Hi friends,
I am writing this fresh post to get answer on my query regarding checks to be made before buying a ready to move in new flats, so that there are no surprises when you go in to live there.

I have liked something in Versova, Andheri west. A new construction of 22 floors. Looks nice bit smaller in area, the location is fantastic, car parking isn't much though. I want to make sure, I buy parking too. This builder doesn't seem to be any big one, never heard of him before.

As soon as I had a visit to the location, I loved it and has been tempted to buy it. But after sometime, I have been questioning how I can make sure that its is a good buy.

1) I want to make sure that the building is constructed within the bylaws of the BMC and other agencies so there is no dispute in near future.
2) Water is supplied by BMC on regular basis so is electricity without hitch.
3) Builder is charging bomb for various connections, like mahanagar gas, water, electricity etc. How do I know these promises would be fulfilled. Cos my money would be gone.

The builder will certainly never say anything negative about his project. Therefore, Where and how can I get to know if this building I am getting into is all clear. What documents should I ask from builder, Would it be reasonable to ask for these documents.

Can bank help in this? To get a good deal, I don't want to get bank involved in it as it takes time to get loans and clearances, the prices go upwards in that process.

I feel going with money on table can give more negotiation power, even if the money is less than what they are asking for. Does this make sense?

Otherwise, I go for older flats.

Please guide on this friends.

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  • People on the forum can help you better if they at least know the name of the project and basic details about the project. It is likely that many members may already have investigated the project/builder and they may share their findings/knowledge about it.

    Anyways, the best way to gather informal information is using the local brokers.

    The process is to hire a broker to show properties around the area. Do not show interest in the property that you have already finalized, infact bad-mouth it yourself and quote random sources for random general rants about the project. If the broker has any knowledge about the project, you can be sure that he will chime in with a few of his own negative points to display his knowledge about the project. Even a mildly efficient local broker knows the pertinent details of local projects in his area of operation.

    Another way would be to speak to bank officials who have approved the project for lending. It is always better to get a bank loan for a property, because they have expert legal panel which do their own due-diligence on the property papers, titles, clearances etc..
  • Hi mate did you just say you are planning to "BUY" a car park from the builder...just go through the links below before you pay anything for the parking....

    DNA News - Developers cannot sell Open Spaces and Stilt Areas - Supreme Court

    Hindustan Times - Parking Areas cannot be sold as Flats or Garages

    Indian Express - Builders Cannot charge Extra for Stilt Parking Spaces and Common Areas - SC

    It would be better if you could provide the name of the builder or the project name for people over here to give you a feedback...reading your post i sense you are very tempted to get this property...but do a complete research to avoid any surprises in future.... Here you might find some flats that intrest you Flat for Sale in Mumbai