Hi Forum Folks,

I am looking for a good 1 BHK flat in Thane. My family lives in Thane, but I am currently outside for work and will be so for some months. I wish to buy a flat soon, but I am finding very difficult to do this long distance. Although most websites like 99 acres, makaan have a contact seller link, I don't see anyone (except 1 agent so far) replying. Even when my family has contacted a broker in person, they are reluctant ... saying that if you can't finalize in a week, they don't want to show you much.

Can anyone share tips on how should I go about looking for an apt when I am not in the city.

I am saving to buy first house of my own but just frustrated that this process is going nowhere.

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  • Suggestion

    Whats your budget? I am also based abroad. I can guide you:-
    a) Decide whats your budget(35L to 50L) on Thane GB Road.
    b) Have strategy : Ready Possession / New / Resale. I would suggest go for 3-5 year old resale project or if you go under construction then choices are limited. Think of floor etc as per your parents age/children suitability.
    c) Post authority form so that your parents can complete the formality. Suggest one planned visit can complete stamp duty/reg on ur name if they have finalised the flat. With Ready Possesion, there is no need for ur parents to commit in 1week.
    d) I can suggest my personal agent whos is fair in deal.

    Hope this helps.
  • Thanks Monu, your tips are very helpful. Could you clarify what do you mean by authority form - a signed document or more legal like POA.

    My budget is 35L - 40L, new construction looks risky unless its from reputed builders. Can you tell me if this budget can get me a 1BHK in Thane and in what area?

    Thanks for the help.
  • Hi, I was in your a couple of years back. I guess you need to decide a few things before you start looking:
    1. End-use or investment: You really have to decide this, as all other criteria depend on this one decision. This will also give you peace of mind if you are clear on this.
    2. New or Resale (this is the biggest decision): The problem with resale is there is always black and white ratio, you would be lucky if you get a deal with all white. It dint worked out for me as all my money was my savings and white money. Be prepared for 80-20 ratio in most cases. The problem with new is with reputed builders you would not find many good options in your range, and also there is long waiting period as most of their projects take much more time than what they commit while booking. Also be sure of how much money you have in hand (cash).
    3. Area/locality: This will help you immensely, if you have an area of preference. Since you are from Thane, you would know most of the places. Yes all the new work is happening on GB, but it is a huge stretch and the further you go from the city the prices fall down. Resale options near Pokhran road can be good ones, both for end-use or for investment.

    Authority letter means POA. Also if you are going for loan then get all necessary approvals, it takes lot of time to get a sanction letter!

    Good luck with your search,

    Best regards, Nishant
  • Patlipada / Manpada

    you can try on the GB road. Rutu Estate(40 L) 1BHK or Hiranandani (45 L). For resale its best to guy via an agent.