Hi Guyes,
Need your help please..,

I have booked a flat in Dec 2007 in NIRMAL Polaris project (Mulund west) - "Buiding B" project in Dec 2007. At the time of booking, they said that occupation / possesion will be by October 2010. I am basically an NRI and working in Gulf and invested in this project as Investment. But the project is already (as on today) by 9 months and still they are saying the possesion will be by Dec 2011.

Unfortunately, I have no job and now want to stay in India till I find another job, and having no home. I have paid 95% payment. Can someone advise me (1) What is the actual work status (2) Course of action I should take with Nirmal.

Thank you somuch for you support. You advise and support in this regard will be highly appreciated.
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  • Is Polaris complete? Are the amenities available? We are looking for a home in Mulund, but with kids amenities are very important, specially since Kalidas has shut down. So now no swimming or tennis for kids unless a playground and swimming pool in society itself. Are there kids in the buildings, are festivals celebrated?

    Those who are owning in Polaris, can you please give a feedback about this. It will be a big help. Thank you.
  • hello,
    we have a flat in polaris-A.
    its been on rent since 3 years.
    as people have said that they provide very basic brick and cement wall and u do have to spend to make it upto standard.
    i think they have scrapped the pool in polaris,the clubhouse is being constructed.
    i really have no idea why tower a is completed and tower b is not completed since both were picking pace.
    but if u want to live on lbs and if u can get the ready to move flat in tower a i would say it go for it.
    there are lots of kids and i guess once the society if formed festivals will be celebrated.
    hope it helps