Myself resident of Mumbai having 1bhk flat with single agreement in d building...Now we are having the option to buy adjacent 2bhk flat which is having 2 agreement ..As per builder agreement of 2bhk flat it is original 1room kitchen + 1 room kitchen :2 agreement flat but the builder has provided that as a single 2bhk apartment wid 2 agreement.

so now if we purchase dat 2bhk adjacent flat and den if we want to join dat flat with our existing flat I.e 1bhk flat.
Is dere is any legal hurdle or does we require any permission for that

Regards Mr.arpan u shah

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  • Can experts please clarify (legality) when you buy a Jodi flat,

    1) Will there be two registrations or one.

    2) When there are two registration, will the builder remove common wall in the hall
    or with wall intact, deliver the flats ?

    3) When there are two registration, will there be two main entrances or single

    4) Further how are the charges collected under different heads justified when only
    combined item is provided such as common electricty meter.

    I could not get any legal information on MAHARERA site. Infact there is no reference to Jodi flat.

    Thanks in advance for your valuable inputs