I am planning to buy a 3 BR in Hiranandani Estate Raffles. I am being quoted a rate of 7125/- + 71 floor rise.
Anyone else who is planning to buy or has recently bought in Hiranandani Estate Raffles?
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  • Even i am interested in this project and got the same quotes.But I am unable to decide since this being nearly 5 kms atleast off the Estern Express Highway.
    There are other decent projects like Rustomjee/Lodha/Vasant Lawns available on the Highway and which is close to Railway Stn.
    Any good reason except for the brand to be there?Guys respond.
  • Now Hiranandani has renamed the project and has relaunched it again with the name Hirandandani Estate Rodas. The 6 month old project is now being marketed as a new project. Is it an indication of the downturn in market?
  • M Kumar

    I am considering the same with investment view ,seems good township with extra added amenities worth while in the long run. Prices here are appreciating in par (currently about 7200 rs /sq ft)with other developments ie vasant lawns , rustomjee despite being 5 kms away from expressway.

    The only problem is poor rentals up there at the moment unlike around andheri and goregaon where if you can afford around 900/sq ft there is likely to be better rental which can pay part of emi (say 30 to 40percent of it) and better appreciation i think. I would appreciate input on this view from our Re folks on this forum.
  • M kumar

    2 corrections -
    raffles is now called hiranandani rodas enclave in the H estate near GB rd with with atleast 10 towers launched last year

    prices in goregaon shold have been 9000 to 10000 sq ft and not 900 (which i would dream anyway).

    thanks Re folks
  • raffles or rodas


    where are the details to this Launch on the Hiranandani site online.
    Almost all the other property sites have details except Hiranandani own site....:bab (38):.

    So what is the current rates on the 2 bhks????
  • m Kumar

    for 2BHKs it is 6875+ 70rs floor rise - details from Hirco office
  • Has the price gone down from 7125 one month back to 6875? Kumarm, how old is your information?
  • The price was as i was told from its office 2 days ago and would be surprised if prices have gone down. Rs7125/sq ft is for 3 BHK and for 5 bhk above 8000/sq ft

    However at this rate is it a good entry point at the estates 5 kms away from thane rly station??
  • Hiranandani Gardens at Powai is also far from railway station but commands a rate of 20,000 psf. Most of the residents at Hiranandani Gardens travel by chauffeur driven cars.
    Given that Hiranandani Estate Rodas is the most upscale project in Thane, this rate may not be as high as it sounds compared to other Thane projects.
  • Hiranandani Rodas

    In the long run may be a good call to go ahead and with improved transport links can boost up prices. However there are projects close to expressway at 6000rs /sq ft
  • Advance Maintenance charged by Hiranandani for 2BHK is Rs 6.5 which will increased after the society foundation to nearly more than Rs 10 due to the Water tanker and as the Hiranandani is charging for maintanance only.

    TMC tax will be extra....per moth....

    Spending more than 85 laks and paying Rs 10,000 to 12,000 maintanance including the TMC tax and Water Tanker is not a good choice as you can get 2BHK rented flat for Rs 12000/- to Rs 15000/- per month.

    You all requested to do your maths and check for the monthly expenses and current rent in Hiranandani Estate.

    other charges at Rodas Enclave at Hiranandani Estate, Thane.

    The calculation of stamp duty is - For first Rs.5 lacs, stamp duty is Rs.7600/- and for balance amount is 5%.

    Registration is Rs.30,000/- per agreement

    Scanning charges. Rs.5,500/-

    Parking - Rs. 5 lacs each. 1 each parking is compulsory for 2 & 2.5bhk flat, 2 parkings for 3BHK and Marvela and Royce, 3 parkings for Leona and Basilius.
  • H Rodas additional charges

    Thanks for the post about maintainance which is indeed quite high with current rentals of only around 14000. Then for investment -only have to consider capital appreciaition if any after hey have already peaked???.
  • H rodas / dostivihar

    if you compare the projects above dosti is running at 6500/sq ft in thane. Hira may not be a bad choice at 6850

    Any views apart from being away by 5 kms from stn and maintainance charges
  • For people who are buying with the intention to resell in short to medium term, this project does not make sense. This is so since Hiranandani still has lot of land available and will keep launching buildings for next few years. But in long term, this should be a good bet.
  • Booked a flat in EVA in rodas enclave


    I booked a flat in EVA in rodas enclave. Would be glad to keep in touch with buyers in rodas enclave and folks on the forum.