: November 3 2017
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  • MD Leafstone in Zirakpur

    hey guys.

    I am new to this forum and saw this forum is very helpful. I want to know about the projects on Pabhat road Zirakpur.As i have already seen some of them.Please help me find out which is the best project on that road. I also want to know about the LEAFSTONE project on that road.Please give me helpful suggestions to invest my hard earned money in right project.

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    Re : MD Leafstone in Zirakpur

    Any updates on this project?


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      Re : MD Leafstone in Zirakpur

      Date: 3/11/2017

      Horrible experience with Leafstone Luxury Apartments

      I'm a resident of Leafstone Luxury Apartments. I have been living here from over 1.5 years now.

      I brought the flat here because I found the architecture better than most societies here. I and my wife met their Director who was very flexible and accommodating. We had some ideas which his team helped us materialize and also made the needful changes within the scope of their approved architecture/design.

      Our experience changed once we started living in the society and we regularly participated in the society meetings conducted by other residents. Many complained about the delays in delivery of various promised services and facilities which for the benefit of our society we followed up with the builder on email regularly. This led to a gap between me and the builder. Meanwhile, we started facing issues due to poor workmanship in our own flat.. Such as
      1. Low Water Pressure,
      2. Cracks in Walls,
      3. Leakage from AC drainage pipe,
      4. Seepage of water in the walls adjoining the Bathroom,
      5. Trespassing on our Rooftop and
      6. Stray dogs littering our garbage bins.

      We time and again reported these issues, and are still pending. We've now finally given up trying individually as the builder does not reply to our emails or phone calls. We feel harassed and ill-treated as a customer.

      Its been 3 weeks now we've been following up regularly on email for the Registry of our Flat and even trying to call but the builder but he is not responding to emails or phone calls. When his employees are contacted they say they'll get back but they don’t call back or answer the calls now.

      Other issues with the common facilities and deliverables.
      1. Electrical boxes with Bus bars live wires stay open. They are easily accessible and kids as low as 2-3 years of age can reach them posing a high risk to their life. We reported this many a number of times till date but the builder has not been able to find a permanent solution.
      2. Poor Security - Our initial security guard had no dress and 1 was good for the entire property. After many meetings with reputed society members and push from Army Officer (Owner of Flat) we've been able to get the builder to employ two security guards. Imagine around 75 families residing and 2 Security Guards. 1 on Patrol / Rest and 1 at the gate.
      3. Maintenance Staff: Non Existent. No dedicated number for maintenance. Thankfully Security Guard has been given a mobile number and it mostly works.
      4. Project Deadlines: This is one point where I'm astonished to see that this builder commits time and again on email to all residents and then fails time and again to deliver on his promises. Gym, Letterboxes, and Intercom was promised by January 31st 2017.. None delivered. Only promises delivered were 3 Notice Boards for 3 Towers.
      5. Gazebo: The original design while selling the flat and as shown on their facebook page / brochures shows a design on top of the building. After possession, when we followed up and asked when would this be completed, we were told that we've cancelled the idea as residents don’t want it.


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