Hi everyone, Sternon received INR 27,00,000 including stamp duty and registration charges from us in year 2015 and now refused to process our Registration against purchase of a Plot in it's Green County project. Mr. Hussaini, M.D. of Sternon is hidden somewhere and doesn't attend any of our phone calls. His Mumbai and Dubai office female staffs are well trained to give excuses and fool the customers. Do not invest in any of Sternon projects in Panvel, Nandgaon, Florida. Instead of resolving their internal issues with Mr. Shirish Parker, Green County, Sternon is asking us to coordinate with Shirish. This Shirish again is asking for more INR 4,00,000 if we want to do registration. Both together are playing with customers' hard earned money. The only way to show their true faces is Police complaint, Media and finally Breach of trust case against both of them.
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  • Have you filed any complaint?
  • Not yet, but very soon
  • I am going to file complaint in Dubai Police HQ and Bandra Police Station against both.
    • amitchatterjee181 years ago

      Even I have been cheated and a amount of AED 81,470/ was taken from me. The Papers were provided but there is no plot number as in the contract . Its in Magic Hills, Panvel, Navi Mumbai, India.
      I visited their office in Mumbai, their sites but no one is ready to hear us out.
      Its a complete Fraud Company and they are still selling lands in USA now and would fooled persons in n Dubai.

  • Hi,

    I heard about the Sternon group from an advertisement on the radio channel 89.1 and then I invested in Sparsh in Panvel. Contrary to the proposed plan, the house is not ready(which is about year and a half delay) and the website has updated Sparsh as a completed project. The events following my payment (of 25 lakh rupees) are being avoided by staff , site visits declined and Mr.Hussaini’s ill health or frequent travels. He also claims to have a similar ongoing internal issue with Shree enterprise about payment matters. Sternon are not willing to share information about their other buyers which makes it impossible to share our issues. Now, I have been asked to pay the final installment but I am hesitant of my decision. Anyone who could share their feedback so that we could help each other.
  • I have invested in the same project after their continuous ads in 89.1 Radio4. Nothing done to date. I think even Radio 4 is with them and fooling people. Don't invest with them.
    • MANOJa1 years ago
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  • Well i purchased a property too. As far as i know Sternon is only marketing this project and all agreements come from the developer.
  • We too had bad experience but luckily got the registration done early. He hides in Dubai and USA and is promoting some plots in real estate in USA ( New York and Florida).
  • Did you register a police complaint? How can we all join together and force him to register the project under RERA?