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Society issues, Mumbai


Society issues, Mumbai

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    Re : Society issues, Mumbai

    Originally posted by anand.iyer1980 View Post
    I have an apartment in Mumbai - Bhandup. It is a very old building. We have been doing online meetings off late.

    A question: are online meetings valid, as per society laws? If something is approved in an online meeting, will that be considered legal?

    Especially in the current situation, is this considered valid? I have been part of various non profit groups, I am aware that online meetings and meeting minutes are not considered valid.

    But in this current situation at least, is online AGM considered valid?

    Please suggest.

    Well, remote working is the new way of working and given the present situation, many are preferring to carry out all official work online, as far as possible. While there has been no specific announcements by authorities concerning how AGMs can be conducted under prevailing circumstances, holding online meetings seems to be the safest way to do so. As long as all members are present and things are transparent, it can be acceptable to an extent.

    However, many societies have been pushing important decisions to further dates to be able to conduct meetings in person after a few months.
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      Re : Society issues, Mumbai

      We have rented our apartment ,and have same tenant for over 2 years.

      1.This year our agreement expired in March 2020,we didn't renew it and thought of delaying the agreement renewal because of covid19 and lockdown.
      2.At the start of,the November month we received a email from society stating those who haven't renewed thier agreement will have to pay thousand rupees per month from expired lease agreement.That Equals to amount Rs.8000.We are ready to pay Rs.1000 ,since we were conveyed of the delayed fees in November.
      3.We have started the process to make rental lease agreement(We stay overseas.My parents have PoA).

      Can a society make you pay such a penalty fee(given current situation)?Can we fight this?


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        Re : Society issues, Mumbai

        I stay in Thane & we have a similar system going on here for a while. I was told by the managing committee that all discussions undertaken therein are valid.


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          Re : Society issues, Mumbai

          Hi all,

          I have a house in an old apartment in Mumbai. The issue is: many of the owners live away - some in other cities in India or abroad. There are only 14 flats.

          We managed to form a committee though with 3 ppl as chairman, treasurer and secretary. Some questions -

          1. We had one person who is the daughter in law of the treasurer who did a lot of committee work. The treasurer himself stays in his native village in UP. Can his daughter in law carry out official society committee activities? or does she need a power of attorney?

          2. We recently had a meeting where we had enough quorum and we approved spending some money on some bills to be paid to various service personnel.

          3. Now the person I mentioned in point # 1 approached the chairman to get the cheque book so that the payments approved in # 2 can be done. However the chairman refused to give the society cheque book probably because she is not an official committee member.

          4. There were similar hindrances for this person because he was not an official committee member. Finally she got frustrated and decided not to volunteer for this work.

          5. Now, what are the options for the rest of the committee members to handle payments not just for the approved ones but also for all payments going forward?

          6. Since the payments have been approved already, can the other society members (who are not in the committe but still are flat owners) send a legal notice to the chairman who has the cheque book to issue the cheques needed? Or can one of us issue the cheque on behalf of the committee?

          7. Going forward, we plan to outsource society finance and audit related work to our auditor. But the payment that needs to be done to him itsel is pending because of the above reason

          Request your opinions and thoughts on how this can be handled.



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            Re : Society issues, Mumbai

            I purchased mhada flat in resale from first allottee. He has not signed the share certificate till now and trying to blackmail me. What is the procedure can society issue share certificate to me and will it be clear from all respects if first allottee has not signed. Its a fault of society basically n certificate alao issued by society. Please guide


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