Hi there,

Is there anyone here in the forum who knows about the construction progress of US OPEN project of Nirmal Lifestyle in Mulund?
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  • There have been court judgement ,wherein fr delay developer has to pay interest of 18% pe annum .sp we have legitimate right to ask for the same .our weakness ,we are going individual ,we have to create a group and approach tr developer first .I am sure he will reponse .
  • If no response then we tak e support of media and law .
  • Guys please let everyone know of this development
  • anilbhadra;, thanks for your initiative!
  • I too want to join watsapp group, can anybody advise me please.
  • Hello Guys..i would like to join the whatsapp group as well.

    Please help me join
  • I had visited the site last weekend and sadly as pointed by everyone else, the work has again come to a standstill. It hurts l when i see other builders like runwal, oberio or even small time builders complete a project and give possession (even though its little delayed). I have no idea when will I get to live in my US open property. My kids or their kids maybe will get to enjoy :P

    Its high time we initiate some process against this builder. Can someone please let us know the status of our whatsapp group.
  • I have created the group for MATCHPOINT ,later will add for Aces also .i do not have date do other buildings
    • kundlikbin10 months ago
      I want to join whats app group of Ace-Match point of Nirmal Lifestyle. Lets us join me so that we can meet in person or will discuss on phone and decide further.
  • Dear all/

    please find the pic of game point n grand slam as took in 22nd May & 1st June respectively. There is no significant change
  • how can we join the whatsapp group?

    I also have joseph's contact details. We have our flats in Gamepoint.
  • Hi Guys
    Theres no point just making noise on the forum. Incase we really want to see a ray of hope for this project - we will need to meet up. I have been sending private messages and invites to many of the members in here, but sadly the response is not great. Today we have the technology lets communicate on a whatsapp forum. I have already formed a group with couple of members. Later we can get together and chalk our way forward.
    Incase any of the members know of bigger whatsapp group may be we can merge along.
    Members who have posted less than 10 message will not be able to send private messages to other members for such members I have sent friend request and shared contact details. for others I have sent a mail. please find time to respond else this will get us no where.

  • All the members of whatsapp group are meeting up at Nirmal lifestyle office on Saturday morning at 11:00 am .

    All those who are not in whatsapp group may join us at nirmal lifestyle Mulund lbs road at 11:00 am
  • Exact location need to be determined .lets meet at Pizza Hut on ground floor in the mall
  • thanks Anil thats nice
  • How to get added to whatsapp group?