I am a customer of Lodha Casabella Gold Platina F 306.

I have been trying to get in touch with customer service, but they never answer the , I get transfered to the message box, I have left messages, still no one calls back, I have emailed the helpdesk as well, still no answer.

I have recently recieved a letter which informs about some tax that I have to pay amounting to 27,000 and I wanted to know what this is for...

For which I have been trying to get in touch with customer services, but to no avail!

And all of this is causing delays and they keep charging me interest for it, its not fair. Is there anyone else who is in the same situation as I am, please let me know.
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  • hi

    first up all i must say they are the bunch of idiots

    i m also having a problem ,i booked in platina c ,while booking they told me we will inform you about next paymnet like 21 days and 45 or 42 days like,but they didnt mail me about my paymnet and i talk to my broker he told me dont pay untill and unless lodha inform,than suddenly they send me a mail my paymnet is due with intrest of 127 rs per day 18%% annual.
    than i talk to my broker he visited personally they inform me its settle,but one mistake its not by writing only by talking only.

    than they mal me last week about my payment due pf plinth with intrest of 9,000 of previous payment.

    but i want to ask its setlle why u r asking me again ,but dont know where to speak.

    customer care.enquiry form all are stupid
  • Surya, did you also recieve the tax letter?
  • no

    till now,u know anything about cc platina c
  • hi

    i think everybody is happy from customer care provided by lodha
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