Hi Friends!
I am considering buying an apartment in New MHADA Complex, Lokhandwala in resale from an original allottee i.e the first owner. I hear that MHADA has leased the apartments to the allottees on a 30 year lease. What happens after 30 years lease is over? Does the lease get extended? Is there a chance MHADA won't renew the lease and take back the property from the owners at that time? Appreciate your valuable feedback.
Many thanks!
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  • Hi! could any senior members please advise? Thanks
    • Gangaram2 years ago
      Check the Allotment letter. It will have the Lease terms on it.
  • You should read the allotment letter from MHADA. The lease term may be 90 years and not 30 years. MHADA renew the lease term. I cannot tell you anything without looking at allotment letter of MHADA. You can PM.
    • amitgera2 years ago
      Thanks you Sir! I'm trying to get a copy of the allotment letter, and will message you once I have. Best wishes!