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Rental Flats in Powai, Mumbai


Rental Flats in Powai, Mumbai

Last updated: January 16 2019
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  • Rental Flats in Powai, Mumbai

    Hi all,

    We are getting relocated to Mumbai and are looking for a flat in Powai on rental basis. Honestly we are tired of looking flats there. Flats in Hiranandani are small and are very costly. We spoke to so many brokers and agents and these people are showing us same flats again and again. When asked about the area they say Powai is the best area to live in Mumbai. There are many gardens therefore the air pollution is very low. We are completely new to Mumbai and are really confused where to stay. Can you guys please share the real facts about these areas?

    What about Lake Homes, Raheja and Nahar Amrit Shakti? Which one should be preferred?

    Thanks in Advance.
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    Re : Rental Flats in Powai, Mumbai

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      Re : Rental Flats in Powai, Mumbai

      There is nothing like 'best place to live in Mumbai', or anywhere.

      It depends where do you/ your family have to travel to work. Powai is a good place, but if your workplace is in Colaba or Panvel, it makes no sense, however pollution-free it is.

      It also depends on your budget.

      Assuming, Powai is your workplace and budget is not a major constraint, Nahar Amrit Shakti and Lake Homes are both nice. But Traffic from Nahar can be a nightmare at peak times. The distance is small, but can take a long time (and hard to get autos). Can also explore L&T Emerald Isle.

      The difference between Mumbai and other cities is: you'll never have many options for rental, and it's fast moving. You see a flat, and give it a weekend's thought, it'll most probably get taken. So, it's better to finalize a complex - check out traffic during your work-hours, and then see out a couple of options and pay token on the spot.

      By the way, if you find Hiranandani flats small (older ones, not the newly constructed studios), you are not going to like any property in the area.
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        Re : Rental Flats in Powai, Mumbai

        Hiranandani has all size of flats from 1 BHK to 5 BHK and maybe even more. So, the smaller flats shown to you must be because of your budget considerations.

        Powai (Hiranandani area ) is a clean, neat, well-paved area of Mumbai and hence many outsiders like this area over the others. The rents reflect that !

        Other nearby localities you've mentioned are all near Powai, specifically in the area of Chandivali with each having its pros and cons. While nothing comes close to Hiranandani, the complexes are all decent with wide variety of flats for rent. L&T is also a good addition though you will fill the flats small (for the rent asked).

        I hope that you've shortlisted Powai on the basis of nearness to office/school etc else commute is going to be a big issue. Once you've finalised Powai, maybe you can write to the forum with a sense of your basic requirement (budget/area) and you will receive useful responses


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          Re : Rental Flats in Powai, Mumbai

          bedrooms are 10*11 in hiranandani maple. Is it small.?

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            It's alright by average size of new constructions, but total carpet area is even less than 350, as far as I remember. Small hall/ kitchen/ just 1 bathroom.
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