I heard about the Sternon Group from an advertisement on the radio channel 89.1 and then I invested in Sparsh in Panvel. Contrary to the proposed plan, the house is not ready (which is about year and a half delay) and the website has updated Sparsh as a completed project.

The events following my payment (of 25 lakh rupees) are being avoided by staff, site visits declined and Mr.Hussaini’s ill health or frequent travels. He also claims to have a similar ongoing internal issue with Shree Enterprise about payment matters.

Sternon are not willing to share information about their other buyers which makes it impossible to share our issues. Now, I have been asked to pay the final installment but I am hesitant of my decision. Anyone who could share their feedback so that we could help each other.
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    Sparsh Building no. 3
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    On-Going Project
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    • Please let1 years ago
      Its on rera website. Please personally visit the site and then only pay. I am sure builder will be able to forefeit your booking as well as the amount you paid till date if you don't pay as per Agreement. Rest is upto you. Just 10 flats sold
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    I think you should pay
    • Anita41 years ago
      I think you should not think for me.
      I'm paying not YOU