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Possible crime in my rented property


Possible crime in my rented property

Last updated: March 18 2019
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  • Possible crime in my rented property

    I own a flat in Mumbai which I've rented out to a couple. We completed the rental registration and the police verification for the tenants. No issues.

    So far, they've been diligent in paying rent and taking care of the house. None of the neighbours reported any issues with them either.

    Recently, however, the couple filed for a divorce. It appears they had a very unpleasant breakup. It also looks like the husband then left the house and moved on since the agreement is in his wife's name.

    Two days back though, the tenant reported that on coming home, she found the window broken and a stone next to it. Looks like someone tried to throw a stone at the window.

    I have a grill outside my house and therefore it is difficult for someone to hit the window unless they aim really well. At this point, none of the neighbors reported seeing anything. So, we are not sure if this happened by mistake due to some kids just playing or doing some mischief or if someone did this on purpose.

    As the landlord, do I have any specific responsibilities or rights here? I have already reported the matter to my building committee.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re : Possible crime in my rented property

    Report the matter to the Police along-with your tenant. It could be something as minor as some kids doing mischief or it could be an attempt to something serious.
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      Thanks! Can the tenant do it alone? I live in a different city.

    • MANOJa
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      Yes, tenant can do it alone. Ask her to collect a copy of the FIR for your record.
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