Cidco Approved Independent House is available at Sec 4 Airoli, carpet area is 300sq ft on ground +300 on 1st floor, it has been developed as 1+1 nearby properties have developed as 1+2+ terrace and permission for the same is available as told by agent, its a cidco approved property with clear title, Bank loan is also availabe upto 80%.

Asking rate is 40lacs , i was thinking with another 10 lacs spend it can be made into 4 bhk with 2 bedrooms each on 1st & 2nd floor, living and kitchen on ground.

Is it advisable to buy it or invest in 1bhk around same rate ?
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  • If it is for self use, go for it.

    After 10 to 15 yrs it may be in demand for redevelopment.
  • rock84; - i guess you are talking about the row houses. One of my friends has one there and it is worth it. A row house offers more variety than a 1 bhk or 2 bhk for that matter; it has different floor levels and offers more privacy (when there are guests or a regular influx of relatives) and a terrace for your own. :)
  • One of the issues with row houses is wasted space on every floor for the stair case + corridor. The usable area on the first and second floors is substantially less due to this requirement... Say 40 sq for the stairs + corridor going around on the floor. Every floor is visually cramped and the 300 * 3 sq ft is not the usable area.

    Secondly, it is a little difficult for the family to connect if you are on different floors. Supposedly walking up and down the stairs. And if you have senior citizens in the family it is even worse.

    Do check out the location since normally a row house is priced similar or premium to a flat, not at a substantial discount. The massive discount is a mystery. Why would a 3/4 bhk eqv house be available for price of 1 bhk.
  • Thanks Que Sera; for your advice.

    Actually the property is in very bad condition, the structure needs a demolition and a new structure in place this will cost enough money,the owners are senior citizens and do not want to get into this.

    Secondly its located in by lane with only option of parking on road which most ppl do.

    This is the point which is confusing me, will be worth the time & money spent on it.

    You point regarding usage of space is absolutely correct, stairs will take away a lot of space actual usable area also reduces
    40lacs is my offer their quote is 45 lacs.
  • Pros

    Privacy/no upstairs neighbors stomping around/top floor leakage not in your control/lower floor bathroom jams. You can make a lot of changes which would not be allowed in a society.


    Normally ventilation/light is worse off.
    Smaller kids lack company. Unless in a society, worried about sending kids out to the cidco playground's alone.

    In this case you actually have a UC offer without the risk. Can add/build up as you get the funds or need arises.

    We went thru Rowhouse vs flat quite some time back (100 + mtr plot vs the 60+ which seems to be offered to you) but settled for a spacious flat . It is easier to connect if you do not have to walk up and down and yell at the kids. . Better security too.

    Work out the total cost though (including reconstruction/repairs).. and compare with a flat.. Better security too.

    Work out the total cost though (including reconstruction/repairs).. and compare with a flat.
  • well Que Sera; has put down some logical points. rock84; - there is no need to be confused as it is simple to understand. You know your priorities best than any of us here.

    Consider these:
    (1) The Time you can expend on the entire process
    (2) The money that you can spend on the construction
    (3) Do you have a vehicle (or vehicles) and are willing to park them outside forever
    (4) Do you have elders at home (for the matter of walking up and down the stairs). I would like to add here that a row house provides the privacy and aloofness that elders mostly long for - they occupy the upper floor and have the peace they wish for.
    (5) Talking about the price (you said they asked 40 in the first post and then you said 45 in the one now) - desperate sales are always low.
    (6) Your personal choice - a whole lot depends on what you fancy and not what we suggest. Do you fancy living in a row house or a flat? There needs to be some motivation to chose one of it and that cannot be based entirely on suggestions.

    So, what are your priorities? After all you cannot spend your time, money and life on the perception of others. :)
  • Thank movedin;. I understand that final decision needs to be taken by me keeping my requirements in mind, but always better to have some expert adivce.

    I was in a state of mind that Living in a Row house would somewhat give a feel of small bungalow, but considering these points i guess its not worth it.

    Actually construction cost could go up, leaving not much difference between this and apartments.
  • rock84; - now you have expressed your desire. If you fancy living in a row house then there should be no stopping it. There are pros and cons in everything. The construction costs are to be considered but then there is no cost too great to fulfill your dreams. A row house is not that big an issue. A majority of my friends live in row houses and bungalows and they are as happy (in some cases happier) as those living in flats in posh localities. It is all based on individual perception and experience - if you love something you love it no matter what. Though i live in a flat myself, I would opt for a row house every time i would get to.

    Set your priorities and desires straight. If it is what you wish for then go for it. There can be ample of issues in a row house as well as a flat. Security might be an issue for some in a row house but a majority of break-ins and murders happen in flats in posh localities with ample of security guards and monitoring gadgets. Being aloof and lonely in a row house might be a deterrent for some but then, there are people who are left alone in posh localities, cast away and sidelined by the neighbours and none can deny the bullying of society members from time to time.

    So you see, there is good and bad to everything and properties are no different. Chose for yourself.
  • Thanks a lot for your reply movedin;.

    Choice is between Heart and Mind.

    But its sometimes better to listen to heart, this is what an expert advice do.

    Now I am completely in favor of the RowHouse, lets hope the deal goes through.
  • rock84; - i wish you all the joy that your decision can bring to you and your family; being happy is what matters! tell us how it spans out :)