Does any one have any reviews on this project. There seem to be a few resales avilable . Posters please put in your 2 cents.
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  • The location of the project is excellent. dont have idea on stage of construction. Can anyone advise as I am planning to invest in this property.
  • In Conwood Astoria on east side there is a very big nallah which will never be closed as per municipal authorities

    On the West side there is Lakshachandi School and also adjacent to the project they are also building a municipal hospital

    So do proper research before commiting to investors flat as the builder had sold out

    Investors are are asking huge cash component, also check the progress of the report

    Conwood is owned and run by DB Realty's Vinod Goenka. They may claim it is run by his son Yash and Father, but practically all decisions are taken by Vinod Goenka

    It was a very good and now struggling because they ventured with the Balwas who are known to be connected with Dubai

    Also Conwood is suffering from severe cash crunch
  • thanks Sanjeev for the view. I knw investors are asking for a huge cash which is deinitely a concern. But i feel location is excellent and one of the best in Goregaon East. Can you guide me on the price of the property and specific technical issues thet project may have.

    I am thinking if we get a right price will it be wporth taking a risk on timelines provided there is no major legal / technical issue wrt property.
  • I am not sure whats the status of the project as of now. They have 2 towers one just 3 BHK and another one 1 BHK

    Carpet is the "BEST". They have offered 880 carpet on 1200 super built up and additional 160 balcony.No other builder offers such huge carpet. That was the biggest USP when I was considering

    Since Conwood is a old builder they will complete this project but can take a long time, Orchid woods structure was ready almost 2 years ago, till date no possession

    So if you are fine on possession timeline and cash component you can consider it. I was getting offers between 10250-10750 for higher floors last summer
  • I am owner of a flat in Astoria. Looks like things are starting to move again.... at a slow pace.
  • Firoz Ahmad; has the work started or are they breaking the structure ? I saw structural beam being broken ! In fact the foundation (facing the nallah side) has also been broken this weekend ? Whats happening ???
    • ashishghl3 years ago
      I saw the property. Don't know about the beam broken :) Maybe it's in under construction :)
      few thing I notice the area is safe or not ?
      bec you will not find auto from there & after 10 PM you will see full andhera...
      but its peaceful & worth it :)
  • Any update on project anybody know about it ?????????
  • The project has started to show some activity again at site level. I am not sure about the revised approval status.
  • Many resale properties are listed in various websites. Need to know the status of the project. Need to clear following doubts before investing in Astoria Conwood.

    Do builder have all approvals in hand

    What will be the possession date

    Is the area is safe, looks in slight interior

    Have they started constructions
    • prdpsingh4312 years ago
      Can some one please advice if this project still in some letigation.
      I have seen people started staying but building don’t have OC. Does any one have update on OC.
      And what would be ideal price to Buy 1 BHK.

      Can Someone please share der contact details who is owner of flat in this Building ?
  • Hello, do any one has update about Conwood Astoria, Goregaon. We are planning to buy property there, they have not yet received OC.

    The project is not yet completed & has not yet received OC but ppl have started staying there.