Hello Everyone,

Its a very urgent matter on which I would require your advise. There are so many threads already created with loads of information on what I am looking for. However, if there is positive info, there is negative stuff also abt the same project/flat and its just confusing me and given the time frame I've in hand, its just not going in right direction.

I am looking for a flat for my mother who stays alone and she has to vacate the Govt provided accomodation because my father passed away few months back.

Our budget is 35-40 Lks, and we are looking for something in Thane. I just need your expert advise within the above limitation.

We have to shift in another 3 months time. Pls pls pls, if you could advise something that could fall under the above criteria, that would be highly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks in advance to all of you!!

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