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Is there anyone here in the forum who knows about the construction progress of US OPEN project of Nirmal Lifestyle in Mulund?
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  • Status of construction today on 5th Dec.
  • Thanks praveencwa; The podium construction in your 1st pic is of Game Point and Grand Slam, isn't it?

    Do you guys have an update on Center Court? Please share. Thanks.
  • Hi, Nothing moved in Center Court. It's plane plot as of now.
  • Thanks praveencwa; for your update. Wonder when the construction will begin for center court????
  • Suhas

    Have booked flat in grandslam in 2013.

    I want to be in touch with other buyers in US open.

    Is there any wats app group and how I will get added in that.

    Can anybody advise me on this.

    Best Regards
  • Presently construction work in progress or stopped.

    Can anybody please update me on this
  • Demand letter for Gamepoint for casting of 5th slab (Stilt + 3 Podium 1st Slab) received. Let me know if others have received the same.
  • Did anyone got call from US open regarding the possession date allotted for Dec 2019????
  • Originally Posted by Thyssen
    Did anyone got call from US open regarding the possession date allotted for Dec 2019????

    Yes. They did not call me for that but mentioned it when I spoke to them recently. But looking at the progress so far....I an not too optimistic about that allotment date. Usually, they may be fast with the brick work (Slabs). But the things that really take time are the interiors like electrical etc. But he did mention that allotment date mentioned in the agreement is Dec 2019. But I cannot confirm since he refused to share copy of the same.
  • I have received a demand letter for brick works and plastering for my Aces flat on the 3rd floor. Has anyone received similar letter. They say plasterwork and brickwork is complete bcoz of MIVAN technology.

    And this delayed possession is for whole site or are they planning staggered handover.
  • I done with registration... In which they mentioned the date as Dec 2019.

    But in my allotment letter ...it is up to Feb 2019
    N later the builder has to pay the compensation

    Need to check how they settle the issue
  • Hi Thyssen;

    Were you able to have a copy of the agreement for reviewing before signing the agreement? I was told that they will not share a copy and the buyer can visit their office during the working hours to read copy of the agreement. But under no circumstance will they share a copy of the agreement.

    If say, you disagree with any particular clause in the agreement, then were you able to have it amended?

    Would be great if you could guide buyers who have not yet done registration.
  • Hi masterinvest;

    They won't share any agreement copy. But we can have plenty of time to read those in their office before signing.

    In my case, they were in too hurry for loan disbursement, so I couldn't be able to read thoroughly.

    Most of the articles they simply do copy and paste from MOFA act.

    We need to carefully read those item mentioned in handwritten such as date of possession, area of plot, carpet area, flat no., agreement value etc.

    If you disagree with certain, u can definitely have word to make such change.

    In my case, I missed the date of possession column, which later was read by me during stamping.
    For me the date should have been Dec2018 as mentioned in allotment letter but was put up there as Dec 2019.

    Time wasn't there with me to enquire about this change. When I asked about this, they said it has been mentioned in all the agreement copy.
  • Do anyone know why the builder is sending the DL in the form of 1.25%, instead of 2.5% for payment. as agreed in Flat break up cost.

    Before sending the architect certificate, he send the 1.25% DL.
  • Please find the latest pic of Game point, Grand slam . Aces n match point