A major low cost housing project has been announced by a major company ( the same one has a low cost in Boisar ) in Dahanu.

Approx 100 buildings will be up over 65 acres of land with school etc. Bookings start 1500 psf with premium at 2800.

All the details will be out once the govt ( last palm to be greased ) has been approved.

Any thoughts
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  • Hi Buddy,

    Many are still hesitating whether to go for Pal or Boisar. Now it has extended till Dhanu!!

    I would prefer Pal rathar than Dhanu, because lots of developments are going on.

    What is the project name & who is the Builder?

    Virar is : 60 km from Churchgate
    Pal is: 90 km from Churchgate
    Dhanu is: 124 km from Churchgate

    Then, Dhanu is double Virar distance.
  • Dahanu - Low Cost


    "I would prefer Pal rathar than Dhanu, because lots of developments are going on."

    Ever walked around Pal,polluted with slums,crime and issues with electricity. Nothing of those issues in Dahanu.

    Also, check last week Dahanu times project announced, booking in progress 1BHK is sold out 2300 sq foot. Getting something for 2500 is getting hard now.
  • Who is the builder ? You're misinformed about Pal, the pollution you're talking about is in the industrial area in the East.
    Prominent developers like HDIL, Oswal Realty, Genesis, etc have projects in Pal, which is the largest railway junction on the Western Line after Virar. Education institutes like Aldel trust, Sundaram(book publisher) has a school, SNDT has reserved land for college in Pal, as for electricity problem it has improved a lot and I don't get the logic how electricity in Dahanu would be better than Pal/Boisar.
  • Under a new proposal the BSES will be supplying a certain portion of their electricity to Dahanu which means certain areas in Dahanu will get 24 hrs electricity. This ruling is about to be announced today or tomorrow.

    Pal is developed and will grow but the question is growth !! To invest you have to buy cheap and sell expensive this is the play where Dahanu comes not Pal.

    Granted the West side of Pal is better but still the east needs some improvement. In Dahanu the industrial activity is only confined to one area.

    The question is growth as for the low cost, HDIL has announced something big and there are posters everywhere in Dahanu for this. Tata is negotiations but land acquisition or lack of land is becoming a problem.

    I know of a person in Pal was quoted 100 crores for 48 acres of his farm and he knocked it back !!