Why is royal palms in Goregaon(E) such a failure ? The rates I hear are very low. What is the catch here ?
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  • Any update regarding Royal Palms ? With the BMC taking over the road and scrapping toll, this road now should get lit up soon.
    Has the builder started maintaining the complex or residents still managing on their own.
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  • Please be careful with these folks at Royal Palms. They are smart people who have hired agents like Sameer Shaikh who runs business under the name of Unicorn World Trade. He resold a flat to my father and asked to pay initial amount. My poor retired old father got attracted with the price quoted by the sweet tongue and very well acted agent and got trapped. Initially he used to answer the call but now he is absconding. He does not take the call and if called from different unknown number then picks the call and says that he is in debt. He handed check but that bounced too. The builder has tamed crooks.Surprisingly Amir Nensey and his sons, Muhamed and Dilawar Nensey who are the owners of such place are encouraging SAMEER SHAIKH with his business. There are many folks who stay there and they complain they have been trapped too but cant do anything as they are residing between these goons. If Nensey had been genuine they would have taken action against their broker but its a big racket all involved.

  • Emerald Isle 2, Royal Palms, Goregaon Mumbai East


    I have been reading all the posts and innumerable lines of negatives written about Royal Palms on various forums and sites.This exercise was to take an educated decision and not an emotional one.

    We have bought an apartment in Emerald Isle 2 and had absolutely no problem in getting the loan and closing the deal.

    All the papers for Emerald Isle 2 are in place and the property is as Legal as one could get. Central Bank of India , Kothrud Branch Pune has already disbursed the loan and we have taken the possession last week. The Society office bearers were extremely co-operative and had no issues with getting the interior work started.

    The toll that existed on the Aaray Colony road has been discontinued for long now and the road is now under BMC. I assume it will be done up soon.

    I dont think there is any other location in Mumbai ( at this per sq feet rate ) which offers so much of space, scenerity and fresh pollution free atmosphere. All the Negative Posts on the net are on or before 2010 and hardly of any significance now. Things seem to have changed for good and that is surely good news for all prospective buyers.

    Guys, thought of sharing my two cents for folks who want to buy a property in Royal Palms , just to help them make an informed and educated decision, like we did.

    Happy Life and God bless..

  • Thanks for sharing the information. I once visited may be in 2008 there. The place is very scenic. My few friends invested there in condo-type of flats and for few years they were too much worried after investing there. Anyway its good to get the problem solved. BTW could you share the current rate in this project.
  • ^^ Looks like paid news...
  • The first and the only post the guy makes.. is praising a project is surely a marketing guy... No one does it.. Even if you buy from the best of the builders, you have so many complaints and the guys truly shaft you..

    Free marketing.. :bab (3):

    Originally Posted by amul_capri
    ^^ Looks like paid news...
  • Emerald Isle 2, Royal Palms, Goregaon Mumbai East

    I was just being honest enough to express my views and share my experience.

    Now if "Honest Views" are looked upon as "Marketing Gimmicks" - then be it.

    I have given the Name of the Bank and Branch from where i got the loan sanctioned, how can anyone fake that?

    No where did I say that it is Near Perfect, I just saw some positive changes and that is what reflects in my post.
  • 'PareshD' is absolutely right. I am on this forum since last 3 years and even i posted only positive things about Royal Palms. I have bought 3 BHK in Ruby Isles Building in Royal Palms, 4 years back. Infact, if you check you my old posts, you will see my surprise the way people talk badly about Royal Palms. They can pay the same amount and live in far off places like Navi Mumbai or Thane, but when it comes about Royal Palms, they talk about water issues and road issues ( both of which are almost got solved. Most Buildings have BMC water and the Ruby Building where i bought my apartment is in the process).
    So please get your facts right before posting negative about anything.
    Yes, Royal Palms is not the right place to invest if you want to re-sell your property. But its the right place to invest, if you invest in the property there and eventually want to live there.
  • Emerald Isle 2, Royal Palms, Goregaon Mumbai East

    Thanks starboy786

    Great to know that some building have BMC water already. Hope others get it soon too.
  • Hi Paresh, can you please share your experience regarding the construction quality and commuting ? Thanks
  • I am also interesting in knowing about connectivity and commuting.
  • Hi Madhav, Aditya

    i cannot comment much on the construction quality of other buildings in Royal Palms ( RP ) as i havent seen many but the quality seems to be fine as far as Emerald Isle 2 goes. We had to replace tiles on one of the bathroom walls and that is about it. Work is going on in my apartment #1803 and you can go and see it for yourself to get a better idea. The society is well maintained and very secured as far as security is concerned.

    As far as commuting goes, i am not the right person to answer as I have never stayed in Royal Palms or for that matter in Mumbai. I did a quick recee last month and it took me 30 mns from RP to MIG Bandra at 1.00 in the afternoon on a sunday ( that is least traffic time as i guess )So you can add another 25 mns or more to it on a week day. I was told that on a bad day it would take me about 75 - 90 mns in peak traffic hours from Bandra to RP.

    Hope that helps.
  • Any update about current price and availability in various buildings