Seth Developers has launched a new project " VASANT OASIS". This project is located on Borosil Plot on Marol GHS road. Followings are the room sizes available,

1- 2BHK
2- 2.5 BHK
3- 3 BHK

Total no. of towers are 16 nos (G+14) with one commercial building. The prices are as follows,

1- BSP 9,850/ PSFT
2- Floor Rise 50/ SQFT
3- Car Park - 5,00,000/
4- Development Charge - 14/ PSFT
5- Corups Fund - 200/ PSFT

Would appreciate comments from sr. members on this project.
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  • I am the owner of one of the flats. Sorry i dont know about other buildings
  • Hi all,

    has anyone recent book any flats in Vasant Oasis, i am planning to by 1 BHK, any suggestions would be appreciate, i am checking Eliza Phase II/ Daffodil Phase III

    some delay is fine with more time to pay for the flats.
  • Its not some delay, its huge delay and may lead to overall loss of capital as well
  • it is substantial delay.. Infact now its wise to purchase something with 6 months time frame for completion.
  • Originally Posted by soarer
    Its quite surprising that your friend has paid 20% to the builder and has no direct communication channel with the CRM department of builder to get such details (regarding approvals, timelines etc)?

    Anyways the Phase 2 and 3 buildings have CC for basement and podium. In Phase 1 there are 4 buildings with approvals till terrace and 2 buildings with approvals till 20th floor. The next set of approvals will come latest by Jan 2016 so we will know till what floor are the approvals available in the revised CC.

    Also, can you let us know when did your friend make this booking and when would his 2 year lock-in period expire? If it is expiring in the next few months then there is no point in selling the flat right now. As per my knowledge and understanding there are three critical factors which will have to be considered to get decent returns in this project
    1) Pace of construction of Phase III buildings (Daffodil is currently in excavation stage)
    2) Pace of completion of Metro III (currently only bids are received)
    3) Pace of completion of other projects (Sevens, Rainforest, Proxima etc) in Marol so as to reduce the oversupply of similarly priced flats (~ 2cr to 3cr) within this micromarket

    Once the above three developments are truly underway only then will we see some significant appreciation in this project or Marol micro-market in general. Also, it wouldn't hurt if the overall macroeconomic condition also improves in which case it will be less time consuming to execute the sale transaction. Currently one has to wait for at least 6 months to get a transaction completed in the secondary market at these price points (2cr and above).

    @Soarer, Can you please help with the latest approvals status for Phase 3 for which the builder is offering bookings. I believe Phase 1 & 2 are completely sold. Is it correct?
  • Originally Posted by sturra
    @Soarer, Can you please help with the latest approvals status for Phase 3 for which the builder is offering bookings. I believe Phase 1 & 2 are completely sold. Is it correct?

    As far as I know there are flats available in all the 3 phases. There is only 1 building in Phase 2 for which bookings are currently being accepted (ticket size is over 3 cr as Phase 2 has extra large size 3 and 4 bhk apartments). In Phase 1 you should find flats available 15th floor and above. In phase 3 more than 50% inventory is already sold.

    Basic approvals (IOD and plinth CC) is available for all the 9 buildings in Phase 3. For individual building you will have to enquire for a copy of latest CC at the site office.
  • Originally Posted by rahulaga83
    Its not some delay, its huge delay and may lead to overall loss of capital as well

    If delay is an issue you can go for Phase 1 in which 3 buildings are complete and application for OC submitted or remaining 3 buildings in Phase 1 in which only one floor (22nd) is remaining and the possession should be possible in the next 12 months.
  • The builder is struggling with the sales and hence the pace of construction. The situation of bad for most of the projects except few. If you are looking from an investment point of view Phase 3 will be the correct choice as you will be able to negotiate the price ~13000psf-14000psf and payment will be staggered over next 4 years easily. If you looking for something to live wait in phase 3 buildings may be very painful so go for Phase 1 buildings. Construction quality and amneties wise the project looks good
  • Called the sales team for vasant oasis was told price for 3bhk in phase I sealable 1810 at 17000inr. Will go and vsit the site this afternoon. Any comments on this project ? Will be for own use.

    Waiting comments of experts.
    Thank you.
  • Good appreciation from 11000 3 yrs ago to 17000 as is being quoted for Phase 1.. By the time other phases are complete .. Looks like it will cross 20K psf..
  • Anybody here purchased in phase 1 in vasant oasis. Would like to discuss for this project since im thinking to purchase for own use.
  • They tried to sell flats here through indiabulls distribution arm few months back. One of my friends was in discussion with them and was given an indication that their 2.5 bhk (with two half rooms apart from 2 bedrooms) could be concluded around 2.5-2.6 types. He ultimately did not like the project much and so ignored the deal.
  • This was for a tower in phase 1 which was almost ready.
  • Visited the site today for 3bks fr phase 1 delivery dec 16 total cost aprox 4cr.
    In other online sites having 3bhks in resale at 2.6/2.8cr how come?
  • Hi,

    The current rate at Vasant Oasis for Phase 1 is ~14k +- 500

    If you are paying or expecting anything higher or less then best of luck