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Ekta Residency, Karrm Developers, Shahpur, Mumbai


Ekta Residency, Karrm Developers, Shahpur, Mumbai

Last updated: September 7 2012
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  • Ekta Residency, Karrm Developers, Shahpur, Mumbai

    Let me know the pros and cons of this project. Will there be appreciation. Rate 1600/- PSF is reasonable or high in Asangaon. Builders reputation? Can they deliver in time?
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    Re : Ekta Residency, Karrm Developers, Shahpur, Mumbai

    Court restrains ‘copycat’ bldr for using brand nam

    I hope u noticed this:

    Court restrains ‘copycat’ bldr for using brand name

    Swati Deshpande TNN

    Mumbai: There is infringement galore in consumer products and names of leading brands spelt differently often make their way onto copycat labels. But the city’s real estate developer Ekta Housing Pvt Ltd said it came as a shock to find another developer styled as Ekkta Group constructing an ‘Ekta residency project’ on Mumbra-Panvel Road, to cash in on its (Ekta’s) established brand name and goodwill.
    The Bombay high court recently restrained the “namesake” Ekkta group from using the ‘Ekta’ name pending final orders in an infringement and passing off suit filed against it by Ekta Housing and its chief promoter Ashok Mohanani. Ekta also sought Rs 50 crore as damages.
    An ad-interim order by Justice S J Vazifdar said, “The deceptive similarity between the “Ekta” and “Ekkta” is patent.” The judge did not grant an injunction on the basis of infringement as the mark “Ekkta Infrastructure” was also registered, but, having said that, he also observed that Ekta Housing has made out more than just a strong prima facie case of passing off. The HC has given Ekkta Group time till November 15 to change its name.
    Passing off refers to use of a product name that appears and sounds similar to usually a more well-known product or service.
    Mohanani launched the Ekta name in 1985. Ekta Housing moved the HC after ascertaining that the namesake firm was not even registered with the registrar of companies and that they were originally registered as Yamaha Realtors Pvt Ltd. The trading name was changed to Ekkta real estate Pvt Ltd in June 2008, “dishonestly”.
    Ekkta group opposed the suit on grounds of delay, which the HC disagreed with and that the name was “descriptive”, which the judge said, “inspired little confidence”.
    The judge said, “Mere delay cannot defeat the plaintiffs’ (Ekta) rights. Indeed, Ekkta cannot be said to be bona fide.” The court said that the Ekta mark was registered and the developer had applied for registration of some of the marks much before the use of “Ekkta’ by the other developer. “Had the defendants (Ekkta Group) taken the precaution of checking with the office of the registrar, they would have found the plaintiff ’s marks,” the HC said, adding that its use would then have been “dishonest” and sans this precaution, “would have been negligent”. Either way, the defence of delay is not of any aid to Ekkta, the judge said and observed that the “conduct “ of Ekkta group “indicates an attempt on their part to exploit the reputation and goodwill developed by plaintiffs, Ekta Housing…”
    Ekta Housing said it plans to issue a public notice to warn people to deal with Ekkta group “at their own risk


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      Re : Ekta Residency, Karrm Developers, Shahpur, Mumbai

      EKKTA RESIDENCY SHAHAPUR- Can we invest safely?

      Do you think this court case will affect their project work. If yes! please let me know how?


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        Re : Ekta Residency, Karrm Developers, Shahpur, Mumbai

        this project will bring huge neefits to Shahpur and it's ppl - invest now...


        Have any questions or thoughts about this?