hi this is dr amit.i live at shahapur.i am planning to buy 1 bhk flat just for investment purpose.i had budget of 20 lacs but i have realized i wont get anything in 20 lacs.so i can stretch upto 25 or max 2-3 lacs more.
possession is not a issue at all. am not going to stay there or rent it out.
am fine with under construction projects also but for that it has to be someone genuine.but looking for some nice complex and not some crappy building.
i have 10 lacs cash and i will take loan of 15 lacs.
till now i hav following options
lodha rio(28lacs)nice project.little far but liked it and its with parking.
tata kalyan-only 2 and 3 bhk.they havent started bookings yet and even if the rate is 4k i dont think it wud fit in ma budget.
saket groop adharwadi road-1 bhk 620SQ rate is 3750 wil cost me around 25-26 without parking.parking 2.5 lacs extra.
Ghodbandar road-i dont think i wud get anything in 25 lacs.
other areas like panvel,kalwa,virar,naigaon i havent thought of but all are little offside.
still please suggest me which is the best option?which will appreciate most?
need to book/buy in this week only if possible.
please guys help me this is my dream..
thank you..
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  • there are other better options available compared to lodha.that place is very far about 6 km from dombivli station and no way near koparkhairane.nilje station is nearby on diva panvel line. But only 3 or 4 trains run on this line. do not expect more appreciation here.rental income may also be less not more than 5000 for 1bhk I suppose.whereas you will end up paying 15000 EMI for 15 lakhs loan. people will prefer eastern suburbs like bhandup or mulund where you can get 1bhk for 9000 rent also.these places have better connectivity to kopar khairane where offices are located.chances are that you might not get anyone who is willing to take your property on rent.In 23 lakhs you can get a 1bhk resale flat in mira road or even a 2bhk in vasai It is not a bad option seeing the development there.anytime mira road to virar is far better option than central side like kalyan or dombivli. ever navi mumbai is overhyped because of the airport.the airport itself can take more than 6 years for completion. by that time in 2014 elections may come and government might change and also their policies.You ARE A DOCTOR. If self employed look for place which is near your clinic to avaoid travelling.If planning to relocate to casa rio and setting your private practice will be difficult there. population size in that area will also be less at present.If you are a end user go for places which has better connectivity.Diva panvel line may take years to get fully operational. on the contray western is over crowded still it will fetch you far better returns compared to casa rio.also check the other thread on casa bella where people are suffering from lodha charging 18 percent interest on delayed payments.
    I wont recommend ghodbunder road also from investment or end user point of view.connectivity is poor.if any of your family members plan to travel by auto to thana station you may end up paying 150 rupees for single journey.and 150 for return.that is 9000 per month.Even if you have your own car pay around 6000 minimum as drivers income and petrol charges extra. the other headache being where to park your car near thana station.I know of such people who travel from ghodbunder road to CST daily.It is very difficult.metro rail wont reach till ghodbunder road cause already flyovers have been built on that road. more over environment ministry may also object on metro rail cause entire ghodbunder is on forest land.
  • Hi,

    In budget of 25 lac, you will get resales in Kalamboli.
    Regarding central line, Dombivali rates are little high, but close to 28 lacs.
    Try to get flats near to railway line, it would be easy to get tenant/buyers even if it costs some more money.
    In Western line, areas like Vasai road, Virar may be feasible.
    You may also get resale 1 bhk in mira road.. that will be good option.
    Naigaon is also good in that range but less on amenities.

  • hey so did you buy in Casa Bella? I am going to get possession of my Casa Bella flat mostly in January 2012. We had signed a contract that we cannot sell the place for 2 years. Please check this. Also, only buy after checking the flat and the extent of the construction. You might not be allowed to see the flat if it is under construction. Also, do check with the owner if he has asked for any modifications to the flat.
  • remembering my old thread.. got this resale flat for 28 lacs(all inclusive even registration,brokerage,vat 2yr maintenance) its almost been yr.i guess right now prices are above 35!
  • Originally Posted by docamitb
    remembering my old thread.. got this resale flat for 28 lacs(all inclusive even registration,brokerage,vat 2yr maintenance) its almost been yr.i guess right now prices are above 35!

    Just a month back they had 5 Lacs discount on their properties. And even now, they are providing discounts upto 2-3Lacs on any and every property. Also, buyers can not sell the flat till after possession.

    Please remember the only one who benefits from a Lodha property is Lodha themselves. All the investors and end-users have not been a happy lot.

    As per earlier recommendations, it would be nice if you can also share the increase in land prices in Shahapur in the same 2 year period. The returns would be better than any flat or property investment.
  • it was like arond 2k last year and now around 2.5k psf in shahapur.