Rent Agreement tenant perspective - proof of address?

When the rent agreement is registered the owner retains the original rent agreement and tenant is given a xerox copy thereof. This was the case with me as tenant. However in last 2 years I had to request and wait for few days for landlord to be available to be able to get address proof initially for sim card etc. Every time I had to get original rent agreement as nobody would accept xerox copy of rent agreement even though registered.

What can i do to avoid this situation as I plan to shift to a new rental now?

1. Is it considered legal / practical to get two original sets of rent agreement stamped and registered?

2. How can we make sure that xerox copy is considered valid?

Kindly help.

I am sure i am not the only one to face this situation. There must be some way out.

Thanks in advance.
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  • I have used the copy of rent agreement with success every time. You can also get the rent agreement copy notarized. It is equivalent to original copy. Or get your adhaar address changed by uploading scanned copy of original rent agreement and then use adhaar for address