Runwal is quoting 16500 psf for its project in lokhandwala andheri west . This is for project Elegante.
Is it a good buy? Should we wait further ? Any suggestions pls
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  • I already have a flat in Lokhandwala for last 8 years but its an old building, and Im now looking to sell it and buy something new for self-use with all amenities.
    Im currently out of Mumbai for a couple years and hence looking for feedback/status for this project or looking for info on any other new projects in Lokhandwala/Oshiwara which offer all amenities.

    Originally Posted by simsagar
    Watch-out when lukg at Lokhandwalla projects for 2 reasons.

    01. Most of the projects are either encroaching mangroves or have CRZ violation issues. So getting BMC permissions will be tough nut to crack.

    02. The entire land parcel of Lokhandwalla is on marshy patch - so techincally u have the problem of structure sinking or water logging in rains plus mosquitos etc all year round.

    Visit site, check out locales and then make informed decision with ur hard-earned monies

    all the best!!
  • Expect a 3BHK is excess of 12Cr ++
  • Last year when I checked it was quoting 14500/sqft so basically within 4Cr for 3BHK. Cant suddenly become 12 Cr !!!

    Originally Posted by simsagar
    Expect a 3BHK is excess of 12Cr ++
  • Ha ha that was last year - today Rustomjee Elements (New DN Nagar nr ESIC Ngr) now called Upper Juhu by Rustomjee is quoting 22k so Lokhandwala area cud be easily anything from 30k to 45K - do ur math...16500 psf is near Apna Bzr...
  • Im doubtful it can suddenly become 3 times in last 8-10 months esp when there are hardly any takers. Websites have many many ads for this project in range of 16000-17500, these ads are usually off by 15-20% up or down so thought of checking on this forum. Even the other good projects of Lokhandwala have similar rates (barring the super exclusive Oberoi one at the back road).
    Anyway, will check with some brokers and post here..
  • Well, new construction in Vile-parle east is quoting 30k+ psf but then the apt sizes are smaller less than 900 sqft Lokhandwala the flat sizes will be large like 3BHK or 4BHK.

    Anywya, its gud to chk brokers etc and get the best deal...
  • Runwal elegante latest known rates 16500/ sq feet

    Originally Posted by sh-saxena
    Anyone aware of latest resale price here and the progress.

    Below are the last known rates for RUNWAL ELEGANTE:
    FYI lately they have been keeping a low profile.
    The construction progress on the site has been at standstill for last 6 months.
    Rate 16500/sq feet
    LOADING 47%
    2.5 BHK – 1465 SQ FEET – 2.42 CR
    3 BHK – 1975 SQ FEET – 3.26 CR
    3 BHK – 2120 SQ FEET – 3.5 CR
    4 BHK – 2645 SQ FEET – 4.36 CR
    4 BHK – 2855 SQ FEET – 4.71 CR
    5 BHK – 3420 SQ FEET – 5.64 CR
  • So RUNWAL Elegante is cheaper than Rustomjee Elements who is quoting 6.77Cr++ for 3BHK approx. build-up of 1986 sq ft.
  • For over one year and three months, the rates are same. Very strange.
  • too many projects, isnt much demand.
  • Im surprised too that rates havent increased...the location is quite good. Are the rates low due to the big nallah next to it ?
  • sh-saxena - Have you visited this site? Well Nallah is there in the entire lokhandwala cannt do much about it ...expect it to get covered ....I wanted to understand if Runwal got all the approvals? and is this a good buy?
  • I have passed the site a hundred times. The nallah is bang next to the site, check it on Google maps too. Yes, the nallah flows across Lokhandwala and many buildings are next to it but I would be wary to spend 3+ Cr (for a 3BHK) to breathe & see the nallah daily !!! I dont think there are any plans to cover it either.
    Otherwise, the price of 16500 if correct, looks good for the location and the promised specs.
    But remember that the loading is almost 50% so the price may not be that attractive either with such high loading.
  • I looked at old flats in lokhandwala area with broker --- the equation is 2cr for 2BHK in 4 -7 floor building, 2.3cr in tower, 2.5cr+ in tower with amenities.

    Considering that, 16500 is a great rate except builder needs to have all clearances. Check out Adani Western Heights and let me know what u think. Same Rate near Gurudwara in 4 bungalows.
  • Is anyone aware of the progress here.
    And the current rate.